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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

24 February   2021






Aljazeera says  under the subject matter - ‘Sri Lanka’s ex-president ‘should face charges over 2019 attacks’.  The Presidential Commission of Inquiry is reported to have recommended’ :

[Sri Lanka’s former president Maithripala Sirisena and his intelligence chiefs should be prosecuted for failing to prevent the 2019 Easter Sunday suicide bombings that killed 279 people, according to an investigation.]

This Inquiry was commissioned by Mr Sirisena:

[The Presidential Commission of Inquiry on the Easter Attacks is a Presidential Commission of Inquiry in to the deadly Easter bomb attacks appointed by President Maithripala Sirisena on 21 April 2019 tasked with investigating the causes and background for the bombings. The commission is headed by Vijith MalalgodaPuisne Justice of the Supreme Court of Sri LankaNugagaha Kapalle Illangakoon, retired Inspector-General of Police and Padmasiri Jayamanne, retired Secretary to the Ministry of Law and Order] Wikipedia

Last year, the authority’s makeup was restructured. Tribune India reported as follows on 24 February last year:


Lanka appoints team to expedite Easter Sunday attack probe


[The Sri Lankan government on Sunday appointed a six-member team to help police collect authentic information and expedite an ongoing presidential probe into the devastating Easter Sunday terror attack that killed over 250 persons. President Gotabaya Rajapaksa decided to hasten the probe into the April 21 attack which had proved crucial in his decisive electoral victory last November. Rajapaksa used the Easter Sunday terrorist attack to portray himself as the leader who could stop terrorism. The voters gave him a big mandate and elected him as President in November last year. Rajapaksa stormed to victory, trouncing his nearest rival Sajith Premadasa by a margin of over 13 lakh votes - 52.25 per cent of votes polled against 41.99 per cent.  The six-member task force has been appointed to help police’s CID to “speed up the ongoing investigations” and will submit weekly reports to the defense ministry on the progress of investigation, according to a statement.

“The CID investigation into these attacks was not conducted in an effective way by the last regime,” defense ministry secretary Kamal Gunaratne was quoted as saying in the statement. — PTI]


As per the above Commission – the former President was found to be guilty of negligence:

[ The report said the 'balance of probability' was that Sirisena was told by his intelligence chief about warnings before the attacks occurred]

This confirms that the expectation is ‘Balance of Probability’ test and NOT ‘Beyond Reasonable Doubt’ test.

As per my knowledge the President is protected by Immunity provision written as Article 35 of the Sri Lankan Constitution. But the new team found the then President ‘guilty’.

The question now is whether the then President Mahinda Rajapaksa and his then team would also be found guilty of Negligence in failing to recruit trained  personnel to fight against the LTTE which also killed Tamil civilians? The same Indian source would have had the ‘intelligence’ to know what the LTTE would do. Likewise, JVP  would have had the intelligence about Untrained Armed Sinhalese who were part of the Government forces. As per the ‘Balance of Probability’ test – the outcome of the 2009 tragedy could have been projected.

As per the above team restructured  by the current President – the then President and his intelligence team which included the current President, also ought to be prosecuted.

This is  Déjà vu manifestation happening at the same place. That is what the system of Karma also says. Mr Sirisena was part of the Rajapaksa Government in 2009. If there had been unrighteous / un-dharmic actions for which that government was responsible Mr Sirisena also carried his share of the Karma. Like the Earth carrying the Truth of that place – a position – especially one that is immune from prosecution also carries the karma – be it positive or negative. Mr Sirisena picked up the President’s share when he became President in 2015.

The ‘war-crimes’ issue is being strongly invoked right now through the UNHRC’s global power. The real ‘judgment’ is already delivered through the Easter Attacks. Thank you Defence Secretary – Common to both periods.  Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa and his heir who acquired that karma  Mr Kamal Gunaratne for delivering the base that the UN needs.

More than anyone else ‘THANK YOU ST ANTHONY OF KOCHCHIKADE for answering our  prayers – We the Common Victims of Negligence.

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