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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

09 January   2021





It is too early to say whether Mahinda is a hawk or a dove. On the other hand, what the peace activists and the western media should be concerned about isnot so much whether Mahinda  is a hawk or a dove, but to make a dove of the LTTE leader. If they could do that today, peace will dawn on this land tomorrow – that’s for sure”. – Island Editorial - 2005 Looking Behind The Terror Curtain: The New Challenge For Journalism

Dr Kalinga Seneviratne

Right now, Mahinda is more a dove than a hawk. Did this happen due largely to Western Media or due to Buddhism Foremost in the Sri Lankan Constitution? A true Hindu would seek within. Likewise true Buddhist.


Many parts of the Sri Lankan constitution are reports of what happened rather than experience based logic which becomes a heritage once the experience is completed. Article 9 is based on former. This article is not directly invoked by Parliamentarians, largely because they did not write their own experience as law. The Parliamentarians became the medium through whom the Buddhist clergy wrote the law.


Yesterday, we learnt through Australian media that Muslim cleric Abu Bakar Bashir has been released from prison early, on the basis of Covid19 pandemic. In Sri Lanka, the Presidents need no such reason to release their supporters who were  sent to prison by the judicial system.


In the case of Abu Bakar Bashir, he was seen as violent leader by the West – actively after Bali bombing in 2002.  Bali itself is Hindu heritage area where Vishnu presides and Vishnu uses Garuda – the hawk as His vehicle. As separate entities Vishnu preserves and Garuda destroys. But when the higher power uses the lower power as vehicle, the latter becomes harmless.


Bashir – a Muslim, violated the above Hindu order through majority Muslim power, when he claimed in support of Bali bombing “There is no nobler life than to die as a martyr for jihad. None. The highest deed in Islam is Jihad. If we commit to Jihad, we can neglect other deeds, even fasting and prayer.


But as per Hindu epic Mahabharatham, Vishnu in the form of Krishna insists on fighting on the basis of Common Law and Rules. It was Hindu Bali power that punished Bashir. The net Truth  of a place is  preserved as its Natural Laws. Hindu Bali was no place for preaching Islamic Jihad.


Interestingly, Bashir who claimed that the Bali Bombings happened due to American micro-nuclear power was eventually punished for plans of terror and military training in Aceh – a predominantly Muslim part of Indonesia. Interestingly, Bashir accepted release due to fear of Corona virus which is also like nuclear power. He did not practice Jihad against the virus and die in prison.


The Sri Lankan parallel of Hindu power v Buddhist power – is in the article 9 of the Sri Lankan constitution. This article demotes Buddhism to relative level by allocating Buddhism the foremost status.  This demotes other religions to junior levels. In terms of Hinduism, Dr Kalinga Seneviratne presents his interpretation of his community’s mental order as follows:

[If you are familiar with the history of the country and the religious beliefs of the two communities you will know that this cannot be a religious conflict. The two religions and their religious cultures are closely linked in Sri Lanka. As a child, before my exams, my grandmother took me first to the Buddhist temple for a ‘puja’ – religious blessing – and after that she took me to the Hindu temple close-by for another ‘puja’ to get the blessings of the Hindu god Ganesh. In Sri Lankan Buddhism, Hindu gods are considered a higher level of existence, where they would have the power to protect you. Even god Vishnu, the Sinhalese believe has been assigned by the Buddha to protect Buddhism in Sri Lanka. Thus, almost every Buddhist temple in Sri Lanka has a shrine for Hindu gods.]

First of all – our Hindu hierarchy requires us to pay our respects to Lord Ganesh – who was driven by His faith in his parents. Going to Ganesh after getting the blessings of Buddha is a corrupt manifestation of Hindu philosophy. The return came through attacks by elephants in the elephants in Perahera turning wild and attacking through exponential power.

As per the above, a Buddhist considers Vishnu (who travels on the Hawk) as being junior to Buddha. The expression “Vishnu, the Sinhalese believe has been assigned by the Buddha to protect Buddhism in Sri Lanka” confirms this.

This has its origin in article 9 – according to which Buddhism is foremost. The practice of other religions as per Universal principles of Democracy, is assigned by Buddhists through article 9 to the government. Hence Buddhists are considered ‘Seniors’ with the authority to direct other religious followers.

This means in essence – that Buddhists do not have the confidence that they are a Sovereign power in their own rights. This was highlighted by me recently in my article ‘SINHALA BUDDHISM IN AUSTRALIA’ – on the basis of Professor Stephen C. Berkwitz’s paper ‘Resisting the Global in Buddhist Nationalism: Venerable Soma's Discourse of Decline and Reform’


First Buddha was elevated and Vishnu was demoted; Later as per the system of karma – Buddha himself was demoted and Buddhist monk Gangodawila Soma Thera was promoted.

As per Hindu philosophy god appears in the form of our belief. Where Buddha was worshipped Buddha became that god. Where Buddhist monk Gangodawila Soma was worshiped the common Lankan Buddhist saw god in the form of monk Gangodawila Soma.

Dr Kalinga Seneviratne goes on to interpret as follows:

[Meanwhile, the Hindus believe that Buddha was a reincarnation of Vishnu,and he was born in this world to relieve human beings from suffering. Even at the annual Kandy Esala Perahera, the world famous festival held in Kandy in August every year to pay homage to the tooth relic of the Buddha, the adjoining Hindu temples join in the colourful procession. It has happened for centuries and even though the Tamil Tigers bombed the temple in 1998, this tradition has continued until today, because Buddhists don’t see this as an attack by Hindus on a venerated Buddhist shrine. There is a strong belief in Sri Lanka today that some “faith based” western organizations and governments are using the Tamil Tigers to destabilise the region. It will be an interesting investigative reporting exercise for an Australian journalist to investigate who are the people in Australia who are promotingthe concept of Tamil Eelam (homeland) and raising money for Tamil refugees. You will find many of them are Christian Tamils and Christian churches. If you investigate further, you will find that many of these churches are fundamentalist sects who use this money for so called “charitable” work in north-eastern Sri Lanka.]


As a Jaffna Tamil I believe that our main basis of discrimination was caste which in most instances was based on work that one performed through inherited skills. In terms of religion, we were common with Christians due to our investment in higher education which brought us the opportunity to show merit based status which from time to time was higher than that of a Buddhist in multicultural circles. As per our family heritage – we respected Christianity – especially Catholicism in our case, which facilitated us to reach our higher potential through higher education.

Buddhist government’s karma returned through Communists who tried to make juniors of Buddhist politicians. The LTTE copied them. Almost all of the Tamils known to me as those who support the LTTE are Hindus. I share my wisdom with them and even though they do not absorb all of it – many appreciate and treat me as their senior. Thereafter it is a continuous flow of Energy which transforms them.

Like in the case of Bashir, whenever we left the Sinhalese-Buddhists  to themselves the false junior position reversed itself and went global exponentially. So long as Tamils carry their religious heritage as heritage and do not venture to ‘write history’ we would continue to go global exponentially.

As per Virakesari , the monument celebrating LTTE combatants has been removed from the University of Jaffna, by government forces. This restores the sovereign power of the University – born out of Jaffna’s pain of standardization. LTTE’s reaction through armed revolution is a relative power – and is the parallel of Buddhism foremost. The removal is service to Goddess Saraswathi – the Goddess of Education.

 It confirms that Mahinda has transformed from Hawk to Dove.  He then carries lesser debt and therefore potentially lesser risk of sin. 



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