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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

16 February   2021







Today, I responded as follows in a discussion regarding the Lankan ethnic issue:


[Thank you for sharing with me also. As per my experience in CURRENT Jaffna, including under Mr Wigneswaran’s leadership – we do not have the infrastructure that our ancestors developed. Belief is confirmed only when it is demonstrated through uninterrupted practice. When our Political leaders were killed – and we did not ‘judge’ the killers we lost our claim to our ancestry. The rest is idle talk. I am a victim of the ‘current’ system of Justice in Northern Sri Lanka. None of you obviously know that pain. ]

The response from Canadian Tamil was :


[It is easy to criticize without having a vision ]

My response was:


[Is your vision based on your Truth and if yes, do the locals currently living in North have the same vision? If yes – who is it?]

A vision could be imaginary or based on truth. If the Canadian Tamil is pointing to a particular person who is leader with truth based vision, then we have the duty to channel our contributions through such a person. Towards this that leader needs:


(i)             Experience based truth

(ii)           Measure that would accommodate the values of all contributors to the issue.


Many Tamils are excited about the upcoming UNHRC session. I do not know of any Tamil who has had the ‘experience’ of using laws and principles through which the UN has a vision.


Let us take for example, Professor Laurel Fletcher’s interview with Ms Navi Pillai – former Chief of UNHRC – published under the title ‘Former UN High Commissioner Pillay Says It’s Time for the Human Rights Council to Act on Sri Lanka’

Professor Laurel Fletcher is presented as  Clinical Professor of Law at UC Berkeley, School of Law where she co-directs the International Human Rights Law Clinic and the Miller Institute for Global Challenges and the Law.  Ms Pillai has had the experience of the UN’s role in Sri Lanka’s war.


Hence one can accept Ms Pillai as the one with experience and Professor Laurel Fletcher as the ‘measure’


My husband who teaches Maths says that some students have difficulty understanding word problems. I thought about it and said to him it is the same with his family not understanding inheritance based problems. In both groups - they do not know the Measure – be it local to their family or common to the community. I said a student who has good knowledge of the theory will naturally formulate the problem according to that theory. One who is ‘free’ of such commitments would measure merely by the ‘seen’ outcomes. The LTTE and the Sri Lankan armed forces used the latter measure. On that basis, LTTE’s last victory was in October 2007 when they successfully defeated the Sri Lankan Army in the raid known as ‘Operation Ellalan’

Those who were wronged were the permanent residents of these areas who practiced the common law.

To be eligible to use UN laws and principles, one ought to have contributed to those measures. Those holding official positions that require such knowledge would have contributed to it through the comforts they forewent when learning the theory. Those who do not have such positions need to have had the experience at the deepest level where they felt that they were alone. The Universal power of Truth would surface Its judges to protect their contributions to the issue. Only true owners are entitled to such support which never fails to surface Itself.

The LTTE took over the governance of North & East through its armed power. Ms Pillai refers to them as Terrorists:

[The last six months of Sri Lanka’s civil war in 2009 were played out live on world television screens. We watched the Sri Lankan army shoot to death the alleged leaders of the terrorist group, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), even as they raised white flags in surrender. We watched extensive aerial bombing of Tamil civilians and destruction of their homes, hospitals, and places of refuge. The onslaught continued well after the capture and killing of the alleged terrorists. We heard the last cries for help from doctors who were treating the injured in hospitals that were being shelled.

….Indeed, the LTTE  was responsible for a reign of terror, but now that terrorism has ended, why is “Gota’s war“ continuing to be waged against human rights defenders and democratic institutions?]

The heirs of LTTE are responsible to come forward and represent them as per our Thesawalamai principles – according to which sons are responsible for parent’s unsettled debts. Is that the political group that has sent its requests to the UNHRC?

Given that the civilians killed and/or wounded are Tamils both groups need to be punished – especially if  Tamils are to experience harmony with each other in the war affected areas which are the reservoirs of truth and become sacred or haunted as per the measures used by those who experienced the war at that place. Almost all of them would have had no knowledge of UN’s laws.

Through what measure does Ms Pillai claim that the LTTE Terrorism has ended? Is it the absence of war? Is yes, then who was the cause of that end? Was it nor the Government of Sri Lanka headed by the Rajapaksas?

To bring a closure to that chapter – one has to discipline both sides on the same footing and find fault at least posthumously OR do not punish either side. A good proportion of Tamils – especially within the Diaspora, refer to LTTE chief as ‘Thesia Thalaivar’  Head of Nation. This happened during discussion as to how to win at UN session. There are others in Sri Lanka who refer to LTTE chief as god. All such ‘leaders’ would use UNHRC vote against Sri Lankan government as a vote in favour of themselves. If Ms Pillai had listened to such folks and if Ms Pillai truly cared about law abiding Sri Lankans – she would insist on LTTE being represented at the UN by such folks who have already expressed their affiliation with the LTTE or not add its power to either side.

Dharma needs to prevail in a land where majority are driven by belief rather than by law.


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