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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

03 November 2021



Island Newspaper’s Chief Editor Prabath Sahabandu , in his article ‘Sri Lanka: Mandates Stupidity’ refers to Roman testudo as follows:

[The SLPP leaders, who use their mandates as a Roman testudo in situations where they draw fire for their bad policies, wrong decisions and deplorable actions, will see the public assessment of their conduct and performance if a midterm election is held.

The yahapalana government was scared of elections. It postponed the Provincial Council elections, but had to face the Local Government polls, where its constituents suffered an ignominious defeat. Whether the people who gave the incumbent leaders mandates in 2019 and 2020 are still on their side will be seen if the delayed PC polls are held.]

The above is to protect themselves in South. While they are so busy, India’s Lotus formation known as Padma Vyuham is forming in Northern Province:

Island Report: Governor issues tough warning to criminal gangs operating in the North, urges politicians to sever links


[Responding to Jaffna journalists, the Governor said that the lawlessness had been continuing for too long. “The culture of violence is spreading in Jaffna. For a few years groups have started assaulting people. I had a discussion with security forces chiefs because it seems that neither the police nor security forces could tackle this menace. I have received information that some regional politicians are supporting these gangs. I urge these politicians to stop doing so immediately,” he said.]

In my recent articles, I have referred to caste based agitation in Vaddukoddai area, as reported by the Daily Mirror. The young leader who spoke in our area of Thunaivi – claims to follow Father Periyar of Tamil Nadu, who fought against Brahmins dominating leadership. The parallel of this is Buddhist monks dominating politics in South.

As per my discovery, when we make policies that are advantageous to us, the imbalance manifests exponentially – like a pandemic – when a junior accepts it faithfully and completes her/his/its duty as per the junior position. Buddhism Foremost is such a policy which accumulates exponential opposition to itself when a non-Buddhist who believes her/himself to be Sri Lankan, realises her/his soul power and shares within the small group that s/he belongs to. Take for example Nallur in Jaffna. Yoga Swami of Nallur realised this soul-power through Hinduism. Given that he was part of minority Tamil community which as per Article 9 of the Sri Lankan constitution is a junior religion to Buddhism, has a lower threshold to achieve the fulness of ownership. Hence as per the current structure, so long as a realised Hindu does not claim Equal status as a Buddhist  – the ownership power generates itself exponentially beyond the level of one’s position duty. Likewise in any junior position. I realised this through my experience at the University of NSW, which experience helped me appreciate – the ‘miracles’ in my family  life also.

I believe that this power defeated the leader during whose tenure the above article was given birth. The Vaddukoddai Resolution 1976 was a declaration by a junior group – that it realised fullness of ownership through the junior position stipulated in Article 6 of the Sri Lankan Constitution 1972 which is carried as article 9 in the current constitution. In the 1977 Parliamentary Elections the United body of the Tamil Political Parties became the medium through which this exponential opposition force manifested itself to render Equal Opposition position.

When LTTE hijacked the political leadership – claiming visible Equality – Tamils lost this power of the Junior’s Sovereignty through a lower threshold. All those who inherited the ‘Equality’ genes, would continue to separate and dilute the value of Tamil contribution to National ownership.

As per the above mentioned report:

[Governor Thiyagarajah said there were accusations that some rehabilitated LTTE cadres were involved such gangs. The Governor said that he would take steps in the near future to neutralise the criminal gangs.]

The non-violent pathway to do so is through development of civil administration within junior caste areas. I did encounter difficulties with both sides in Vaddukoddai suburbs of Thunaivi & Sangarathai. As a senior caste person living with the Toddy Tapper community despite their opposition when I complained to the Police as a victim of their lawlessness, I earned their respect. We are now assisting the Government Administrators to further train the folks there in lawful conduct – especially through the junior gender who develop the ownership gap as Shakthi / Energy.

One needs to first feel ownership in that area as well as in the relevant law, to invoke the absolute power of belief which makes the believer its medium.  The following chronology confirms the pathway through which the Energy travelled:

19 September 2021 – Alleged Caste based conflict happened in Vaddukoddai

25 September 2021 – I wrote to the Divisional Secretary – with a copy to the GA - the letter in Appendix. I did not have knowledge of the above at that time and later when I learnt about it from the English media – I concluded that it was my intuition that influenced me to protect the property from unlawful takeover by locals.


04 October 2021 – Agreement was reached on the above


11 October 2021 - The new Governor Jeevan Thiyagarajah was sworn in


23 October 2021 – The Political uprising was indicated (சாதியம் / மக்கள் எழுச்சி / SATHIYAM - YouTube). To my mind it was no coincidence that this happened on the birthday of Mr Wigneswaran who took position as ‘Senior’ of the LTTE leader. The above was also recorded in front of the building that Mr Wigneswaran as Chief Minister opened. It was built on someone else’s land. I was not invited to the opening due to fear of my disciplined way which prevented government funds being used to do likewise in terms of the Community Development Secretariat .


Members of the Diaspora do read my articles and express appreciation from time to time. But when one provides belief based service that service is ownership of Absolute value and is not relative.




The Divisional Secretary

Through Grama Sevakar

Valikamam West Divisional Secretariat


25 September 2021

Dear Secretary,

Thunaivi Development Secretariat

I write in relation to the Community Development Secretariat – Thunaivi. Our family donated the land on which the Development Secretariat building was built. Details are at :


My husband and I are Dual citizens (Australia and Sri Lanka). We continue to maintain our Temple and its surroundings in good order. We are now seeking to invest in educational and training activities in that area and seek to lease the parts of the building towards this. We believe that the lease money would go towards furthering the loan facilities that are already in place within the Thunaivi community and monitored by the Thunaivi Women’s Association. It is our understanding that right now these facilities are at a standstill. As a first project we seek  to train the elected office holders of this Association to maintain records and also to report regularly to all concerned.


Our other projects in Sri Lanka include Tutoring students in English (includes Royal College Colombo students) ; The Opportunity shop at Naveena Santhai at Vaddukoddai junction where also we have leased space for training; supporting Mankerni (Batticaloa) community.


Please advise us about the requirements to enter into such leasing agreement. If you need further details regarding this, please let us know.


Mr P Jeevarasa has been our coordinator for a long time and has the experience of coordinating the  Naveena Santhai lease also.


Yours sincerely

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

CC: Government Agent – Jaffna Mr Kanapathipillai Mahesan



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