Friday 12 February 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

12 February   2021





Reports from various parts of the Tamil community confirm to me that the recent March from East to North confirmed lack of Governance Power. Yesterday, when approached by a Tamil NGO in Sri Lanka, my advice was to protect their earned seniority in the community and not to handover power to young ones in return for ‘donations’. Tamil Nadu Chief MG Ramachandran who lacked political wisdom but came to power through Cinema donated money to LTTE and thus ‘bought’ the Big Brother label from Guerrilla Forces.


The core power of the Guerrilla Force lies in its confidentiality. They work out their own status and take their positions. So long as they remain unofficial / de facto - they would be empowered to achieve their target for their own purposes. They would not make juniors of officers in the official system nor would they treat the officials as seniors. The first mistake that the LTTE made was to kill Politicians who did not officially oppose them. The curse is Political chaos for anyone who changes over to the official system without paying their dues to the official system. One cannot step into the shoes of officials simply through merit basis. One needs to pay one’s respects to seniors to become eligible to hold a position in an official structure.


LTTE leaders who lacked jurisdiction in official positions killed those who held those positions to ‘takeover’ the positions. The only claim they could make legitimately was to their own positions within their own unofficial structures. Amongst them were some who were deserving of official positions.  One of them in the Eastern system promoted me from Akka (elder sister) to  Aunt - after he learnt that I was mother of professional children. I asked for the reason and he said he considered it to be an achievement. They are true heroes whom I have included in myself and bless from time to time.  


This week when I received a letter to the UN one from an alleged victim of the LTTE (in Appendix) I used my direct experience with members of the LTTE to identify with the need in it. This letter  is alleged to be from a former child-soldier. The language confirms that it is highly doubtful that it was written independently.  How is one to test the validity? When I went to Kilinochchi, through UNDP to facilitate the development of an appropriate Administrative system for the LTTE which was then in temporary partnership with the government, I met many young ones in Karadian Aaru in the East. Some were without limbs and some others were showing wounds that were yet to heal. There was a statue of Our Lady there on an elevated platform on the roadside and I knelt down and prayed to Our Lady to take care of the children. As part of UNDP, my role was largely that of an independent Observer. I expect the UNHRC to also take that elevated position from where it can observe and report to member states towards maintaining the dignity of humans.


Later that night I met Karuna Amman who declared that he was restless due to the Ceasefire and that both sides were waiting for the other to start the fight. But Karuna did put me on to his deputy in relation to the areas in Administration that I highlighted to be primitive. That fighter in Karuna is restless and continues to surface when he is idle. He was also a child soldier. Later in Mankerni I learnt from Mothers whose children were taken by force into LTTE that it was a reality at that time. The victims who escaped from the war zone confirmed that they were targeted by the LTTE. By that time there was no demarcation between the official and the de facto Tamil leadership.


Hence I used my experience to know whether or not the issue in the letter was legitimate. The answer is ‘YES’ not only for Tamils but also for Sinhalese who became targets of JVP Guerrilla forces. Had they been used in the war against the LTTE – they were even. If UN seeks to ‘find fault’ it must do so with both sides – not for the sake of Sinhalese but for the sake of Tamils whose young ones would continue to carry the war related restlessness.


The indicator as to how this would become reality came when Mr Maravanpulavu K. Sachithananthan responded to me under the topic ‘BUDDHIST DIGNTY FROM INDIA & NOT CHINA’ after I expressed appreciation for Eelanadu – Jaffna local paper.


Mr Sachithananthan was critical of my work and referred me to groups such as the Uyghur-eunuchs. Hence I wrote as follows:


[The cartoon is interpreted as [The Common Citizen of Jaffna questions as to whether Buddhism came from China?]

This was taken from Eelanadu of current times. Not many Tamils known to me would identify with Uyghur. But most Lankans would identify with India as the birthplace of Buddha.

Have I made an error of value? If yes, would like to learn.]


Today Mr Sachithananthan  referred me to ‘Serendipitous Connections: The Chinese Engagements with Sri Lanka’ by Professor Tansen Sen. The article was published at In relation to the hidden connection - the penny dropped when I read the following from Canadian Tamil Mr Kumar Rasingam who directed us to his article ‘Importance of an Independent Homeland for Tamils in Sri Lanka Genocide of Tamils in Sri Lanka’ published at the same site that Mr Sachithananthan directed me to -

I genuinely sought and I discovered that both were using academic work / history to accredit themselves socially. In the process Canadian Tamil Mr Kumar Rasingam wrote in reference to my response highlighting my service to Indigenous folks of Mankerni in Batticaloa :

[I do not read this rubbish:  It is written with some ulterior motive for something. ;like m.... ?]

The email was addressed to :

'Anura De Silva' ;'Nr Jehan Perera NPC'; britishtamilsforum;; 'Rajendra Vinasithamby'; 'Bala Vigneswaran'; vamabahu; navind; akeenan;;;;; nandmana; champika;;; ma.sumanthiran; matthew.lee; jbargue; jiphsy; 'Contact newsfirst Srilanka'; kusal.perera; 'visva manivannan' vsvmanivannan;; gaja param <>

By using my email list Kumar Rasingam was confirming lack of confidence in his own customer base. Another Tamil Canadian Mr Pon Kulendiren wrote to me in relation to that email from me :

[I am from Nallur (Arsday Junction)   haf a mile from the temple towards the town  That is my ancestral house 150 years  old 

To those who do not know about Nallur  Kandasamy Temple Here is an article I wrote in Tamil a Yer ago in Unicode Tamil font. Bamini fonts are outdated but you can covert it to Unicode ]

That email was addressed to Canadian, British and Australian Prime Ministers also.  My email which he USED was also addressed to them. But I ensured that I translated to English the parts to that  I had responded to.

