Tuesday 16 November 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

16 November 2021



[The author of Conflict to Peace: Transition in Nepal, Brig Gen. Dr.Umesh Kumar Bhattarai, Nepal Army (Retd), who is a strategy and security analyst, tells Ceylon Today that no country would come to assist another country’s national interest and that it would be purely for political and commercial gains. He added that the QUAD considers Hambantota Port a backlog and Sri Lanka should not let China ‘use’ them in return for supplying weapons to wipe out the Tamil Tigers. He also considers that the port will be posed as civilian use for military capability in the next 96 years or so.] – Ceylon Today articleWill Hambantota Port Become a Chinese Military Base?’

If the above is true why are Tamil leaders who claim ‘Genocide’ by the Sri Lankan government not adding China to the list? If true this would explain as to why the US led the Resolution against the Sri Lankan government at the UNHRC.

If the true reason for the militants waging war was caste-related unjust discrimination which was neglected especially in Northern Sri Lanka, then it is highly likely that the Tamil combatants would be open to joining forces with China to fight against India also. Once damage to human sovereignty  is neglected by humans, it becomes natural and spreads exponentially. It is not new coalition for LTTE which partnered the Sri Lankan government to get rid of the Indian Peace Keeping Force. That is the way of those driven by outcomes and not heritage. I explained it as follows through Thesawalamai structure to one who stated:

[Word caste legitimates the devious human behaviour and, therefore this word should be never used]

Gaja: I disagree. By living as one of the Junior castes I learnt that they also have their sub-caste system. The reason is that it regulates behaviour. The senior group for example goes through more regulated marriage ceremonies than the junior group tends to elope and indiscriminately mix relationships. When there is a hierarchy, we naturally have a vertical structure. This means we do not need to consciously calculate merit to respect someone and therefore inherit their mind-structure. Abuse begins when we play favourites which often happens in marriage. Nnnn for example accused me of separating Param from his birth family through the Testamentary case in relation to his brother’s intestate estate. Nnnn did not question the basis that my husband wanted to be used – which was as per Thesawalamai law. This meant that daughters who received dowry did not get any share in the male heritage. I did not know about this because in my biological family – whatever was mine – I asked to be given to my elder sister whose marriage was arranged by me. We did not have much property but we had our rich education – largely due to my mother’s investment in English education. With all this we did not need to have knowledge of the Thesawalamai law. But Param’s sisters refused to share details of the estate and later their lawyer said that Param was entitled to a ‘small share’. Param was offended because he accepted his father’s basis when dowry was given to both sisters. Param got a ‘token’ share of about 5% which is a farming plot – now worked on lease by a guy of Toddy Tapper caste. So Param said to the lawyer that it ought to be shared on Thesawalamai basis. That was intuition due to accepting his father’s pathway as the appropriate one. This is the ‘sixth sense’ within us. All I did was to uphold that structure – so that the estate would represent Thesawalamai heritage. Thesawalamai did the rest.

The parallel of this for Sixth sense power for Sri Lankan Tamils is Hindu pathway which naturally develops commonness with Indian Hindus. This resides within as Karmic ‘Sixth sense’. By killing the Hon Rajiv Gandhi, the LTTE weakened this Sixth sense. But it is redeemable by civilians who are strong believers in Hindu culture from which also the LTTE deviated.

If we tap into this sixth sense including through Lord Buddha – we would repair the damage to our Sovereignty. Then our Sovereignty would lead us and therefore what happens between big powers would be observed and localized.


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