Wednesday 10 November 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

10 November 2021



[A Buddhist monk, presumably a general figure for all racist monks, says very offensive things of Tamils. He says that he wants Tamils not to obey the Sinhalese but to fear them. He adds, “The weapon of education must not be in Tamil hands. Tamils are educated and working for the government. If this goes on, we will be their slaves. We must first reduce the close relationship Tamils have with Tamil Nadu. Tamils are strengthened by this relationship. If this continues, we will have no land. Are we to commit suicide? We must stop Tamils studying.”

Srimavo agrees and this is the precursor to standardization. The real story of Standardisation is far more complex than that, although some crazy Sinhalese people might have thought like this.] Methagu: A Review Of The Movie On Velupillai Prabhakaran, by Dr Ratnajeevan Hoole, published by Colombo Telegraph.


Amrit Muttukumaru  concludes his article “Media Focus On Nadesan While Ignoring Elites In ‘Panama Papers’” as follows:


[Why is it that authorities seeking to ‘regulate’ social media are for the most part ‘comfortable’ with the mainstream media? Does this not tell a story?

It will be a miracle if this article sees the light of day in any mainstream media!]

The miracles often happen without our knowledge.  Dr Hoole’s article was published the day after Buddhist monk Ven. Muruththettuwe Ananda Thera  was appointed the Chancellor of the University of Colombo. Was it coincidence or reaction to indicators of Indian power indicated through Dr Hoole ? In other words, did Dr Hoole, an academic, become the medium of the standardization karma as interpreted by South Indian cinema?

[FMTA, in a media release by its President Prof. Sudharshani Wasalathanthri, announced yesterday that it is “greatly concerned” by the appointment.

“The post of chancellor of the university is the symbol of embodiment of its prestige and dignity. The holder of that post should be an academic, intellectual, and professional of the highest calibre who commands the respect of the students, academics, alumni, and the community at large both nationally and internationally. The person who is appointed to this post should have a history of conduct in the past in keeping with the high standards expected of the holder of the post and should also be capable of abiding by such conduct in the future. The Faculty of Medicine Teachers’ Association is greatly concerned by the recent appointment that has been made to the post of chancellor of the University of Colombo and has already requested His Excellency the President to reconsider this appointment.”]

If not for standardization would Dr Hoole have qualified on the basis of the above?

Mrs Bandaranaike was responsible for the article ‘Buddhism foremost’ becoming part of the Constitution. Besides, if we are soon to be under one religious banner, it makes sense that a Buddhist monk is the Governor of the University. That would prevent Tamils from Tamil Nadu coming to Colombo.

The second miracle was as follows:

Ceylon Today published on 09 November - a report ‘Subaskaran Returns to Sri Lanka’ in which the following is included:

[British-Sri Lankan businessman, Allirajah Subaskaran, who came under Opposition’s attack during the Yahapalana regime and was implicated on money laundering charges has arrived in the island and is currently staying at a star-class hotel, informed sources revealed. Reports confirmed that he entered the country from the VIP lounge of the BIA. ]

This and the above mentioned article by Amrit Muttukumaru  appeared on the same day (09 November)

One is about a Tamil connected to the Rajapaksa regime and the other to the LTTE. In a ‘free’ environment, does Truth manifest Itself with the opposite side? I wrote on Monday:

[What you state is a fact at three levels:

1.     That you stated it

2.     You respect the person who stated it

3.     It is an expression of your Belief]

When a manifestation is an expression of belief, it manifests its other side also. The Vaddukoddai Resolution 1976 happened with its other side as the fall of Mrs Bandaranaike – about which we learnt in 1977 through the elections. The Energy Itself would have become part of the conscience of Buddhists who also were genuinely hurt by the politics of the then government.

When we follow the law – the manifestations are measured within the common area applicable to both sides. Hence one is right and the other is wrong. When we follow our conscience, the manifestation happens at a later time in our area of belief or at the same time in the opposite side. We often identify with the former through our own karma through the vertical system of time. The latter expands our intelligence laterally to global level.

Those who act as per their conscience are always protected by the system of Dharma – even though they may be ruled ‘wrong’ by the written law. One who acts as per her/his conscience identifies with the truth in the mind of the other – as same side (in agreement) or opposite side (in disagreement) . Hence majority becomes equal to Opposition of the same sovereign coin. Realising this is essential for success in democracy.

Mrs Bandaranaike gave Tamils the University of Jaffna in 1974 as compensation for Standardization policy 1971. Now due to the injustice the University of Colombo is being made Buddhist University as the compensation for loss of merit based administration. Dharma never fails to uphold Justice.



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