I said to my husband – that Mr Kulendiran had failed the test of ‘Service’. As per my way, I include the person I am serving as myself and then share. Mr Kulendiren’s article was in Tamil. He did not become these PMs but USED their high status to promote his own work in history. That email about my work in Mankerni carries the service to Indigenous Tamil speaking folks who predate the arrival of those  from India. Its power is exponential and works for those who serve them as part of themselves. It is for these reasons that the New South Wales  government attributes to Indigenous land owners when there are public ceremonies here in my home suburb of Coogee. The above mentioned Canadian Tamils have rubbished that work to promote their own academic work outside academic circles.  They thus rubbished Indigenous Tamil speaking Veddas whose faith protects us exponentially.

Some Tamils are upset that China has been approved to establish Solar Energy  projects in Northern Sri Lanka. But the penny dropped today – showing me that Tamils facilitated Chinese due to protecting LTTE who became anti-Indian due to ingratitude which led to the killing of Indian Prime Minister and therefore the 13th Amendment.  When we do not know the causal forces, but seek through our own truth and start from the ‘effects’ we would be led by that truth to the causal forces. If UNHRC is not careful – it is likely that it would contribute to turning Tamils against Tamils – as the Tamil March from Pottuvil to Polikandy has already established. This is likely to match the Chinese influence in South spreading to Northern Sri Lanka also – as Mr  Sachithananthan  has proven. Indigenous ownership is Absolute power – because we do not know its origin outside that area. Likewise LTTE guerrilla power is Absolute when we do not have knowledge of outside influence and work to help them – as some do quietly at their own levels. If they mix it with the official system – they would contribute to Political chaos. This is the role Canadian Tamils are playing which is pushing China to take the place of LTTE who are their brothers in Communism through Military Force.





Mr. Murugan Thambaiya

Ex-LTTE Child Soldier

From Mullaitivu District

Sri Lanka



Madam Michelle Bachelet Jeria

United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)

Palais des Nations

CH-1211 Geneva 10



10 February 2021






To Madam Commissioner for Human Rights;


I decided to write this letter for several reasons. My heart and conscience cannot keep silence any longer. The main point is the false propaganda carried out by various individuals and groups undermining the truth. If possible, please read this letter. I do not ask of you to accept that all these facts as true. But you have to be honest and ask yourself if the facts here are in fact true. If you are honest with yourself, your mind will begin to talk to you about the pain we have suffered. It is a greater honor for humanity to know the truth and remain silent than for a person to deceive the world with lies.


History has shown that the United Nations was founded to end world conflicts and to give respect to human life. Truth is the basic step necessary to give respect to human life. Truth is not something that can be determined by each other's desires and hidden motives. The truth is the reality of the land where people like us lived and the harsh reality that people like us had to face.


I was the third child born into our family. Our father (Appa) was a laborer. Mother (Amma) was housemaid and did her best to direct us to education. As I have heard, my mother and father had to face various forms of discrimination from the society. The most vigorous social curse is the caste system which has systematically manipulating our lives even today.  Members of my extended family have told me that my mother was from a higher caste but my father was not. Due to this caste division my father was not even allowed to go to some relatives' houses. However, he was not even allowed to enter their homes to drink water and was only allowed to drink from a coconut grove in the yard. They were not allowed him to enter the Hindu temple in the village. Not only did I see this harassment, but my siblings often thought that there was no difference between us and animals. In most cases, pet dogs in Tamil homes of higher caste had more respect and dignity than we humans were born with.


My brothers and I had to stop going to school halfway through. It's not because of a family problem. One night a group of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) cadres came and threatened my parents and abducted me and all my siblings. I was ten years old then. Appa and Amma touched foots of those came to take us. Bowed down and pleaded with them not to take their kids. One of them pushed my mother aside but Appa prevented her from falling. The three of us were taken to the Mullaitivu jungle and parted in the same night. I never knew that was the last time I would see my parents and siblings.


I received military training under someone called Kannan. He trained me to how to use AK 47 assault rifle. After about three months of training, a cyanide capsule was hung around my neck. A cyanide capsule was hung around my neck so I could commit suicide if I was captured by the enemy. After the training we suffered day and night in the middle of this thick forest to survive.


Like me, thousands more faced that bitter reality without any aims or dreams of life. I lost my parents and siblings forever. I missed the best time of my life to get an education. I was permanently paralysis when the war ended in 2009. Who is responsible for this? Who is responsible for the fate of thousands of other children like me who forced to survive in this nightmare? I have not heard anyone talk about it. Nor international acclaimed human rights defenders produce any report about it. 


Why aren't the reports you publish year after year mentioning the awful experiences we have as child soldiers and my parents as casteists? It is not clear to me what human rights you are carrying out by concealing these facts and giving priority to falsehoods.


I urge you to activate your human rights record about the cynics who killed our childhood, the cynics who oppressed my parents and siblings. Would you write reports about cynicism of those killers and their funders? Allow me to request you and your staff not to engage in shameful political misconduct by pretending not knowing truth. At least for now let us breathe freely and live our lives.




Yours Truly;



Ex- LTTE Child Soldier



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