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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

23 February   2021






Visible manifestations are accepted as ‘facts’ when the substance is true. When a person observes the visible manifestation, the inner ‘fact’ takes form as per her/his truth. This inner form is likely to be different from person to person and group to group. But to the extent the substance is true as per the measure used by that person – it would finally merge with the Universal Energy in that issue.


The Sri Lankan war issue has now gone beyond its borders to wider levels. Not many of us are able to give ‘form’ to our experiences at global level. To the extent we use our own measure that we believe in to form our inner ‘fact’ it would merge with those of others. As per Ceylon Today article ‘No Chinese-funded projects on Jaffna islets – Shivajilingam’ :

[Former Northern Provincial Council Member, M.K. Shivajilingam said under no circumstance would the three islets of the Northern Province be allowed to be handed over for Chinese- funded projects.

He said the people of the North would never consent to handing over the islets to Chinese firms. He said if the islets are allowed to be controlled by foreign firms notwithstanding the protests of Tamils in the North, then demonstrations would be staged till the Chinese firms leave the Province. He was speaking at a Media briefing held in this regard in Jaffna. 

He said, “If the Government acts against the wishes of the US and India then it could create a lot of issues for Sri Lanka. The forces of both the US and India could land here and forcibly take over the lands in the North and East. Hence we would like to tell the Government that we will not allow Chinese firms to launch projects in the North. We intend to start a series of massive protests against such moves shortly. This decision could lead to a crisis-situation in the North before long. If India is riled, then it will be the Tamils in the North who will be the first to feel the consequences. Therefore, we urge the Government to think twice before handing over these islets to Chinese firms.”]

Officially – Mr Shivajilingam does not have the People’s mandate to express such a view. As for consenting, so long as actions are lawful – consent is not required. The issue of access to Indian Ocean through these islets is the more serious issue. In his research findings headed  The Sri Lankan National Left, Imperialism and the Tamil National QuestionAthithan Jayapalan  highlights as follows:


[American Admiral Alfred Thayer Mahan (1840 -1914), considered the father of modern American naval strategy and geo-political thinking with his classical ‘The Influence Of Sea Power Upon History‘, elucidated the global significance of controlling the Indian Ocean:

Whoever attains maritime supremacy in the Indian Ocean would be a prominent player on the international scene. Whoever controls the Indian Ocean dominates Asia. This Ocean is the key to the seven seas in the 21st century, the destiny of the world will be decided in these waters” (Quoted in Jash 2015)]

In her book ‘Maritime Sri Lanka : Historical And Contemporary Perspectives’,  Dr Chulanee Attanayake who specialises in China and its policies in South Asia, also highlights this. Hence we could accept that as a genuine projection for Sri Lankan purposes.


The Mullivaikaal battle confirms the above prophesy for Sri Lankans, through the UN.  In the case of those to whom Jaffna is the only home – the measure is Communism and not racism. To those who lived in Sri Lanka’s multicultural areas, racism would be a legitimate measure. To those currently living beyond Lankan shores the measure needs to be global, including globally academic measures discovered by them and/or experienced by them through  practice.


Mr Shivajilingam as per my knowledge falls within the Communism category. Likewise the LTTE leader. Athithan Jayapalan presents the following in confirmation:


[ A proctor and LSSP supporter from Jaffna by the name of Kanagarathnam was a key figure in smuggling top LSSP leaders such as Robert Gunawardena and N,M Perera and dozens of party members to India in July 1942 (Gunawardena 1971). He organized the historic escape route by the use of fishing boats and through mobilizing the networks among the Tamil fisherfolk of Valvettihurai (Ervin 2008). It was Tamil leftists and fishermen who smuggled the Tamil and Sinhala leaders and cadres of the LSSP out of the reach of the colonial government. As the colonial government persecution of left party members and unionist in the island increased, Kanagarathnam escaped through Valvettithurai to Tamil Nadu where he too worked to organize the BLPI. The Tamil north, in particular the coastal village of Valvettithurai, were historic in ensuring the survival of the LSSP and the Left movement during colonial repression, and incidentally localities affiliated with left activism also took a centre stage in the Eelam Tamil national liberation struggle which commenced three decades later. Equality between the nationalities The incipient left realized the necessity of the accommodation and recognition of Tamil nationhood, and right to self-determination as the foundation upon which the Sinhala and Tamil speaking nations could co-exists with parity of status and on an equal basis. ]


About BLPI:

[LSSP's move to India and establishment of the Bolshevik Leninist Party of India

Through discussion, the Indian and Ceylonese Trotskyists established a preliminary Committee for the Formation of the Bolshevik - Leninist Party of India. The discussions for this took place through underground meetings in Kandy in December 1940 and March 1941 and set the stage for a sole Trotskyist party for India. This was later amended to include Burma and Ceylon. The meeting in 1940 and 41 were attended by the jailed LSSP leaders aided by some guards of the Bogambara Prison

Though many were detained in Ceylon, several party leaders were able to escape to India, evading arrest. These included Party General Secretary Leslie Goonewardene and his wife, Vivienne Goonewardene.[13] They settled in Calcutta, and established networks with the local Trotskyist networks. Other Ceylonese Trotskyists established contact with the Uttar Pradesh Trotskyist group, as well as groups in Bombay and Madras On the 7th April 1942, Philip Gunawardena, N. M. Perera, Edmund Samarakkody and Colvin R. de Silva escaped from prison aided by the prison guards and party activists Doric de Souza and Vernon Gunasekera. The BLPI was formed in May 1942 ]


This kind of partnership with Common Outsider led to LTTE’s partnership with then President – Mr Premadasa and later with Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa in 2005, to keep the Capitalist UNP out.

Truth never dies. The truth we discover through different pathways would merge to balance Universal powers.


The power of Mr Shanmuathasan opened new pathways of sharing my work. In one, I responded to a member of the Diaspora who wrote: ‘I think we have to restrict our email communications amongst Tamils only unless the leaders from other countries have something important to hear. Otherwise we run the risk of our emails being ignored or even blocked!’

My response was:


‘As per my experience – juniors tend to give greater importance to the communication when they think that seniors are likely to read them. But I ensure that what I write is within the boundaries of my belief. Then I complete the experience as reader as well. Often I use my own work as reference  at a later time. As Lord Krishna said – He is the King and He is the Citizen. It works in reality. When I am looking for some direction, the most appropriate subject matter pops up – including from others. This one on Mr Shanmugathasan happened that way.

As for blocking, I block and therefore I am happy for some to block mine too.

The book Naan Australian – found its way to the National Library of Australia (https://catalogue.nla.gov.au/Record/7047419) without any intervention on my part. That is the way of truth. That book is over 1000 pages!’

As per my Truth – back then the LSSP – was strongly influenced by ‘Quit India’ movement. The genes have mutated as Quit Jaffna movement.  One does not need to go to the UN to cure oneself through one’s own Truth.  UN is a partner. Not the Ultimate Judge.

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