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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

23 November   2021

Canada Owns the LTTE Problem

On this day which is special to me as Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s birthday, the reward I got was the Channel 9 news report headed

Game-changing': New hologram surgery technology deployed in Sydney hospital’

The hospital at the centre of the above report was St Vincent’s hospital .  I was sent to Caritas at that hospital on 06 May 2005 after the following recorded experience:

[The Forensic psychiatrist  Dr. Conor O’Neill said to me during his interview on 06 May 2005 that he would not do what I had done in relation to foregoing eating mangoes – so David Garlick would live longer. David had connected to his inner Truth and hence we had the deeper intuitive connection. Foregoing mangoes helped towards this. I know that David’s genuine investment in UNSW became mine because of this. I did not calculate and plan towards this. It ‘happened’.]

O'NEIL:  Firstly your Honour I believe that based on my interview which was a lengthy one with Mrs. Paramasivam and also by perusal of a lengthy letter that she recently wrote to the Prosecutor and Registrar of Waverley Court.  I believe that her beliefs, while they have some basis in reality, are and markedly adds proportion to what has actually occurred.


[Based on my interview with Mrs. Paramasivam and perusal of a lengthy letter addressed to the Registrar and Prosecutor of Waverley Local Court dated 18-11-2004, I believe it likely that Mrs. Paramasivam meets criteria as a mentally ill person within the meaning of the Mental Health Act. She describes a range of beliefs meeting the definition of delusions and hallucinatory experiences……




For non custodial disposition:

That Mrs. Paramasivam be transferred for assessment and possible admission under Section 33(1)(a) of the Mental Health (Criminal Procedures) Act 1990


For custodial disposition

She will be referred to the prison mental health services.



Dr. Conor O’Neil MB DPM MRCPsy

Senior Registrar in Forensic Psychiatry

Statewide Community and Court Liaison Service] – Chapter 24 Naan Australian


Based on the above, millions who fast would be considered mentally ill. The lengthy letter was about failures in the Court Administration in which the medical expert was NOT a certified expert. I was so certified through my work in Public Service including Health Service. But this was not taken into account because Dr Connor took the easy pathway to judge me.


The basis of my fasting was my cultural heritage – especially during Nallur festival when my ‘protests’ started in 1998. Why I did it for David was because he was the only academic to speak out in my support at the University of NSW. I thus made my investment eternal by doing what I could at that time. David left his mortal coil soon after but he lives with me as per the depth of my feelings.


I was sent to Caritas :

[HER HONOUR:  If I utilise the provisions of s 33 of the Mental Health Criminal Procedure Act then all I can do is have her taken by police to Caritas I believe it would be from here.]

At Caritas I was mentally tortured and threatened with enforced medication. In desperation I asked them to contact my husband as I sensed that the old male doctor at Caritas had concluded that I was a disobedient wife. My husband spoke on the basis of my ongoing sharing with him and asked the doctor to ring the then Dean of Medicine who once said to my husband that I was a ‘star performer’. This released me from the clutches of Caritas and sent me back to the prison. Later I realised that St Vincent wanted me to have the experience to help others like Florence who was a devoted Catholic. I helped Florence release herself from prison by setting the example of releasing myself on conditional bail. The condition is that I would not step into University of NSW.  I have kept my word of honour and I believe that it is part of the base on which I strengthen my intelligence in relation to Academics. That is a belief based connection that works beyond the seen and the known.

 Yesterday when I heard the news about hologram – I said to my husband ‘Now they must know of the existence of the invisible.’ I felt’ vindicated in terms of family which includes a lawyer.

The power of belief is beyond the comprehension of the brain also. It is usually inherited but can also be developed through strong adherence to truth.  

With such belief as my basis – I find the LTTE supporters who protested in Toronto against Tamils Politicians to be seriously wrong. As per Ceylon Today article ‘LTTE Supporters Disrupt TNA Meeting in Toronto’ :

[LTTE supporters disrupted a meeting attended by TNA MPs M.A. Sumanthiran and Shanakiyan Rasamanickam on Saturday (20), demanding a separate State for the Tamil people, and rejecting the Tamil party’s push for a political settlement to Sri Lanka’s ethnic question.

They demanded to consider Tamils not as a minority community, but as rightful inhabitants of the North and East and that they are the majority in those provinces.]

The above claim actually contradicts itself. If you do not recognise majority at physical level – you do not recognise minority at physical level, leave alone majority where you are part of that majority.

Vaddukoddai Resolution 1976 did politically declare the Natural Ownership of  Tamils within Sri Lanka. But the LTTE that lacked the Political expertise teamed up with Indian Tamils to form majority. Thus they became ‘traitors’ to the same Indians by killing Rajiv Gandhi on Tamil soil. That is the way of Asuras whose lifespan is short like in the case of animals. The Canadian Tamils who protested against politicians are those who inherited the ‘traitor’ genes from the LTTE who killed Tamil politicians whose investment in laws of global standards gave birth to Vaddukoddai Resolution. The deepest pain for me is the loss of the Hon Neelan Thiruchelvam.

Neelan did not and would not have sought separate state where there is insufficient strength to uphold justice. My test was through two cases around the same time and they were belief based laws of Thesawalamai in North and Prescriptive rights in Colombo. Former was heard in Jaffna and the latter in Colombo. The Jaffna one was a miserable failure whereas the Colombo one was to my mind outstanding success.  The legal team in Colombo was led by Sri Lankan of Sinhalese origin. The Jaffna case was led by Mr V Manivannan who is part of the Tamil only group.

Recently when a member of the Royal College Alumni wrote the following – I attributed that to me and through me to Neelan who is also part of  Royal Alumni:

[Constant closures & re-openings; protests and long queues; where everything has become uncertain Project SEARCH seems to continue its march regardless!


When a Mom from deep down Rajapakshe country told me that this is the first free tutoring her son has ever received, almost one on one, with so much care and quality and the only hope they have where the formal education has come to a grinding halt, I felt so proud and humbled! ]


As the tutor concerned – I shared in that experience and thus reconciled with Hambantota. The effects were confirmed when Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa demonstrated humility when he openly held the hands of Sumanthiran before their team left for talks in the USA. These actions are read by Asuras who have to ‘possess’ to believe that they own. Belief is confirmed through ownership without needing any external certification. That was how my Colombo Land case was won based on the law of Prescription which is ‘belief’ based and is beyond the reach of current merit as per the written law. Colombo based Sumanthiran is entitled to my vote so long as he operates on the basis of his conscience and not the immediate outcomes that are tainted by Genocide declaration of a Tamil who is living in Canada as an Eelam only Tamil and not as Canadian. The Canadian government has the duty to make good the damage that this indiscriminate mixing of Nationalism has resulted in.

Those who seek to continue to fight need to raise it to global level or come back to Sri Lanka’s North or East to fight. Those who ‘took’ benefits for their alleged pain and loss through immigration are now even and have no claim to separatism in Sri Lanka. They can claim so in Canada.









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