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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

08 February   2021





Saint Yoga Swami said to know thyself by thyself. As with other knowledge I registered it with respect. But in later life – around my 50th year – I identified more and more with such wisdom. Now I fully believe that the truth within rises by itself  to support us when we are in true need. When we use that truth to interpret what happens, we would never be wrong for ourselves and for those who are bound to us by common belief.

Some call this the Ultimate reality. Other say ‘thou art that’. We call this the root cause in Management. This ultimate reality is invisible. So is out imagination. Former exists for sure and the latter does not exist.

Yesterday, a member of the Australian Tamil Diaspora shared with me also, a video through email under the subject matter ‘Best of Jaffna’. As is my way, I enjoyed every bit of it through my own experience of current Jaffna.

This is what Erick Solheim, the Norwegian Peace Negotiator who sent me this, said of this video:


A trip down memory lane. 

 How sad that we are not able to go there!


Hence I wrote :

[When did he go there last? At the time he refers to – Cargills , Jetwing and the Provincial Council were NOT there. We live in the present and we go there regularly because to us it is part of Sri Lanka and we have the right to return as Sri Lankans.

14. (1) Every citizen is entitled to – (i) the freedom to return to Sri Lanka.

No one has stopped me thus far. It’s time we expressed our own truth as per our conscience and invoke Universal Powers. ]


When I went to speak to the Vice Chancellor of the University of NSW (UNSW), after withdrawing legal action at the advice of the Chancellor I was apprehensive. I was arrested for trespass. After the first time, I learnt about the law and knew that there were no lawful grounds. I went again and this time I argued my case in court and the charges were dismissed. But the University officers concerned found it easier to call the police instead of listening to my grievances. Hence they continued to have me arrested. THAT was their reality. Now I know that it is not unique to UNSW. My reality is similar to the person who sent me the email about Jaffna but in the case of that person – it was not Australian authorities but Sri Lankan authorities. As per that person’s reality – that person is able to work the Australian system to derive what he thinks he is entitled to. As per mind, I am able to work the Sri Lankan system at the level of my position when I left Sri Lanka in 1982. Likewise, when I left Jaffna in 1968. The net value of my  investments remain through the structures I contributed to and with time – they mature to become Absolute values. The structure then becomes three dimensional.


I concluded that the ‘fear’ of the above person was based on the experiences of others like himself. They, as per my structure are Tamils and not Sri Lankans.


One of the recipients of the above mentioned email highlighted that the President  Rajapaksa had effectively disenfranchised even Sinhalese who were Christians. My response to this went as follows:

[Scientifically speaking, you would agree that we become who WE think we are. As per the Constitution – we are two nations anyway. I fall into the category covered by articles 10 and 14. You seem to come under Article 9….

The President’s  declaration is in line with the Constitution that he promised to abide by.  How come your Tamil mates in Parliament did not match it through their own? Are they also clinging to article 9 – so that they can keep whinging? I believe in Murugan who endowed Duttugemunu with the sword to defeat Ellalan. Now Muguga’s child/ devotee of Democracy  will Defeat Violence on both sides. One needs insight into this. May be not for those who are comfortable in Autocracy]

As if in response, I was directed this morning to the following:


[A Saint Leading Tamil's Movement For Justice. Thousands Join His Rallies. Tamil Parliamentarians Sidelined] -

Further search highlighted the following also by the same source:

Catholic Bishop Targeted in Sri Lanka as Crackdown Continues Against Tamil's Walk For Justice]

This site is in the USA. The source of former was stated to be Tamil News, TN. The latter was stated to be S. Sivayoganathan, North and East Civil Society Organizations

The work of Catholic Bishop or work of alleged Hindu leader should not be publicized through political avenues. The Constitution permits practice as follows:

[14 (1) Every citizen is entitled to – (e) the freedom, either by himself or in association with others, and either in public or in private, to manifest his religion or belief in worship, observance, practice and teaching;]

The demands made by this group – are NOT religious but political.

As per others at grassroots levels, some former militant supporters are now spreading their image through charity and temple work. This can happen by finding fault excessively through Buddhist influence. It is to prevent such excesses that one is entitled to exercise force to defend and not attack. When we go beyond defence lines, we ‘attack’ and hence the karma continues in the opposite direction.

As per the above report:

[This walk for justice was organized by North and East Civil Society Organizations, which is co-chaired by Saint Velan Suwamikal, to protest abuses against Tamils and to highlight Tamil's joint appeal to UN High-Commissioner for Human Rights and to UN Human Rights Council member states. This appeal included a request to Refer Sri Lanka to the International Criminal Court (ICC) for War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide committed against the Tamil people by the Sri Lankan State.]

As per my realisation, one needs to believe in the measure used to verify ‘facts’ and judge. That then becomes the third dimension. A priest would believe in his religious laws and the judge of the Courts in its laws. Unless these religious leaders believe in both and/or have knowledge of both at global level – the March is frivolous and vexatious. They need to stop or the Government has the responsibility to take timely action so we do not have more mothers suffering.

Tamils only or Sinhalese only folks would know to measure only alone the line – of single dimension.

When they are aware of each other – they learn  measure surfaces through two dimensions – as in Parliament. 

When our Truth / Karma is to be used – they do not have a measure because their minds go blank – as in sooniyam / zilch . The only ones who can in relation to Sri Lanka are Sri Lankans. They are the invisible third dimension but they are also often bypassed by foreign governments who profit from war in Sri Lanka.


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