Sunday 3 January 2021

 Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

03 January   2021





Energies within us take appropriate form and manifest themselves in ‘Free’ environments. Where a culture is naturally practiced, that environment is ‘Free’ and the Energy manifests through such a structure.


In terms of Politics – the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) structure has been presented as the structure that had majority approval of Tamils of Sri Lanka. While reading the article that a Tamil Diaspora leader directed me to - ‘UNHRC 46TH Session in February/March 2021’ at UNHRC 46TH Session in February/March 2021 – Ilankai Tamil Sangam my attention was  caught by  ‘TNA Constitutional Proposal’ published on 20 December. I was happy to note the following proposal:

3 (1) The Constitution shall recognise Sinhala, Tamil, and English as the official languages
throughout Sri Lanka, and the languages of administration in the entire island.

My contribution to this happened before the above was published on 20 December. I published mine under the heading ‘ENGLISH LANGUAGE:  ‘WHERE DO I BELONG?’, on 08 December.  Subsequent discussion on the basis of the response by Dr Gehan Gunatilleke  concluded on the following note from Dr Gunatilleke:


[I've suggested to another group (that's using our proposals as a template) to explicitly include English as a national language.





Hence, when I read the above 3(1) in TNA proposal  I felt that I had accessed Universal Power of Common Belief. TNA may or may not be linked to the group mentioned in Dr

Gunatilleke’s  assurance. But to my mind, on this issue – we accessed Sri Lanka’s Sovereign Power which is exponential. The Democratic power to govern is based on this ability of the citizen to access this power in the leader and v.v.

My heart sank when I read Section 4 which states as follows:

[4(1) The Constitution shall provide for a government with a ceremonial President who is
accountable to Parliament, and who acts on the advice of the Prime Minister. The
Prime Minister shall be the head of the cabinet of ministers.
(2) The cabinet of ministers, the state ministers, and the deputy ministers, shall be
appointed by the President on the advice of the Prime Minister from amongst members
of Parliament. Assignment of subjects and functions shall be within the powers of the
Prime Minister, and these powers may be exercised by the Prime Minister at any time



If indeed the TNA is the author of the above – it confirms a structure as follows:


Mr Sampanthan is ceremonial president

Mr Sumanthiran is Prime Minister

Mr Sumanthiran decides and Mr Sampanthan ceremonially certifies the decisions.


The parallel of that in Sinhalese is the current government. A President who effectively ‘assists’ the PM, is the parallel of a father effectively assisting the active son.  This demotes the structure to one based on the seen and the known outcomes rather than on Natural Governance Power, which is invisible and is known largely through belief and not through evidence.


This pattern is repeated in Provincial Government structure:

[6 (1) There shall be Regional Councils for every Region, as defined in a schedule to the
(2) There shall be a Governor for each Region, who shall be appointed by the President
on the advice of the Chief Minister of the relevant Regional Council, and such advice
shall only be given with the approval of the Regional Council.


In the above structure – the Governor assists the Chief Minister who is the head of Devolved Power structure. This corrupts the hierarchy in a devolved structure. A governor confirms the belief that is not yet written as law that supports the Executive power. The governing power confirms our sovereignty.  In terms of Central Government – the governor confirms the  Central Government’s ancestral powers. If the Chief Minister usurps that power it becomes an enemy of Central Government. Where Equal position is taken due to current contribution – one cannot ‘tell the other’ but has the authority to take Equal de facto status. Where Equal or higher position is taken falsely – including by showing current credits – it corrupts the inherited structures.

Tamil claim to Independent Governance in the geographic areas where Tamils are in majority, is defeated by the above proposal. In 1976 we produced the Vaddukoddai Resolution through our Political leaders. Our Political Equality was confirmed through the 1977 Parliamentary structure according to which Tamils held the Equal Opposition position as the government.


In 2015, Tamils became Equal Opposition and this resulted in the Global parallel of the Vaddukoddai Resolution 1976 – the UNHRC Resolution 30/1 -  making commitments to promote reconciliation, accountability and human rights in Sri Lanka.


They are all declarations of belief confirming a reliable structure. But between 1977 and 2015 – armed rebels dominated and held the Executive Power – as if they were kings. The 1978 Constitution that created a Presidential position confirmed how Mr Jayawardene interpreted majority vote. The Tamil Rebels matched it by their own dominance during the above period.


As per my discovery, when we take our structured positions and abide by the responsibilities of those positions, we are supported by Ancestral powers. They are divine powers which ought to be invoked only as a last resort. At other times such powers support us continuously as invisible Energies. All we have to do is to submit our contributions to those Energies by declaring our Truth / Belief through the structures of our environments.


Where armed officers rule over civilian power – our political structures get corrupted. This was witnessed recently through Covid19 management being handed over to Armed Forces.  This made juniors of the Medical Professionals.


In any relationship – the senior as per the official structure needs to confirm the power structure to outsiders. Whatever happens internally is confidential . This facilitates power sharing at belief level.


Where a side – say Armed Rebels – Sinhalese JVP or Tamil LTTE – take lead positions in Democracy, the Democratic hierarchy led by belief does not work. If that is the true position of majority – then positions need to be structured accordingly.  The 1978 Constitution was another of Sinhala only Act combined with the  Buddhism foremost clause in the 1972 Constitution. Yet there seems to have been no strong Opposition to this king-position making constitution – including from the Tamil side which was seriously subdued by armed rebels.


So, what happens as per the system of Truth, when juniors in civil structures takeover power through arms? 


There would be internal divisions if Seniors in Civil structures – expressly oppose the armed leadership. Where seniors remain silent – the hierarchy gets reversed.


The Tamil Political hierarchy did separate to a degree until the Political leaders were eliminated.  Thereafter  the hierarchy did get reversed – until 2009 when the Sinhalese also demoted themselves to unstructured ‘free’ pathway at  Equal level to the LTTE. Civilian victims were ‘juniors’ to armed victims.


The current government was preferred by the Sinhalese due to the fears of resurgence of armed rebellion which they were reminded of through the Easter Bombing experience.


Those elected by the system of Democracy have the duty to promote civilian leadership. Not only the current government but many leaders in the Tamil community who are driven by Victory above Ownership are showing signs of strong opposition to civilian Hierarchy and Administration.


When Sinhalese make kings, Tamils are proposing reverse king-making. Hence the proposed ‘Ceremonial Presidency’ . If they do not know, they need to be humble enough to ask and they shall receive. Instead, they are knocking as if they are governors and expect the doors to open.


Those who are seeking UNHRC on the basis of their military structures are bound to fail – unless UN itself has become a structure that recognises Military Powers on Equal footing as Civil Powers. If that is the case, the Tamil side that aligns itself with the likes of President Trump has a good chance of winning.


As in the game of Chess – ultimately we play against ourselves. This is also the Ultimate Reality of Global Governance. 

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