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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

11 January   2021






As per my experience, the greater our contribution to a cause – through Energy – the quicker  our access to Universal Energy. Minorities need this to think Equal to Majority. The key is also in the problem. When we absorb the pain we remain within the reach of the group that unjustly discriminated against us. When we come outside – we become foreigners to the problem and therefore the solution. Diaspora groups that blamed the government’s armed forces,  for the removal of war memorial from the University Jaffna are foreign groups.


The Tamil Guardian reported yesterday, :


[The Tamil Rights Group (TRG) called on Canada to "do more to hold Sri Lanka accountable for its ongoing genocide against ethnic Tamils on the island" in a statement condemning the demolition of the Mullivaikkal memorial. 

Yesterday, a memorial monument in Jaffna University campus was demolished by the authorities while protesters staged a protest outside the university entrance calling on them to stop the demolition.

The monument was constructed in 2019 to remember the tens of thousands of Tamils killed in the Mullivaikkal massacre perpetrated by the Sri Lankan state in May 2009 at the end of the armed conflict. 

TRG highlighted that the demolition of the monument "reveals an all too familiar pattern of ongoing erasure, structural violence, and genocidal intent against Tamils - and now also increasingly Muslims- on the island." 

Acknowledging the recent statements by Canadian politicians expressing concern over the demolition, the TRG called on the Government of Canada to "play an even more active role" in the upcoming session at the United Nations Human Rights Council. 

The organisation has urged Canada to work with other members of the Core Group on Sri Lanka " to sponsor a special resolution to create an International Independent Investigative Mechanism relating to Sri Lankan to investigate and prosecute for serious international crimes committed in Sri Lanka."]

The feedback from Northern Sri Lankans who would be protected by their truth and the Universal power that it connects them to was different. Accordingly – the Vice Chancellor and the Registrar were present when the demolition happened. They may have been under pressure from the government to do so but once we declare that we are a sovereign group – we have to find our own truth and publish it. Accordingly, the fact that was published by the demolition was that the University Administration considered it to be their duty to eliminate a construction that was illegal. The lack of public support confirms that the People of Jaffna are not with the protestors.

I was present in Jaffna during one of the Hartals (mass shutdown). One political leader cum lawyer stated that his car was attacked during a previous Hartal and therefore he was not  going to work. This meant that he was fearful of the losses. He was reported to have been with the student-protestors during the recent incident. But I am yet to read an intellectual statement from him.

The Tamil politicians who undertook Satyagraham are no more. Satyam means truth and Graham means Home. With Satyagraham we go into the home of our own Truth. With Hartal we show protests with or without truth. Where the protests without truth are stronger than protests with truth, Hartals become negative forces – taking us away from truth and the peace that comes with truth.

The LTTE recruited from schools which seriously damaged our investments in education and therefore intellectual pursuits. The University of Jaffna was a compensation for our loss of merit based places in Universities as per the Standardisation policy. It was political settlement and not governance solution nor intellectual solution. The result is us going down from Satyagraham to Hartal.

Interestingly – this seems to have taken us to Kerala culture. Thesawalamai Law is applicable to MALABAR INHABITANTS OF PROVINCE OF JAFFNA:


As per my discovery, our inheritance surfaces when we are passive in the present. Those who respect their elders or better still are grateful to their providers – inherit the positive side of their closing Balance Sheet / Karmic picture. Those who are indebted to their providers – inherit the negative side.

Here in Australia, we attribute to ‘traditional land owners’ after learning that Australia was not Terra Nullius when White Settlers arrived. To my mind, that is a big reason for our positive management of the Coronavirus. The more we believe – the less ‘external’ measures we need. Finally, our PM has replaced the word ‘young’ with One.  In our National Anthem. We may still have high rates of infections and deaths. But the way we take it would be that it is part of nature.

As per Wikipedia:

[Kerala is a politically active society, with a politically active and aware population. Many of the news events happening in Kerala is related to the political events happening in the state

A record total of 223 harthals were observed in 2006 There were around 363 of "Hartals", called by different political parties, between 2005 and 2012. Hartals are called for various reasons, political, economic and social.

Between 2000 and 2017, Kerala reported at least 80 political murders. The state also reported the third-highest number of murders committed (12) due to political reasons in 2015, according to National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data of that year. In the last 17 years, 85 CPM workers, 65 RSS or BJP workers, 11 workers of Congress and IUML each have been killed - mostly by their political rivals

The social thought and behavior of the State in general has a strong inclination towards Leftism and thus the Communist parties have made strong inroads in Kerala. Kerala was the first Indian state where the communists were voted to power. The Malabar region, particularly Kannur and Palakkad are considered to heartland of Communist parties.]


Even though the LTTE has been defeated, their genes from Kerala communism would continue to live through their heirs. Likewise Arabic genes from Kerala in the Muslims. When left unaddressed – the genes would combine to become nuclear powers. Relative to that – the Canadian Tamil power is relative with dwindling levels of followers in Northern Sri Lanka. The lack the intuitive connection due to  practicing the other side of Hartals – UN credits.






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