Monday 18 January 2021


                        Best of Tamil womanhood

Thank you Victor for sharing your experience with me also.


I was NOT invited for the meeting you mention below. But I am regularly invited to make submissions on migrant issues. The latest is to contribute to 2021-22 migration program.


Victor, my parallel of your ‘Diplomatic’ experience was that I was unlawfully charged for trespass and was sent to prison because I refused to apply for bail on the condition that I would not go into the UNSW again. Back then, you took the stand that I was being ‘foolish’. You explained to me how well you were recognized by the Government – especially in regards to your contribution to NSW during Olympics. As you may or may not know – Natural Justice carried my book ‘Naan Australian’ to National Library of Australia. To me, the Australian structure is strong enough to deliver to both of us – each as per their investment. That confirms that we are a Nation.


Victor, my painful experience as an Australian is the foundation of my current contributions to policy – practically every day. I have had invitations to have them translated into Tamil as well as Sinhala. To me THAT is confirmation that I am Sri Lankan. Australian Politicians have extended that status to you but not to me because politically you are attractive to them.


Most of yesterday’s meeting was about political lobbying. One speaker referred to ‘Thalaivar’ – which I interpreted as reference to Prabhakaran. In an open forum – I would have asked him ‘yours or mine?’


Victor, to me political lobbying is like currying favour / holding pantham. So long as we believe – any approach is right. Most of the ‘Tamil Only’ politicians would follow yesterday’s group. But all of them are dependent on the Sri Lankan government’s mistakes being seen as being greater than the mistakes Tamils are accused of.


This disconnects them from those politicians who fought – as SRI LANKANS - against Sinhalese Only’. Tamils who fight as Tamils only have the duty to limit themselves to Tamil boundaries. Likewise, Sinhalese. But typically they use Nationalism to elevate their own status with the world outside.


You state ‘The Sri Lankan HC, the Tamil, Mr. Skanthakumar (former Royal Cricketer who told me that “It is stupid of him to talk like that” when I told him about something Ranil has uttered few days before in SL parliament about Tamils.) has also invited every Appuhamy and Podimenike in Canberra to impress his boss with a “house full” atmosphere. There were elderly gentlemen wearing sarong too in the crowd.]


In that position of Sri Lankan High Commissioner, I would have invited Sri Lankans and this would include the likes of Kowsi and Jeevan of Thunaivi, in the disenfranchised community in Vaddukoddai who would emotionally support the University of Jaffna students whose side Sugash Kanagaratnam took only because they had University status. To connect to them as Tamils, Sugash would have needed to override his Vellala / Farmer caste genes and regularly share his experiences with them. This is very difficult because when they think that there are no more benefits to come from the leader – they would take equal position followed by senior position if you are in their area. There were limits to merit based appointments within the LTTE also due to this reality. I overrode them due to my faith in my ancestors who established the family temple there. Even though it is a small structure, it is a monument of true Public Service.


The Appuhamies and Podimenikes representing Sri Lankan government are the parallels of small African and South American countries who are being targeted by the Tamil Diaspora – for their votes only. Skandakumar failed because he did not take on board the contribution made by Sri Lankans like me because we have no official status made by others but in terms of our contributions to global governance have developed true status like banyan tree. One has to genuinely respect such a person to share in that Energy. When the beneficiaries fail to ‘preserve’ such Energy through appropriate structures and Due Processes the risk of disrespect is high. If for example, Sugash Kanagaratnam had regularly visited our temple and shown respect for me as a global person my wisdom and courage in relation to Universities would have become his. Recently, parents of Vaddukoddai origin whose daughter had applied for Medicine at University of Western Sydney rang to discuss the issue. They are Sai Baba devotees and I became one after my experience at the UNSW when Kungkumum materialised on Swami’s picture on the day the Auditor General published a report in the Sydney Morning Herald, upholding my own recommendations but without my name. That was my first conscious confirmation of how Pirapancha Shakthi / Universal Energy worked. In most instances, the believer knows from within – as an early warning sign. Hence Performance Indicators in management. They changed their preferences in the second round – placing UNSW as their first choice. The daughter got her place. I thanked Swami for the deep fulfilment I felt within. This can happen only when we feel ownership in both.


