Thursday 21 January 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

21 January   2021






Resolutions, like votes are carried on the basis of majority. To the extent the voter believes, the voter is supported by the Apex power – which is confirmed through Parliamentary votes, Governing Council Resolutions Apex Court Judgments as well as UN Resolutions.  The discussions and processes from primary level to tertiary level need to facilitate contributions from wider world that the Resolutions impact. They are not law but commitments.



As per the Island report ‘Wigneswaran alleges Govt. trying to deceive UNHRC’:


[Tamil Makkal Thesiya Kutani (TMTK) leader C.V. Wigneswaran, MP, alleged in Jaffna on Monday (18) that the government was making a fresh bid to deceive the Genava-based United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) by appointing another Commission of Inquiry.

Former Justice Wigneswaran, who served as the Chief Minister of the Northern Province during Mahinda Rajapaksa’s tenure as the President, emphasised that there was absolutely no use in appointing a CoI now.

The 46th Geneva sessions are scheduled for Feb-March 2021.]


At the primary level, the votes of local People who had the Experience, was known through the University of Jaffna, where a handful of students were protesting against the Demolition of Memorial for Victims of War which was built by them. Tamil Politicians have needed the Political will of foreign governments to raise it to UN level. UN represents Global Governance. If Mr Wigneswaran, as a Hindu had submitted to Hindu gods  - in this instance – the Lord of Karmic Justice Lord Saturn. (Ref - Saturn – the Lord of Karmic Justice is Arriving through 13th Amendment! - ).

Like Humans , issues also have life and therefore horoscopes. The parallel of this in management  is restructure. When we restructure, we do not erase the past – but place the past as a heritage structure. So long as we are currently active, the past would be dormant in the system of karmic justice.  


The FT article ‘TNA MP says Parliament must enact contempt of court law’  reports :

[“The sentence of four years rigorous imprisonment (RI) is unprecedented and exceptionally severe, and Parliament has a responsibility in this regard because we have not enacted a law for contempt of court,” Sumanthiran said after several MPs had made submissions to the House on behalf of jailed SJB MP Ranjan Ramanayake, who was recently sentenced to four years RI on a contempt of court charge.]

This meant that the Parliament failed itself and the applicable law became ‘indigenous’ law of the Judiciary.  This is confirmed as follows:


[The TNA lawmaker said that Parliament has to take steps to enact a law. “English Law is supposed to be the substantive law because we don’t have statute law now. In English law itself, scandalising the court is no longer an offence of contempt of court. There is a serious lacuna in the law with regards to a statute for contempt of court that has resulted in this unprecedented injustice to an honest Member of Parliament,” he said.]


But Mr Sumanthiran did not express such concern for the University of Jaffna where students have manifested their own form of memorial without the due approval of their parallel of the Supreme Court – the Governing Council of the University of Jaffna which has failed to make its own laws as per the needs of the local community raised to Sri Lankan standards. This resulted in the demolition being elevated falsely for others to ‘see’ and ‘judge’.


As per the system of karma, we develop our own structures and write our own laws. When we have no structure – we become the opposite side of those who have. The Sunday Morning reports:


[Speaking to The Sunday Morning, a member of the Jaffna University Students’ Union and participant of the hunger strike (on conditions of anonymity) alleged that this demolition was planned by the Government in an ongoing attempt to erase Tamil history and symbols from the North. 

He explained that once the authorities saw the severe backlash from both the local and international communities, they decided to rebuild it.]


This is the parallel of Mr Ranjan Ramanayake criticising the Judiciary. Every institution that has its own laws is a sovereign institution. When crossing the borders, we need to restructure our own institutional values and take only the essence as our truth. In other words, a parliamentarian has no authority to carry the Parliament house as is with him and expect to be excused for using ‘freedom’ of speech in that ‘foreign’ environment.  The Court upheld the dignity of the Independence of the Judiciary.  The higher the public status of an offender, the stronger the punishment needs to be.


The allegation is that ‘Government is attempting  to erase Tamil history and symbols from the North.’

What happened is ‘history’ when it is written in full.  In Hinduism – there is the way of Ganesh who was driven by faith in his parents. His younger brother Muruga did current work and did so by going around the world – i.e. Global approach. The Prize at the physical level was One. But both were winners as per their own interpretations.

If the University of Jaffna seeks to be like Ganesh then it needs to be blind to all current powers – and their rights and wrongs. If the likes of Mr Wigneswaran seeks to go global, he needs to renounce all benefits from the past and restructure himself from zero base which is also the philosophy of Nirvana. One who carries the Courthouse of his times lock, stock and barrel . That confirms ‘attachment’ to the past.

The Tamil Diaspora that is taking the ethnic issue to the UN – has the duty to separate itself from the local manifestations – such as the demolition at University of Jaffna and take Muruga’s pathway and renounce all inherited wealth from the past. Knowledge without experience is also wealth. Wisdom is pure Energy and It travels with one who renounced earned benefits through knowledge.


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