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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

27 June 2021


God tirelessly plays dice

Truth will prevail’: Sri Lankan criminal investigator after bail 

[Shani Abeysekara, 59, the former senior superintendent of police who headed the Criminal Investigation Department, is accused of fabricating and concealing evidence in the case against former Deputy Inspector General of Police Vaas Gunawardena, his son and four other police officers…….

People who live according to their conscience find that it’s not hard to face anything. They know that if they do something wrong, they have to face the punishment,” he says.

“I won’t have to face punishment because I have not done any wrong.”] AL Jazeera

Where one is true, not only would one not feel punishment pain for long but one would also have the Energy to return the real punishment  to sender.  That is how Energy works. Hence the saying in many religions - ‘punishment must be left to god’

Recently for example - there was a message sent to me as part of the Tamil Diaspora - with the heading ‘CHANDRIKA BANDARANAIKE - PHOTO - IN LONDON’. I received it on 24 June but opened it only yesterday, after I felt hurt when I was ‘told’ as follows by a person with Medical status from an all Tamil group:

[Gaja, it is indeed work related legal and medical principles. What do you mean it needs proof? I am not quoting cases or case studies but established facts as they stand. There seems to be some cognitive problem. Need more focussing…..

Gaja, for me it is a focussed specific issue and for you it is just gossip. One needs professional training and be academically focussed to be specific and factual instead of galivanting.]

The above was at the tail end of discussions on the basis of my article headed ‘Uberrima Fidei’ / In Utmost Faith

I was hurt by the above innuendo that I was engaging in gossip. That was when subconsciously I felt drawn to the above mentioned mail with former President Chandrika Kumaratunga’s photo – using her maiden name and with the note ‘A MUST VIEW’

To me, it was disrespectful and an invasion of Privacy that the lady was entitled to in her retirement. It also made a lie of Tamil claim that we are an educated community. Thinking about all that I responded as follows this morning to the email headed ‘Rape--the Malaysian scenario’:

[That is when you are in official position or using official position. If you would not tell your patient or student in the language you use with me – then it is outside your official position. When you consciously renounce your official credits – you will identify with your own truth and therefore that of the other – in this instance – me. If you consider my work to be gossip – then THAT is rape. All you need to do is search under my name and know that my book ‘Naan Australian’ is in National Library of Australia – which sourced it from Congress Library. My current work is taking similar trend to bring out the need in Tamil and Sri Lankan communities. The gossip started when you responded by indiscriminately running down the SL government and Xxxx took that as a lead to find fault with my work and ‘catch’ my space as his. That is how sexual rape also happens. It begins with unjust discrimination which you are also guilty of. ]

In the case of Mr Shani Abeysekara, Wikipedia reports as follows:

[His telephone conversations with politician Ranjan Ramanayake and some high-profile figures including judges were leaked in the media.  Other several telephone conversations involving him were also leaked to the public and the recordings suggested that he used the law in unlawful manner to favour Ranjan Ramanayake's request.]

The Island’s editorial recently included the following under the heading ‘When villains guffaw and heroes whine’:


[A sardonic witticism attributed to Einstein describes insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.]

This government is alleged  to use political clout above the rule of law. Only those who are insane would therefore expect different results from finding fault with this government – where even the mighty UNHRC has failed.

However, there is hope from Einstein’s discovery reported as follows:

 "God tirelessly plays dice under laws which he has himself prescribed." – Albert Einstein

This to my mind means that the Universe is self balancing at all times and that manifestations happen whenever there is imbalance in the Universal system. The lay person refers to it as the ‘Will of God’. Those who submit a problem or opportunity to their own truth – feel connected to that Universal system. Hence when something ‘happens’ without their direct intervention we feel that it happened due to the Will of God.

As per my discovery, if we stay and act within our truth, we would know why something happened to us. Likewise, when we act as part of a community. Personal outcomes would not be the same as community outcomes. But when we merge our efforts with the community – the effects would render exponential value to our satisfaction in relation to the outcome/s. Hence when the issue / matter leaves our direct control, the outcomes would look different due to the common energies – which ultimately become Universal Energies.

If Mr Shani Abeysekara submitted his discoveries to Common Sri Lankan – the outcomes would be different to what they would have been as the head of CID. They would certainly satisfy his conscience in due course because God tirelessly plays dice strictly under laws which He has Himself prescribed. It was because God kept playing dice that Mr Shani Abeysekara came out at this time.



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