Tuesday 22 June 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

22 June 2021





Positive or Negative, some causes of a manifestation could be identified with only through our belief. One has to go beyond the physical and the intellectual to know its influence. It is on this basis of belief that Parliamentarians  are required to make laws. They are also protected by parliamentary privilege  due to the reason that belief is always right for the believer. Anyone who expresses truth is protected by its powers.


It has been reported that Former Prime Minister - Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe would be taking oaths tomorrow to represent the UNP in national Parliament. To be the power of One - Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe would need deep belief and/or become the medium of such deep believers.


On 26 October 2018, Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe’s powers as Prime Minister were negated by the then President – Mr Sirisena, who was from SLFP Opposition party. It did not seem difficult for Mr Sirisena to dump Mr Wickremesinghe, once he got into power. That is the parallel of China-Sri Lanka joint venture.

But the Sri Lankan Judiciary set aside that dismissal and upheld the law.


On 16 October 2018, - ten days prior to the above, Mr Wickremesinghe was questioned by a young guy in the audience at Oxford Union, about the Hambantota port. Mr Wickremesinghe responded that he did not see anything wrong with it and gave Australia as an example of a party to Belt & Road Initiative(BRI). But then Australia is not a Buddhist nation by declaration, nor is the Australian government required to render ‘foremost’ status to any religion. According to Mr Wickremesinghe’s reasoning – would Sri Lanka follow the Australian Armed Forces even if the latter was found to be guilty of war-crimes?

If Buddhism has foremost status in the constitution, one is entitled to conclude that the government that put together that constitution, believed in it. Likewise, the subsequent governments that inherited that article. This article divides the nation into two – one Buddhist nation and the other multi-cultural nation. By structure, it would also facilitate assimilation with others like China where 97% are Buddhists. When we are passive, these natural coalitions happen. Hence majority get to rule. But Australians have consciously become secular which makes it an opposition of any Buddhism conscious government. Below are two of the glowing reviews for Ranil:


Ranil Peiris

He is highly respected and recognized by the World community as a capable and democratic leader

Ashin Vihari

10 months ago

This sort of a speech cannot be given by a person with ordinary knowledge. This is full of information and facts. It is so pathetic that these types of talks are not subtitled in Sinhalese. Just think how much a person can learn by just listening to this sort of a speech. Sri Lankans are so unfortunate not to listen these master-class speeches given by one of their politicians despite whatever flaws he possesses in his character. The educated world knows the value of an educated man. In the end, knowledge is knowledge and character is character. People are unable to distinguish them so we miss the best of a man. It seems like, in countries like Sri Lanka people value racial values and religious believes over knowledge, though, in fact, the moral levels of the SL society have greatly deteriorated. In my opinion, generally knowledge would make a man a better human ( though there are exceptions). That is why from the very past of the human civilization children are tutored. This applies even to a teaching like Buddhism. So we need to have more sources of knowledge, for that we have to promote the significance of educated men and women over racists and nationalists.

Now, after the pandemic – Australia is consciously moving away from the BRI.  In other words, it has been saved by its commitment to Commonness.

As per my discovery, to be wise, one has to Believe in the source of the knowledge. It could be a person or a theory. Former takes us through the subjective pathway and the latter through the broader independent pathway. If therefore Ranil was intellectual but lacked belief in Democratic structure, he would not have sensed that he would be displaced by the very majority power that was used to crown Buddhism in Sri Lanka which naturally made Sri Lanka a minority power relative to China. Every true senior will have a junior and v.v. A senior by majority therefore would naturally generate a junior through minority.

This was why Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe spoke in favour of China and 10 days later Mr Sirisena found it easy to dismiss him through majority power he had through his former boss Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Tamils who believed we were Sri Lankans partnered to restore Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe to his lawful seat as per the secular pathway. Non-Buddhists  would also protect Sri Lanka’s sovereign borders by invoking the power of Common Sri Lankan elders and current global powers. They are not bound by article 9 which states that Buddhism is senior. Once the lazy mind is given a structure, it grabs it and keeps it until a more attractive one comes along.

To become the leader of this group, Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe has to consciously become Secular Foremost. Then the mergers – both vertical and lateral would happen naturally.

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