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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

09 February   2021





Mr Sugash Kanagaratnam of Vaddukoddai stated publicly about the March – Pottuvil to Polikandy – that it was an overwhelming success and that about 100,000 participated in the March.  Mr Kanagaratnam stated that they had expected only about 50,000. In relation to the voting process in which 1.1 million participated from north and east – the numbers are only 9% of the voting population. Even if a minority of One had Marched with belief in the purpose, Universal Powers would have been invoked. When belief is the root – the manifestation is the Ultimate Reality / Nirvana / Fact/s


Is the above statement confirmation of success? There is a Tamil saying that the seen and the heard lies but that which we inquire into thoroughly and discover is fact. This is also the motto of the University of Jaffna – the Alma Mater of Mr Sugash Kanagaratnam.


In Sri Lanka,  ‘Majority rule only’ has been the main cause of our problems as minorities. Hence all statements on the basis of the seen only, need to be eliminated from our conclusions.


Jaffna Tamil paper Eelanadu has reported without concluding. But the focus of its editorial is about religious leadership in Politics and includes mention of Ellawala Medhananda Thero about whom, Wikipedia presents the following picture:


[Ellawala Medhananda Thero is a Sri Lankan politician and a former member of the Parliament of Sri Lanka. He had also organized many charities and engaged himself in educational activities in under-prevailed rural communities. As an academic scholar (see Pieris, op. cit.) he has published 40 books of academic and archaeological research of which the book on the "Sinhala-Buddhist Heritage in the Northern and Eastern Provinces" published in 2003 by Jayakody Publishers in Colombo is most well known Medhananda was a parliamentarian elected by the Jathika Hela Urumaya, a party which campaigned for the rights of Buddhists. As a consequence, many Marxist as well as Tamil separatist writers have criticized him for his alleged right-wing political leanings and pro-majoritarian sentiments. He presented himself for elections only once. Since then he has devoted himself to charitable works, teaching and scholarly activities in rural regions of Sri Lanka]



How do we manage majority power without adversely affecting minorities?


The tendency with those emotionally driven is to ‘show’ majority power or access to it when needed. In terms of Tamils of Sri Lanka this is usually done through India’s Tamil Nadu whose population is three times as big as Sri Lanka’s.


The main thrust of the protest seems to be the claim of ‘Buddhist Heritage’ by the government in various ways.


When ‘Sinhala-Buddhist Heritage in the Northern and Eastern Provinces’ is brought into the picture in addition to current majority status – it becomes like Corona Virus – due to its exponential spread. Whether it is Punniyam / Virtue or Paavam / sin – it is exponential and independent Universal power – beyond our control.


When we also match it by our own claims we also would be affected exponentially . It is for this reason that Saint Yoga Swami of Nallur said ‘Summa Iru’ – which means ‘be still’. The recommendation by Walter Bagehot in terms of the English Constitution also indicates this need to ‘be still’ to uphold one’s dignity. The Hindu Legend in which Lord Ganesh went around His parents as if they were His whole world also confirms this . Nirvana in Buddhism also confirms this.


Heritage confirms commonness through time. This needs to be still for us to be supported by Universal Power. When used for current credits its costs also surface and do so exponentially.


One such act was the removal of the Special Task Force officers guarding Tamil National Alliance Member of Parliament M A Sumanthiran who had this facility after there were death threats against him. It happened because he became ‘active’ to ‘show’ efficiency.


None of the LTTE members I worked with in 2003 through UNDP project, demonstrated any commitment to ‘heritage’. If they had, it is highly likely that they would have become inactive in terms of ‘winning’ as per their chosen pathway.


Like the British, we also have Kings and Queens in the Tamil community. Preserving heritage is their / our primary responsibility.  Some were killed by those who chose the armed pathway. In terms of karma, we need to first discipline ourselves to include them as part of ourselves and repent on their behalf. That is when our heritage is purified and restored to its original value.


None of the Marchers – including the politicians have contributed to this purification of our own heritage. Heritage to heritage – there is commonness. When each group preserves its own heritage as facilitated by articles 10 & 14 of the Sri Lankan Constitution, the ‘fighting’ would be limited to level of sports.

My current contribution in Northern Sri Lanka is to preserve my heritage, including through our temple in Thunaivi, Vaddukoddai – not too far from the office of Mr Sugash Kanagaratnam. He is yet to walk from his office to mine to confirm his recognition of  the elimination of  the curse of Vaddukoddai – unjust discrimination on the basis of Caste.


Gandhi while fighting against the British purified India’s heritage that was seriously damaged by caste and gender based discrimination. Even his death confirm the excesses of active work by majority religious group. In Sri Lanka Mr SWRD Bandaranaike was killed in his third year in office. Mr SWRD Bandaranaike’s government passed the Sinhala Only Act  to Parliament  in July 1956 – within 3 months of his term as Prime Minister. The dignity of Sri Lankan heritage which included the contribution of British to commonness in Lankans was seriously damaged. This will be repeated in all communities of Sri Lanka that work to ‘win’ and in the process, damage the heritage that is close to Common Spirit of Nirvana.  When Hindus, Muslims and Christians react to Buddhists – they become like them when they win.


I took Yoga Swami’s advice of ‘Summa Iru’  and stopped myself from writing to a victim of the changes in the system at University of NSW. I stopped because of my faith in Swami. Later I realised that it was to let the Truth manifest Itself to ‘show’ the massive damage to the core values of the University. Mr Velan who has been presented as a Saint and who was in the first row of the protest march, obviously does not believe in Yoga Swami and therefore Nallur Murugan.  

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