Most of those who lead the Tamil Diaspora lack this ownership Energy to connect through indicators to their heirs in Sri Lanka. I asked as to how many females were participating – but have not had any response back. Those who fail to identify with motherly intuition do not have the moral authority to lead the mothers and widows who outnumber make victims in Sri Lanka. A mother makes a home bound intuitively by belief. For his part – Mr Wigneswaran has limited the status of Tamil women to that of Ananthi Sasitharan – confirming the level of respect he actually feels for women. The UOJ protesting students are effectively the children of Ananthi Sasitharan and not children of Mother Saraswathi who seems to have been chased away from UOJ by the Tiger.


You state ‘I did not say that only three Tamils were invited. I said there were 3 Tamils in the hall including me.’


But Victor, if you had carried me in you, you would have shared that experience through me with hundreds of educated Tamils and with thousands of Appuhamies and Podimenikes.


The Memorial ‘Mullivaikkal Muttram’ in Chola Capital depicts the form as a Mother:


[A beautiful stone sculpture dedicated to Tamil Pavai (Tamil Mother) holding a lamp commemorating the people who lost their lives at Mullivaikal, constitutes the central part of the memorial. The statue carved out of a single stone weighs more than 60 tonnes and is mounted on a 15-feet pedestal. The Pavai is representative of the best of Tamil womanhood, culture, and ethos. Beneath the Tamil Mother Goddess statue, soil which is blood soaked from Mullivaikal kept in two glass vessels. Pupils pay respect to the glass vessel to honour the sacrifice made by Eelam people and Eelam freedom fighters (LTTE).]


LTTE and other combatants in common are thus recognized as children of Tamil Mother. Who is that mother? One who feels most and shows least. Yesterday I was the only one representing that Tamil leadership.


Warm Regards



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Dear Gaja


I would like to clear some matters you have misunderstood what I was trying to illustrate in the limited time that was available to me at the closing time today.


I was only telling about my experience in Canberra to tell that High Commissioners only decide what to do in the capitols where they are, regarding their country matters.


I think it was last year or year before, Australia was celebrating 60 years of Diplomatic Relationship with Sri Lanka. Canberra was decorated like a Sri Lankan festival with the colorful SL flags on every flag pole available in Canberra.  The then PM Ranil W. was the invited guest and FM Julie Bishop hosted an evening tea in Parliament house and the then PM, Malcolm Turnbull hosted a felicitation meeting in the Great Hall of parliament house, where all the Diplomatic core in Canberra was there. The Sri Lankan HC, the Tamil, Mr. Skanthakumar (former Royal Cricketer who told me that “It is stupid of him to talk like that” when I told him about something Ranil has uttered few days before in SL parliament about Tamils.) has also invited every Appuhamy and Podimenike in Canberra to impress his boss with a “house full” atmosphere. There were elderly gentlemen wearing sarong too in the crowd.


I was invited by both PM and FM of Australia for both functions. I attended to honor the invitation of our PM and FM. And not to honor Ranil. Otherwise they may not invite me in the future for any functions related to SL. The card I received from both were obviously printed by SL High Commission as the letters were printed in Gold in Sri Lankan style wedding cards. High Commission must have given certain number of cards to PM’s office and FM’s office for them to invite their guests.


I did not say that only three Tamils were invited. I said there were 3 Tamils in the hall including me. Other two were the then ATC president Jega and Mr. Ratnavel from Canberra Tamil Association.


I hope I have cleared all the doubts and speculation about what I wanted to say in the meeting and I could not due to lack of time.


With regards


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