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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

06 November 2021





Today is the second day of Kantha Sashti – the sacred period during which Energy is developed to defeat the demon within us. On the first day – the demon showed his face through a former student of Jaffna Hindu College who sent a message:

‘Ditch Diwali !   Diwali  ஒரு சாக்கடை/ is a gutter. Attached was a video regarding film production by Indian Tamils based on LTTE’s  Thileepan:


The lack of authenticity was portrayed by the top worn by the female next to the main character in the clip. LTTE women would not have dreamt of wearing such clothes. To me it was artificial. The guy confesses to book knowledge as his base.

I was certainly offended that Diwali was being killed to accommodate Thileepan.

I responded as follows:

‘If you wish to celebrate Thileepan that is your choice. You have no authority to insult Deepavali. Shame on you for disgracing and disrespecting the belief of majority Sri Lankan Tamils’

A senior in the group wrote to me:

‘Gaja , 

You are obstructing FREEDOM OF THE INDIVIDUAL by your comments’


I responded as follows:


[The Freedom is limited to one’s belief/truth. It does not extend to obstruct other people’s belief. I am disappointed that you did not oppose KKK but choose to ‘tell’ me. I am NOT your junior]

Another pundit defended KKK as follows:


[KKK proposes something that has real meaning and significance to any average Tamil worldwide. Thileepan is a hero, a person laid his life for a due cause through a most painful death


My response was:

[It’s a free world Yyy. This means whoever believes is free to celebrate. If you believe in Thileepan being a hero you celebrate. The young guy from whom I learnt about Thileepan considered him to be hero. But that guy would not say anything to offend me. He shared his knowledge with me while we were waiting to see the officer at the Indian High Commission in regards to him being rejected Indian visa when his sister got married. I went with this guy and even there in Canberra -waited and waited – only to be rejected again. Finally the officer said to me to go back to Sydney. In Sydney J got the visa. In appreciation – he gave me the full set of Mahabharatham serial on CD. It was not on the net then. I watched it many times and also shared with folks in Thunaivi. As per my knowledge, Thileepan was already injured in the Vadamaraachi operation. I respect him as a soldier. Whatever he did would have been as per his own belief.

Yyy wrote also:

[While deepavali, as said, is a hindu north indian celeberation made out of fiction and besied a cultural way of making people to spend noney. Remembering Thleepan is a noble act. But kula only suggested but you obstructed. Leave LTTE out, Thleepans sacrifice is unique to all Tamils. ]

My response was:

[Celebrating Theepavali is a heritage from my parents. Since I am a Sri Lankan Tamil – I take that as a Sri Lankan Hindu heritage. Thunaivi folks also celebrate Theepavali. It is cruel to deprive them of this to promote your own heroes. Belief being Universal power would by its very nature not disturb another’s belief. To my mind I declared my belief in Public to through those with whom I share regularly.

But KKK ridiculed my belief and you have endorsed it. Vvv also has done so by responding on this thread to promote Thileepan.

Knowing the LTTE cadre through direct interaction – to my mind, many of them would celebrate Theepavali. KKK’s and your people in Sri Lanka may have switched to Thileepan. This means our pathways are  separated .

If yours is belief we oppose each other. To my mind since you interfered with my belief – you are my enemy.



I wrote the above around 1 am today, when I woke myself up to check on the Security Camera system installed by us in the Common Development Secretariat Building as a precaution against violence and theft. This group from Jaffna Hindu College have demonstrated that they want to indulge in their cheap desires for which they use Thileepan. One who genuinely shares in the pain of Thileepan would know that he surrendered to Nallur Murugan – which was my message to LTTE leader in 2009. Everyone who


According to Wikipedia:

Indian High Commissioner Dixit wanted a written guarantee from Prabhakaran that Thileepan would end his hunger strike if Dixit met with him but Prabhakaran couldn't give the guarantee.

The above strongly indicates to the ‘insider’ that Prabhakaran knew that Thileepan was going to die anyway. Given the suicidal recommendations by the LTTE, I conclude that Thileepan had no choice but to die. This was also the way with a good proportion of the LTTE.

These days when I endure pain in this regard, I get comforted through another source. This morning I was directed to – a video about Hindu Kathirgamam  in South. Whilst the Sri Lankan constitution awards Buddhism the foremost status in Sri Lanka, there was a Buddhist monk heading / being foremost in the line of devotees in the Hindu shrine. That was my reward for sharing my belief regarding the effects of Buddhism Foremost article in the Sri Lankan Constitution.

Interestingly the following details about Kathirgama Murugan, are published in Wikipedia:






Pandara Nayakan (Sinhalam)


Pandara Nayakan, sounds like the origin of Bandaranaike who politically promoted Buddhism and got killed by a Buddhist monk. Did the President appoint Buddhist monk as  the head of  Presidential Task Force to report on ‘One Country, One law’ ?

Later when tutoring the Royal College student from Hambantota, it so happened that the topic was trip to Kataragama.

I concluded through my own experiences in Kathirgamam, that Buddhism foremost is a lie about Sri Lanka and that all one has to do is look beyond that to practice one’s own religion in any part of Sri Lanka. If one’s work is one’s god – then we will have common religion through our work skills. If one makes the religion one’s work structure – then wars in Sri Lanka will continue to happen.

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