Thursday 30 June 2016

The Hon C. V. Wigneswaran, Chief Minister of Northern Province –Sri Lanka – sharing status with Indigenous Tamil leader Pushparasa Jeevarasa of Thunaivi-Vaddukoddai

Bringing Back Colonial Rule in Sri Lanka

There is a saying in Tamil that the foe of a foe is a friend. That was how LTTE Eastern leader Karuna Amman became a friend of the Sri Lankan Government when he fell out with Northern LTTE Leaders.. That alone is enough to discredit the Government’s claim that the LTTE were Terrorists. Using this claim, the Sri Lankan Government repeatedly went to the International Community with the begging bowl. They claimed Sovereignty by eliminating that very International Community from the scene of their last act. Every person/authority  who did not claim that the LTTE were Terrorists at the time of LTTE activity, disqualifies her/him/itself from doing so – after their death. Likewise, every person who considered them to be heroes back then – loses their right to claim credits through the Political pathway. Where, a person/an institution is wrong for a particular pathway – that person / institution does not have the authority to find fault with anyone through that pathway.

I realized the true beauty of this Natural Law – through my marriages. First I went against my parents and the next time I went against the custom of one woman one marriage only. But by being true to the system of marriage that the Hindu Tamil community claimed to follow – I earned the credits through practice of its laws and principles. I just did not have the status that went with such practice. Now I realize that I was released from the clutches of those who were themselves not true to that system of marriage and therefore did not have the authority to allocate credits and debits. When they criticize us – it’s really an exit warrant from an abuser of authority.

Likewise, in terms of Equal Opportunity Laws – I was ‘failed’/ ‘dismissed’ by the Australian Government, Human Rights & Equal Opportunity Commission and the Judiciary. It hurt at that time. But I now realize that that was the exit warrant from false authority. This helped me group myself with others who were wronged in terms of  Ownership Titles. The same way one cannot be physically present in two places at the same time, one cannot be expressly marked right at the same time through two opposing systems. The penny dropped when I was preparing to argue my case in Colombo. I state as follows in this regard:

[It is submitted that if possession is required and therefore relativity is used through ‘Balance of Probability’ test – then it negates the requirement to show full physical possession. At least one physical entry by the Legal Titleholder is needed for the application of relativity that the rule of ‘Balance of Probability’ is based on. Where there was no physical entry by the opponent, observed and written, it confirms Independent pathway. Where there was entry but that was considered to be ‘out of order’ as per mind of the Prescriptive Titleholder the claimant has the authority to credit points through ‘Adverse to’ requirement. Where there is denial of any such knowledge – the only avenue available to the claimant is ‘Independent of’ criterion. By using the ‘Adverse to’ criterion the Legal team of the Defendant as well as the honorable judge – have denied the Defendant the claim of Independent pathway.]

Applying this rule to Sri Lankan war – to the extent the LTTE travelled along the ‘Independent Eelam’ pathway and realized ownership of their Land ahead of Legal Titleholders/Sri Lankan Tamils – they are like Indigenous Australians. Likewise JVP in Southern Sri Lanka, leading Sinhala only Nationalists. But in reality  both were ‘Adverse to’ the Government because they recognized the Government for the purpose of their own status with their local community. They failed the ‘de-facto’ system by taking position ‘above’ their local politicians. They have to be Equal and Opposite but not above or below to qualify for the position of Opposition. Politicians who were not true to their own pathways – lacked the strength to resist such Rebels who were showing the shortcut to status.

The UN has indicated that it wanted to probe the lead that the Sri Lankan Government used cluster bombs during the war. If the Sri Lankan Government was certain that it did not – it would facilitate this in return for the Global resourcing they received to eliminate the LTTE.  Their rejection of the move to investigate needs to be taken as confirming that cluster bombs were used during the war. The remedy is to take affirmative action to facilitate self-governance – not by Separation as Mr. Wigneswaran has called for – but to find fault with the previous Government through internal mechanisms. If UN entered the scene prematurely – it would take the opportunity away from the current Government led by a President who is genuine in the Political pathway and Prime Minister who is natural in the Administrative pathway. Tamils preceded the current Government when Tamil Politicians formed One Political Opposition with opposing factions taking Equal position within that structure. Where majority investment by Tamils is in Politics – rather than Administration – then Tamils would lose this Equal position in National Parliament.

Tamil Politicians who did not place the armed groups to positions below themselves – would tend to allow Tamil Nadu to use cultural power to ‘invade’ Sri Lanka through not only North and East but also Hill country Tamils. It is often not easy for those who live close to the Land to use the pathways to become National, Regional and Global.  But so long as they live locally as a Sovereign group – they are Naturally entitled to their own laws. Hence the customary laws of  Sri Lanka codified by Westerners. The mind of the Sinhalese regulated by Customary Laws and/or Religious laws would find it difficult to relate to another Custom / Religious practice. Likewise the mind of the Tamil in relation to those of other castes. LTTE empowered by lower castes could not relate to Tamil Politicians made up largely of higher caste Tamils. Likewise in Sinhalese areas where the effects of the caste system continue to prevail. The ‘no-caste’ system if enforced by law, would lead to lower standards through reverse discrimination. This was known to have happened within the Tamil Community.

No UN team can prevent another war in Sri Lanka through its Global pathways. UN staff have a different mind-structure to rebels on both sides. If one is found fault with more than the other – the UN would be demoting itself in terms of Equal Opportunity principles and values. If Mr. Mahendran – the Tamil Governor of Central Bank – is judged through the same law as Mr. Rajapaksa former President around the same time and the former is punished more than the latter – then Sri Lanka would demote itself to independent communities using Prescriptive Titles through ongoing rebellion against the Law and Order system abandoned by both side educated leaders after Colonialism.   

Independence from Colonial rule was like rebirth. Rebirth  does not eliminate our Truth. It only restructures it. The moment the British left – Sinhalese felt ‘free’ to do as per their own local pathways. By the laws of Nature they thus entitled Tamils who felt ‘free’ of the British also to do likewise. Only those who paid their respects to British progressed to becoming Global. They are the real UN that would escalate the governing standards in Sri Lanka.  

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