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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

20 February   2021








Often juniors lacking in position power  strengthen democracy through Truth. Whatever they do in that mode, to Oppose the official powers invokes Universal powers at their level of operation. This was the power the Gandhi had. Democracy works where such juniors are self-governing – however small their area of governance may be.  I usually use the principle underpinning Postal acceptance rule in relation to my writing work. Accordingly, I feel that when I write on the basis of my belief  and post it publicly, someone in need will find it. Hence the saying ‘Seek and you shall find’ . If the communication is  sent  through reliable medium to a position the consolidated power of all those who held the position will receive it . That is the power of nature.


Recently a Tamil Diaspora leader wrote about  me:


[never opens her mouth about Sinhala atrocities against unarmed, humble, law abiding, hard working Thamils. She is genourous about attacking LTTE but not a word about the reason for the birth of LTTE. ]

I responded as follows:

[I share myself with those who sacrifice towards common good. In terms of Sinhalese – I write at policy level. That seems too much for your shrinking brains

When we criticise – as insiders – we discipline. When you praise  without making amends -  you are an outsider. You’ll be the first one to be blind – when they call for supporters of LTTE to step forward. Coward! Did you ever share yourself with them ? If yes, say so now. Or remain silent forever]

I was writing not to one particular person and knowing this person I believe he was presenting how majority Tamils who lack independent thought would view me.


It must have reached the right position and this was confirmed as follows through Daily Mirror report headed ‘TNA regrets crimes committed in the name of the Tamil people: Sumanthiran’ :

Q: During the war the TNA operated as a political arm of the LTTE. Would the TNA express regret for having backed a group which killed so many innocent civilians?

Sumanthiran : We have already done that. We published a response to the LLRC report. I think, if I’m not mistaken it’s dated January 15 or 16, 2012, in which we have very clearly expressed regret for the crimes committed in the name of the Tamil people by various armed groups.

"No it’s not digging up the past. It's actually finding the truth. I think that is fundamental, that is why in transitional justice, the first pillar is truth. Without the truth, you cannot move on to the other faces of reconciliation. Truth is found not for the purpose of punishing or any negative consequence. And I'm of the firm belief that the truth shall set you free"


In the ‘Comments section I raised the above question:

[What remedial measures has TNA taken to ensure that it does not happen again]


Those who seek to ‘win’ against the government would fail to see value in the above approach. But as per my experience based discovery, when we start believing – that belief shows us the solution. To me, this ownership declaration is far more valuable than any apparent victory at the UNHRC . The more we accept our side’s defeats – with dignity that our own heritage confirms – the closer we get to the solution. Following is the first paragraph of the document sent to UNHRC by Tami leaders:

[Member States urge in the new resolution that other organs of the United Nations including the UN Security Council and the UN General Assembly take up the matter and take suitable action by reference to the International Criminal Court and any other appropriate and effective international accountability mechanisms to inquire into the crime of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity.]

Genocide claim has been proven wrong because of the above mentioned confirmation of acceptance of Responsibility.


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