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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

29 June 2021


‘Diseases, most notably plague, also spread along the Silk Road.’

As per my discovery, an opposition through belief is also natural discipline. It prevents our weaknesses from manifesting themselves. The risk of such manifestations happening are high in a ‘free’ environment that the Parliament is. Hence the need for internal opposition that would prevent such manifestations becoming natural law which keep changing dynamically in a free environment.

Tamils are a natural opposition in Sri Lankan Parliament. It is not just the mind of the politician as an individual. The real opposition is the common mind of the consolidated minority who are not included by the government as part of itself – due to whatever reason. A truly powerful opposition would not need majority vote by numbers. It is empowered by the absolute power of belief. The more it is by numbers the more active would be changes to the natural structures.

Those of us who respect our ancestors, invoke their positive Energy. Those who respect our current relationships would make our contributions ‘Common’ by lateral consolidation. Latter is more likely in Democracy, where manifestations happen at the primary level to impress voters. But then one has to complete that cycle by becoming global.

The UNP’s power in Parliament is represented by former Prime Minister - Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe. Whether he would be like the elephant faced Lord Ganesh to whom His parents were His world or like Lord Muruga who went around the world and formed His own kingdom is left to be seen. Either way – it would be global , due to UNP’s heritage. The legend goes as follows:

[This time Saint Naradhar took a mango to Shiva-Shakthi and said that whoever ate that mango would attain eternity.  Given that Shiva-Shakthi did not need it (they were already immortal) they decided to share it equally between their two children.  Saint Naradhar says that to attain the value of eternity, the mango should not be shared but should be eaten in full by one person.  This means that anything physical should be fully experienced  by one person to raise it to the higher value.  For example,  our workplace credits need to be fully owned by us before we could raise it to ownership level. Towards this we need to feel grateful to those who contributed to our development and the opportunities through which we obtain those credits. If we are not able to do this, we need to share benefits purely on merit basis. Hence Equal Opportunity principles in countries/cities  that have high migrant population.

The two sons – Ganesh and Muruga are invited to participate in the race to go around the world to get the prize mango. Muruga the active  junior, immediately takes His vehicle the Peacock and starts on His around-the-world trip.

In Hindu temples, the Divine quality  is personified inside the altar and its opposite – the animal quality is personified outside the altar and is called the vehicle.  It is called the vehicle due to us needing to travel on the animal to realize the values of our divinity.  If the animal is not used as a vehicle – it would tend to dominate and run the show. 

Shiva for example is personifies Love.  Hence ‘[md;Ng rptk;/ Anpe Sivam (Shiva is Love)’.  The bull outside denotes lust.  Likewise elephant faced Ganesh personifies the intellectual path - as the elephant is known to be the one with deepest memory within the animal kingdom.  The mouse outside personifies hearsay and does as it is ‘told’.  To me Ganesh is Computer and mouse is the mouse used to instruct the computer.  Ganesh is worshipped at the beginning of a venture due to being known as the  remover of obstacles – the way the elephant clears the path for others coming behind him. One who uses his own deep memory is like Ganesh and  one who uses hearsay is like the mouse.  Information that is not written by us would not last long in our memory. Muruga personifies egoless state due to His 360 view.  When we are global / universal – there is no ‘I’ ego in us.  The peacock on the other hand is known to be proud of itself.

 Ganesh, who is the thinker – and who would have been at a disadvantage compared to Muruga due to the latter’s ability to fly – compared to Ganesh’s mouse - asked Saint Naradhar whether it was correct thinking that His parents – Shiva-Shakthi stood for the whole world. Saint Naradhar said ‘yes’.  So Ganesh went around His parents – believing them to be the whole world and Ganesh won the prize mango. To me this is the academic way. But then that works only if their academic gurus are their whole world. In terms of migration – this means also that the senior migrants need to be driven by their intellect and not physical contribution, if they are to retain leadership power.

Muruga on completing His journey successfully, learns that the prize mango had been awarded to Ganesh who completed the journey by His mind, renounces His heritage and establishes His kingdom on Palani Hill in South India. Muruga is known also as the Lord of Democratic era for this reason of physically observing – and hence ‘objectivity’ in democracy. Hence this accommodates juniors / minorities who would actively observe a matter from all angles before they make decisions – as in Do It Yourself way.] Chapter 17 Naan Australian.

Majority Tamils being Hindus would know about the above legend. To the extent they believe in Ganesh – they would naturally be connected to Sinhalese and others who also believe  in Ganesh and therefore the Power of One.

That is how  Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe has the Opportunity to win by invoking ancestral powers – especially that of the British. Most of us do not know how it works; but we do know that it works. Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe has to become the medium of intellectuals to defeat those driven by immediately visible outcomes.

On 08 November 2018, in his interview with India Today, Mr Namal Rajapaksa – the son of current Prime Minister stated to the effect that he considered Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe’s policies were pro-Western and that Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe was depending on the West. - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yl5GTPnlEzw . This happened when the nation was in the middle of a Constitutional Crisis.

Now it is obvious to the Sri Lankan People that his government is dependent on China. In addition, Mr Basil Rajapaksa who is a citizen also of USA, is due to be sworn in as National list MP, followed by being crowned as the Finance Minister. Mr Kusal Perera, in his Daily Mirror article  This much is all I know of Rajapaksas’ states:

[Rajapaksas, it seems have made up the mind to gradually change course to accommodate projects the Tamil and Muslim politicians in the North and East  want for their people. Basil comes in there too, capable of re-establishing political relationships with Tamil and Muslim leaders. He would begin planning projects for the North-East, that Namal can participate in launching with Tamil and Muslim politicians of the N-E]

This is where Ranil has strongest opportunity to not only steer Sri Lanka towards globalization, but also redeem Sri Lanka from the BRI . To my mind, this project which is the revival of Silk Road has also invoked the Pandemic that was in the Silk Road genes; confirmed as follows by Wikipedia:

[Though silk was the major trade item exported from China, many other goods and ideas were exchanged, including religions (especially Buddhism), syncretic philosophies, sciences, and technologies like paper and gunpowder. So in addition to economic trade, the Silk Road was a route for cultural trade among the civilizations along its network. Diseases, most notably plague, also spread along the Silk Road.]

The more dependent we become on the ‘outcomes’ sans belief, the more disorderly we would be. When I first connected the Covid pandemic to the BRI, I had not read the above about the plague. I read it only today. Back then, it was because I genuinely cared – especially about the outbreak in Australia which began with a guy in Victoria who had returned from Wuhan – that I connected and wrote as I did. Every expression of belief goes towards exponential positive Energy. I connected it to Victoria’s share of BRI profits (alleged)  and when ultimately our Government promised to cancel the relevant agreement – I felt that my message had reached the government’s mind. That is the way of true belief which is Pure Energy

Now that UNP does not have to worry about majority votes, it would not need to be seen to be winning. Thus all its efforts would go towards Belief based powers that are exponential. If therefore Mr Wickremesinghe who is labelled as being ‘Western’,  actively plays Opposition to pro-China and/or  anti-Western actions , and does so with belief – democracy in Sri Lanka would survive with the support of the West.

I therefore identify with the following statement by the UNP:

[The party also blamed the Government for mismanaging the COVID-19 outbreak, alleging that failures to heed expert medical advice in enforcing quarantine related travel restrictions and delays in ordering COVID-19 vaccines have pushed the country into a crisis. ] Financial Times

 The Silk Road Karma ! due to unstable minds made insecure by bad debts

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