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07 February   2021



Canada’s Leadership on Sri Lanka?


It is often difficult to work out the causal force and therefore the purpose that caused an effect. In Hinduism two approaches are recommended. One is known as the pathway of faith demonstrated by Ganesh and the other, through the younger brother Muruga. Former is Autocracy and latter is Democracy. Below are excerpts from Chapter 17 of Naan Australian which most of the Marchers in Pottuvil to Polikandy group would be able to relate to:


[The two sons – Ganesh and Muruga are invited to participate in the race to go around the world to get the prize mango. Muruga the active  junior, immediately takes His vehicle the Peacock and starts on His around-the-world trip. ….

Ganesh is worshipped at the beginning of a venture due to being known as the  remover of obstacles – the way the elephant clears the path for others coming behind him. One who uses his own deep memory is like Ganesh and  one who uses hearsay is like the mouse.  Information that is not written by us would not last long in our memory. Muruga personifies egoless state due to His 360 view.  When we are global / universal – there is no ‘I’ ego in us.  The peacock on the other hand is known to be proud of itself.

Ganesh, who is the thinker – and who would have been at a disadvantage compared to Muruga due to the latter’s ability to fly – compared to Ganesh’s mouse - asked Saint Naradhar whether it was correct thinking that His parents – Shiva-Shakthi stood for the whole world. Saint Naradhar said ‘yes’.  Then Ganesh asked whether it was therefore correct that if He went around  Shiva-Shakthi He was actually going around the world.  Saint Naradhar said ‘yes’.  So Ganesh went around His parents – believing them to be the whole world and Ganesh won the prize mango. To me this is the academic way. But then that works only if their academic gurus are their whole world. In terms of migration – this means also that the senior migrants need to be driven by their intellect and not physical contribution, if they are to retain leadership power.

Muruga on completing His journey successfully, learns that the prize mango had been awarded to Ganesh who completed the journey by His mind, renounces His heritage and establishes His kingdom on Palani Hill in South India. Muruga is known also as the Lord of Democratic era for this reason of physically observing – and hence ‘objectivity’ in democracy.]


As per the reports, majority Marchers in Pottuvil to Polikandy group were ‘showing’ their protests against government actions in relation to minorities.  As per news report:

[Sumanthiran said it is being carried out to protest the Government’s constant restrictions on minorities, land grabbing in the North, release of Tamil political prisoners, and all other human rights violations in the country.]


This also confirms that this is Muruga’s way.  But now that they have marched, what happens? Separation as Lord Muruga did ?


But then, Muruga renounced all his parental wealth and established Himself on Palani Hill. This was done after Muruga went around the world. Today’s parallel of that is global approval through UN vote. Under this there is the risk of takeovers by influential foreigners. As per The Hill Times article ‘Canada’s Leadership on Sri Lanka Urgently Needed Once Again at the UN’:

[Tens of thousands of civilians were killed in the civil war between government forces and the separatist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), which ended in 2009. Both sides committed numerous war crimes, particularly in the final months of the war. At that time Mahinda Rajapaksa was president, and his brother, Gotabaya Rajapaksa, was the defence secretary. They oversaw armed forces that repeatedly and indiscriminately shelled civilians and summarily executed captured LTTE fighters. Critics of the government and suspected LTTE supporters were murdered, tortured, and “disappeared” in white vans, abuses that continued even after the fighting ended. When the Rajapaksas finally lost power in the 2015 presidential election, there seemed to be an opening for change.]

There is no mention of who currently represents the LTTE. But there were reports of attacks in Trincomalee - on the vehicle in which Mr Sivajilingam and Mrs Ananthi Sasitharan were travelling. As per the report – the identity of the attackers was not known. They are both heirs of LTTE and hence one is entitled to conclude that the attack was against LTTE.

As per Muruga’s way of Transparency – all that happened needs to be recorded to come to a conclusion as per  the observed facts. Locally, this is the parallel of UN’s vote. It is a strong statement from within the Tamil community. A group that  identifies with the Truth would first allocate blame on its side. If the Government’s side is blamed totally – then Tamils are actually blaming the Sinhalese who elect Government.   

The Truth is that Tamil victims are blaming the LTTE also. But there is no ‘internal measure’ through which to discipline the minds of those who are following in the LTTE pathway of separation.

This is an important factor in terms of the presentation of this issue at UNHRC which uses the higher common measure.

Decisions made at UNHRC level are likely to have strong impact on how governments relate to Sri Lankan Government. As per Tamil Guardian for example:

[Canadian MP for Scarborough-Rouge Park,  Canada, and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations, Gary Anandasangaree, expressed a message of solidarity for Tamil protesters walking for Justice from Pottuvil to Polikandi. Noting in his message that “their purpose is to seek accountability for war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide against the Tamil people by the Sri Lankan state”.]

Gary who is a lawyer needs to ensure that One law/principle is applied to all perpetrators irrespective of their race or religion. As a judge he needs to bring them under two groups –Perpetrators and  Victims. He cannot claim to be on the side of Justice when he hides under the carpet, the Tamil side’s action against its own people. Had he gone through the experience as we did – he would not cause such imbalance. This kind of ‘talk’ places pressure on Tamil victims to be honest to themselves. It is when we are true to our own conscience that we become members of the Universal system. Otherwise Canada gets empowered at the expense of Sri Lanka which these Marchers are part of and will continue to be part of during our times.

Even at civilian level those who take sides have the responsibility to represent their side in an open inquiry. This is essential in a Justice system. Those who celebrate Great Heroes Day intimidate the victims of Tamil Perpetrators. Their vote must be offset against their vote in favour of Victims.

Politicians who are driven by belief in their electorate have no direct jurisdiction in current expressions. Gary’s  boundaries are the Parliament of Canada. If he celebrated Great  Heroes Day – then the accusations by the UNHRC apply to him also.



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