Friday 19 November 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

19 November   2021

Northern Provincial Council of Sri Lanka

The Northern Provincial Council (NPC) has misused the annual allocations from the government for a long time, Governor of the province, Jeevan Thiagarajah alleged on Tuesday in Vavuniya.” – Island Report headed ‘Governor Thiagarajah reads riot act to northern politicians’


From one angle the above is true. But from another it is false. If Sri Lanka was considered a Unitary State – then the above is true. If the Council considered itself to be ‘separate’ from Central Government – then it is a false allegation. I’ll use a real experience to explain. This morning when a Sri Lankan Diaspora leader expressed appreciation for my article ‘DIFFERENTLY ABLED MINORITY’ I responded as follows:

[In Thunaivi a young father said that when they felt discrimination pain and could not ‘show it’ they showed that through football. He used the word ‘Ohrmum’ . I think this is what happened to Northern Tamils in terms of education. Our parallel was exam grades. So – why fear when Muruga is with us?]

This morning I read the following in Twitter and responded:


Gotabaya Rajapaksa: I am very fortunate to have been mentored by a person with such greatness in my personal as well as political life. Your Excellency, my dear brother, who left an indelible mark on Sri Lankan politics, I'm wishing you a happy birthday!


Gaja Param: One has to lose consciousness of 'brother' to experience the full Energy of National status as Political mentor.


The above was based on Rebirth philosophy common to Hindus and Buddhists of Sri Lanka. Accordingly, we take only our virtues and sins as positive or negative Energy into our next birth. That which is not Energy is left behind – however ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ it may seem in  the environment we die in. The net positive even if we are reborn in the old environment resides as our intuition/sixth sense. It invokes itself when we need it. Likewise the net negative when our genuine opposition needs it.

On that basis , to the extent Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa shows respect for his elder brother – he loses its value in his current position which is senior to that of the position held by elder brother Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa. By referring to the brother as ‘Your Excellency’ the Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa is automatically switching positions and takes the position of Prime Minister.

Detachment pain is often rejected by us. When we absorb it as if we are juniors, we accumulate the intelligence within us.

In the case of Tamils, armed militants recruited from schools. Parents did not have the courage to oppose the militants. If Education was ‘foremost’ to them they would have. The LTTE killed Tamil politicians to takeover power and silence the People. That is the way their survival was protected. Now they have reversed the Politician-Army relationship upside down. If the money-rich Diaspora said Thileepan is a Martyr – those who migrated to economically progressive countries – would say ‘yes’ I am the only one known to me who has opposed this as per my own belief. Thileepan was a courageous fighter and in his own way he surrendered to Nallur Murugan. Those who believe in LTTE more than in Murugan have no right to his legacy. The problem began with LTTE leader referring to MGR as Anna/Big Brother. MGR became popular in Sri Lanka also due to his acting. The less educated who are emotionally driven would have forgotten that he was acting and would have attributed it to him as a person and hence his election victory. But Public Administration in Tamil Nadu is a far cry from the times of our venerated Tamil ancestors. Money divides. Common Principle unites.

During Mr Wigneswaran’s period as CM, I was able to achieve success in ensuring that a large group of nursing aids who were promised permanency were made permanent. I did that after they complained to the Provincial Health Ministry, followed by the CM but failed. On the other hand I had accumulated that latent power in 2009 – when Central Health Ministry treated me as a ‘junior’ . I then made Lord Buddha as my senior also and stomached the unjust accusations – as if I was  LTTE. I was Tamil and strong minded in Public Administration. But I naturally opposed the LTTE that killed educated politicians. Hence I underwent genuine pain. This helped me succeed with the new government that came to power in 2015 which was also a genuine Opposition to armed rule.

The Northern Provincial Council elected by the People who suffered due to the armed war – is suffering due to its own isolation from Tamil elders in Administration – including those strongly influenced by British Administrators. The likes of Mr  Jeevan Thiagarajah would continue to carry those common administrators as their mentors. By openly claiming relationship with LTTE leader, Mr Wigneswaran acted as Mr Rajapaksa has done. Mr Rajapaksa addressed his junior by position as ‘Your Excellency’. Mr Wigneswaran elevated himself to Big Brother position in Politics and hence his investment in Administration as a senior member of the Judiciary became the ‘cost’ taken for that elevation in position. It also meant that he would have ‘feared’ strong administrators who Opposed armed militancy.

This has been quite rightly highlighted by the new Governor. But the reality in North which is still under fear of return of war – encouraged by the Diaspora that gives unconditional money like MGR did – to play their tune – prevents them from focusing on Common Administration. Between me and an expatriate from Thunaivi  - they chose the latter who gave them unconditional money. Mr Ganesh – the Administrator was the chief guest at the ceremony to open the building built on our temple land. Mr Wigneswaran was the Chief Guest for the building built on someone else’s land – by an MGR fan who claimed that it was his father’s memorial.

Just yesterday I sent the following message to a senior officer in North:

Dear Madam

Yesterday I noticed that a group was conducting a ‘class’ to teenagers – mostly girls. I was informed that you were aware of this NGO session. I have asked the Thunaivi women’s association representative – Mrs Vasanthi to organize a Time Table in consultation with the GS so that a smooth order would be ensured in sharing the Common Community Hall to benefit all concerned. We are already organising to develop common activities for seniors of Vaddukoddai – with regular sessions at the common hall. Hence the need for this organized approach.



As a person who has been involved there – I have corporate wisdom about Thunaivi. At the early stages -  a guy said words to the effect ‘From the time of GG Ponnambalam, I have been recognized as a master in landgrab’ . I promptly informed him that that building was strictly for Administrative Services. He did not bother us thereafter. But the recent caste based conflict which was reported to have happened in another part of Vaddukoddai was filmed in Thunaivi where the Police met the Politician to be. It was recorded in front of the above mentioned building that Mr Wigneswaran opened.

Officers are fearful of coming to that area. NGO’s are temporary and hence less fearful. The children of citizens who self-isolated are no longer connected to the senior caste citizens and therefore their heritage in Common Public Administration. They are easily distracted by quick and easy outcomes through which they become powerful. I observed this trend in East also during Tsunami Reconstruction Service. That is our karma for not strongly opposing armed militancy which effectively opposed mental ownership in common.

The solution is for strong and committed Administrators to share their Energy as of the folks in disenfranchised communities. Essential towards this is their acceptance that we are one of them. Then the sharing is natural.

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