Friday 19 February 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

19 February   2021




Majority Sri Lankans accept the system of Karma. To my mind, this means that we are driven by our conscience. The Truth of a person adds Itself to the thoughts and if unregulated would be expressed by the person in words and/or in action. When one expresses from an Opposition – Position, the Karma of that position is also included as causal force.  Where our current efforts as per the structure that facilitated us to that position are strong, the manifestations would be led by us. When they are NOT, the Karmic force would lead the manifestation. Hence the saying ‘the idle mind is the devil’s workshop’. Hindu Saint of Jaffna – Saint Yoga Swami said ‘Eppovoh Mudintha Kaariyam’/ Already completed matter. This means that  the karmic structure is already there. Hence it would Energize the issue unless there is an Opposite Energy. The Opposite Energy is facilitated by Equal Opposition in any democratic forum. Without this the karmic force would manifest itself when the medium is idle or dilute the current merit where the person is active. Positions structured on Truth / true belief would protect current contributions. They are structures of the karma of that group.


In Sri Lanka, majority leave it to the government to do as the government pleased. This suits majority who seek to be relaxed and idle. When minorities also have a taste of it in their own environment, they also give up on merit based decision-making. They start wanting / desiring that which majority has. This is basis of many separations in many instances. Those driven by common structures and their  positions would give priority to common principles and values.


As per my discovery, if we do not prevent the causal forces due to lack of belief or knowledge and let them come out naturally, the effects including those produced by others – become causal forces in the future. When benefits are therefore enjoyed in a ‘free’ environment, and the effects were out of someone else’s contributions we develop the cost as if it were a debt and when that debt is not settled then it becomes sin which cannot be managed by us. The only way out is then to offset with a positive Energy in our environment. Laws help us preserve such positive energy.


In the Lankan Constitution, Buddhism is stated as having foremost place. If it is belief based then we would have faith based manifestations that would cure problems. If the law was structured to benefit the maker, the costs would happen when effects control the relationships and their processes. Hence when benefits are ‘taken’ out of a structure formed by Democracy – it eventually results in a structure where there is no Equal Opposition.  If at People’s level – there is no Opposition to a plan – the Costs become the Opposition at effects level. The most healthy Opposition at causal / planning level is alternate form of belief. If this were NOT included by the decision maker the costs happen after – and hence become debts and sins. Sins are negative for the structure in which they were born and allowed to develop.


Whenever there were civil riots during my time, in multicultural areas of Sri Lanka, they were due to Tamil protestors being abandoned by the Government. But Tamils in those areas did not ask to be protected by De Facto Tamil Army. They had every right to defend themselves from the violence by thugs and towards this to have their own security forces . But they had no right to ‘attack’ outside their home-areas.


In July 1977, Mr J R Jayawardene became Prime Minister through Parliamentary structure. The Tamil Political group TULF became the Equal Opposition – with the right and Duty to Oppose through Parliamentary process. But in August there were riots – the reason being presented by Wikipedia as follows:


[Prior to the 1977 elections, JR Jayawardene promised that he would give the Police a week's leave so that his supporters could attack members of opposing parties. After his victory, his Government launched unprecedented state violence against the opposition, targeting supporters of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party, the Lanka Sama Samaja Party, the Communist Party of Sri Lanka, and the People's Democratic Party. In particular, some 9,000 families of supporters of LSSP leader N.M. Perera in Yatiyantota were driven from their homes, many of which were destroyed.]


To the ordinary Sinhalese who is emotionally driven – Tamils and Muslims would have been the natural opposition – especially after Sinhala Only Act and Buddhism foremost plans. The way this spread to Jaffna is presented as follows:


[...'The trouble (in 1977) began in Jaffna, capital of the Northern province, when Sinhala policemen, believed to have been loyal to the defeated Sri Lanka Freedom Party of Mrs. Bandaranike, acted provocatively by bursting into a Tamil carnival. In the violent altercation that followed the police opened fire and four people were killed. A wave of rioting followed, spreading quickly to the south. Among 1,500 people arrested were several well known Sinhalese extremists, accused of instigating violence against Tamils.]


The way Mr Jayawardene address it was by self-promotion to Executive Presidency. The 1978 Constitution was undemocratic  even to Sinhala Buddhists.  In turn it elevated armed rebels to higher status in Jaffna.


This led to the 1983 pogrom due to President Jayawardene overruling Prime Minister Premadasa and holding a State Funeral for the 13 Soldiers killed by LTTE. The 1983 attacks in multicultural areas was an serious attack on the Dignity of the law abiding Tamil. When one’s dignity is attacked, Natural forces manifest themselves and this time it happened through India with whom Tamils are natural bound through Hinduism.


The efficiency came from armed militants who were trained by Indians. The dignity continues to be through the True belief in Hinduism.


Those who resorted to arms, would continue to seek the armed pathway. If they do not submit themselves to be managed by the Dignified Believers – the Tamil community would become more and more like the very group that opposed them.



But true karma continues and makes way for belief based partnerships. That is how India would continue to govern in Sri Lanka.

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