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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

13 January   2021







The outcomes of our work happen at three levels:


1.     Benefits

2.     Structures

3.     Ownership


Out of the above three,  Ownership is the one that is of Universal Energy value. Once we own, the Energies are naturally shared within the respective circles of Sovereignty.


The Sri Lankan ethnic war is centred around ownership of Tamil areas being politically and lawfully recognized.  As per 680 News report headed ‘Tamil-Canadian rally condemns destruction of Mullivaikal memorial in Sri Lanka’:

[Tamil-Canadians in the Greater Toronto Area organized a car rally Sunday, to condemn the destruction of the Mullivaikal memorial in Sri Lanka.

The Mullivaikal memorial is a series of stone sculptures commemorating the thousands of civilian Sri Lankan Tamils killed during the last phase of the country’s civil war between the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and Sri Lankan government forces. The facade portrays events across the decades-long conflict from the burning of the Jaffna Library in 1983 to children killed in the 2009 civil war.

The memorial was unveiled in 2019 at the University of Jaffna and reportedly bulldozed by Sri Lankan authorities on Friday night.

The rally commenced at Brampton City Hall and drove down to Toronto City Hall and Queen’s Park.

Brampton mayor Patrick Brown called the move a form of “structural genocide” and condemned the move.]


As per Wikipedia information, Mr Patrick Brown was studied Political Science at the University of Toronto. To  therefore be entitled to criticize the move, Mr Brown needs to first move the Canadian Monument of Imprisoned Acadians to University of Toronto. The parallels are listed as follows :

Sri Lanka                                                                                                        - Canada

Mullivaikaal                                                                                                   - Acadia

University of Jaffna                                                                                        – University of Toronto

War Monument Mullivaikkal Muttram in Thanjavur                                    - Monument to Imprisoned Acadians on Georges Island 

War memorial have to be where the deaths happened and/or where the ownership of the war was felt most deeply,  if it is not the place of deaths.

The Tamil War Memorial happened in Tamil Nadu, India as well as various parts of Tamil areas in Sri Lanka.

The University of Jaffna is the intellectual capital of Northern Tamils of Sri Lanka. If the memorial is as per true feelings of the People of Jaffna – then the University of Jaffna is a military academy led by military skills and not by higher intellectual freedom.

One who goes deep into the war issue would identify with the solution that is within.

The solution I see - is to relocate  the monument for victims - to the most disenfranchised area of Northern Sri Lanka. Since Provincial Council represents the People – it is appropriate that it goes to Kaithady. That would be when it represents the People.  If our feelings are true – the time and place of manifestation would confirm it.  Such a manifestation will never die but would become World Heritage. Great Heroes monument and Abandoned Victims monument in the same place confirm that we are the killers and we are the victims. That truth will live forever at the University of Jaffna. When a memorial is at the place it happened – it unites the people – including the perpetrators and the victims.

If both monuments are within the University of Jaffna – then the University becomes the Political Capital of Northern Province.

When we thus take ownership of the war – we also vaccinate ourselves against future wars that are negative in net value.


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