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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

22 January   2021







I refer to Lord Saturn in this article. Effectively your friends may say ‘Saniyaney! / You Moron’ . Lord Sani would not reject them just because he is invoked to express dislike! Lord Sani being the Lord of Karmic Justice would know that the person has exhausted current powers. So Lord Sani manifests there and sustains them during their difficult times – at the end of which Lord Sani showers opportunities in abundance. This is why Hindus blame the ‘horoscopes’ and do penance around the Navagraha shrine. If you prostrate there in worship – i.e. become humble as your activist friend seems to have become,  then Lord Sani / the crow is likely to sit on your friend’s shoulder.” – Gajalakshmi Paramasivam to a Tamil Diaspora leader.

It looks as if when many of us were busy with the University of Jaffna issue, the Lankan government has opened the door to China:

[There is no doubt that the people living on the islands would have adequate electricity from this project. However, China’s foothold just 20 km from India would surely intensify geopolitical wrangling between India and China to the detriment of the people in the locale, the people of Jaffna. There is also little doubt that, knowing with certainty that as a result India would assert its right over Kachchai Thivu, there is growing concern over why Sri Lanka decided to award the job to China’s Sino Soar Hybrid.  Overcoming the several objections if Sri Lanka gives China foothold on the islands, India surely would use the ongoing protests by Indian fishermen to take back Kachchai Thivu to apply pressure on Sri Lanka, says a geopolitical analyst. There are signs that it is already happening. This year’s Kachchai Thivu festival has been stopped. Next year’s festival, Indian stakeholders teasingly remind us, is under India’s organization. Whatever happens, much of the repercussion of any dispute would fall on the fisherfolk of Jaffna. The people of Jaffna are acutely mindful of this.] - Power Generation: An Excuse for China’s Entry to the North - N. Lohathayalan through Colombo Telegraph


Then there is also the following decision published by Ceylon Today:

SL to enter into MOU with Australia on return of persons

[The Sri Lankan government The Cabinet of Ministers approved the resolution submitted by the Minister of Irrigation and the Minister of National Security, Home Affairs and Disaster Management, Chamal Rajapaksa to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding between Australia and Sri Lanka on the Return and Readmission of Persons.

The Memorandum is to include provisions for the exchange of persons between the two countries and guarantee the safe and systematic return to the country of residence. ]

The upcoming UNHRC session and the Tamil Diaspora’s efforts may not result in resolution regarding war crimes probe against the Sri Lankan government. But given the not so healthy relationship between Australia and China over the Pandemic inquiry and given the way Australians have received  the Hambantota deal ( – the Common Australian would expect the government to respect the need to protect ‘sovereign borders’. The takeover issue, like the pandemic has become a global virus. The question therefore arises as to whether the Australian government is neglecting its global obligations in relation to refugees from Sri Lanka.

In December 2019, Washington Post published the following:

[“Anyone who tries to travel to Australia the wrong way, directly or via a third party, will be stopped and returned to Sri Lanka,” read another.

The pamphlet ended with a reminder that this is “a message by the Australian government” and directed readers to a government website with similarly harsh messaging against illegal immigration.

“Taurus: You will be ashamed of your actions.”] - Washington Post - Australia created fake horoscopes to deter Sri Lankans from seeking asylum there


So, how did the Australian karma work? In 2020 – Australia’s State of Victoria  was visited by Lord Sani who took the Highway of ‘One Belt One Road’ which not only connects to Sri Lanka’s Hambantota port but also the heritage home of the angels of ‘Silk Road’.

So, what happens now through the MOU? How would Australia monitor that those who return to Sri Lanka would be ‘safe?’ – especially from war?  The following are strong indicators of war – not by University students but by fishermen who work hard for their living:

[As the incident occurred, the Sri Lankan navy released the information that one of their Dvora  craft had sunk. They backed the claim with photos. This prompted Indian fishermen to come up to the sea borders with Sri Lanka on the 19th in search of their men. On the 20th morning 15 fishermen on three boats  went in search. They were informed by Sri Lankan navy personnel on a boat with the letters P420 that all 4 men had been rescued and that they should therefore go back. So assured the men gave up their search operations and returned to Tamil Nadu. They were stunned to hear later that evening that their friends’ bodies had been recovered, said Fishermen’ Association head Jesurajah, who added that they suspected some foul play.

Tamil Nadu Fisherfolk ask for Justice for their Dead

It was established that those who died in the Dvora ramming were Tamil Nadu fishermen. One of the bodies recovered on the 20th was established as that of a Jaffna’s Gurunagar man. He had fled to India in 2009 because his life was in danger here. This young man was living as a refugee in Mandapam. He had joined the unfortunate crew of this boat on a daily-wage basis for that day. The bodies of the remaining two were recovered on the 21st. It is a matter of further suspicion that the navy men on the Dvora who suffered no losses could not save the unfortunate four and then on top of that took three days from the 18th to the 21st to recover the bodies.

Indian fishermen protest that Sri Lanka’s navy is stopping them from fishing in places where they have fished for generations. In protest they plan to carry out a protest demonstration tomorrow 22nd and are preparing their boats with black flags. On the basis of these disturbances geostrategies that centre on the international sphere are shifting to Jaffna. India is asserting its rights and safety. ]


It will be interesting to observe as to how Australia would fulfil its obligations on the basis of QUAD which known also as Asian NATO. Invoking the horoscope system against Sri Lankan Tamils amounts to blasphemy. It would be unwise to return the refugees to Sri Lanka after they withstood the Covid19 threat. The difficulties these refugees have suffered under Australian rule become our protection which will be lost if they return to Sri Lanka which has its own QUAD partners -  India, China & Tamil Diaspora who are all driven by war genes. If we wait – we will be rewarded abundantly by Lord Sani who was with us to bear the pain of the pandemic. The return would be exponential if the victims stay within the sovereign borders of their experience.


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