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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

12 June 2021





Yesterday I heard for the first time the saying -  one who got caught has Saturn in the eight house and the one who  ran away has Jupiter in the ninth house. In Tamil it rhymes:

அகப்பட்டவனுக்கு அட்டமத்து சனி ஓடிப்போனவனுக்கு ஒன்பதில வியாழன் 


I thought about it in terms of the Sri Lankan Tamil community. Locals who got caught to Sri Lankan authorities – are now experiencing Separation punishment. The latest is the Separation of the University of Jaffna from its Vavuniya branch and v.v. As per Tamil Guardian:


[The Vavuniya campus of University of Jaffna has been converted into a separate state university and established as the "University of Vavuniya, Sri Lanka".  ]


Those who ran away are adding their intelligence to Nations that are leading the world. Tamils in Canadian Parliaments are examples of this.


In the case of Sinhalese those who formed partnerships with other nationals effectively ‘ran away’. The Rajapaksa government effectively migrated to/ was invaded by China. The latest confirmation is National Nephrology Specialized Hospital, in Polonnaruwa the constituency of former President Maithripala Sirisena. As per Adaderana report:

[Sri Lanka received the hospital complex as a full grant from the Chinese Government at the request of former President Maithripala Sirisena during his visit to China in 2015, the President’s Media Division (PMD) said in a statement.]

At the same time when G7 is meeting in the UK, China promoted Global Trade with focus on Belt & Road Initiative:


“Despite existing challenges, the time has come to invest in Sri Lanka,” Chinese Ambassador Qi Zhenhong told global attendees of the virtually-held Sri Lanka Investment Forum in a presentation containing positives and constraints for doing business in Sri Lanka. From a bilateral perspective, the Ambassador said longstanding strong ties between Sri Lanka and China continue to be enhanced further. “Sri Lanka’s National Policy Framework ‘Vistas of Prosperity and Splendour’ is being embraced by the Belt and Road Initiative of China. As a result, more and more Chinese businesses are investing here in increasingly diverse areas, ranking first on the list of FDI stock in Sri Lanka,” he said


Vistas of Prosperity and Splendour program lists under policy:

Friendly, Non-aligned, Foreign Policy


The above expression of wisdom about horoscopes happened during discussions about Karnan of Mahabharatham, being a good friend to the Opposition of his biological brothers. One active participant wrote:


About Karnan


Best Character in Mahabharatham in my opinion. Great worrier, invincible, several people got together and killed him

I taught Mahabharatham story to my eldest son from the age of seven. He watched movies, videos with me and read books and searched internet and google later on. I wanted him to imbibe the morals, messages and philosophy conveyed

One day he came home from Medical school and took me see the legendary movie, HELEN OF TROY. I only had some vague knowledge of Greek Mythology.   He only asked me to observe two characters carefully, Hector and Achilles

After the movie he compared Mahabharatham with  Ancient poetic Greek literatures Iliad and Odessey.  Hector was Karnan, virtuous, great worrier, good son to his father, good husband to his wife, good father to his son, good brother to his brother Paris. Achilles , great worrier, virtually characterless but was blessed by Gods. Hector got killed , the way Karnan got killed

After the movie he compared Mahabharatham with  Ancient poetic Greek literatures Iliad and Odessey.  Hector was Karnan, virtuous, great worrier, good son to his father, good husband to his wife, good father to his son, good brother to his brother Paris. Achilles , great worrier, virtually characterless but was blessed by Gods. Hector got killed , the way Karnan got killed]


My response to this went as follows:

[To me Mahabharatham is a legend. This is due to my belief as a Hindu. Greek literature does not have that place in me.

 I do not know about Hector but Karnan was NOT good son to the parents he knew. This I believe is due to him being born before Kunthi was married and hence is a curse in terms of relationships.

 Long ago a cousin in law of mine said that she preferred relatives to friends and I said that to me it was the other way around. But today she is supported by friends whereas I carry strong family structures and  relationships within me. Relationships require sacrifices. Paying our respects to elders is sacrifice of Opportunity to show Equality or better skills.  

 It is inappropriate to extend friendships to relationships. In this group you guys are acting more like a club of friends. To me you are community relations bound by rules of our culture.]


Sri Lankan Government, according to its policy is a friend of China and not a relation. This has been confirmed by China through its Ambassador Qi Zhenhong. The strength of any friendship is confirmed through commonness without structures that  form relationships. Relationships are maintained through common laws.  


Between Tamils and China, to the extent the government gave preference to China, it diluted its own sovereignty and therefore natural lawfulness that it inherited through Colonial rulers.


This kind of separation followed by lawlessness was confirmed by armed combatants also. In civil terms – this was confirmed by the village of Thunaivi – which is the local parallel of Tamil Eelam. So long as Thunaivi was connected to Vaddukoddai which is made up largely of higher caste folks – Thunaivi folks had access to the higher mind structures. The connection was usually through structured work relationships. When Thunaivi folks sought to separate themselves this connection became weaker and weaker until it was ‘us and them’. This was also the reason why educated politicians were killed by the LTTE.


In Democracy, like Karnan, LTTE is also an illegitimate child. They formed associations including with the government of Sri Lanka. They failed to form relationships through common democratic travel. Karnan also was in the group that killed Abhimanyu – his brother’s son and a brave warrior and much younger than Karnan and his Associates. Karnan thus sacrificed relationship for friendship as per his inheritance of unlawfulness. Likewise the Sri Lankan soldiers as per the orders of China’s friends and associates. Hence the accusations of war-crimes by those driven by lawful structures.


When we discover truth through a regulated pathway, that truth binds us together naturally forever. Those who respect us – become our heirs and inherit the structure itself. When we make mistakes, one who has invested in relationships would be conscious of the damage to those relationships and hence would stay and take the punishment to restore sovereignty and therefore strengthen relationships within that sovereign circle. Saturn is known as the planet of Justice and hence one who has Saturn’s influence strongly – would stay and restore her/his sovereignty.


The cleverer person escapes punishment and Jupiter being recognised as Guru – would travel to places where s/he is marked ‘right’ for the same action. Hence migration (to Thunaivi or to Toronto) to maintain one’s sovereignty.


Different pathways to the same destination.



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