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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

10 June 2021





They say that all is fair in love and war. The origin is attributed to John Lyly – an English writer who wrote:


"It is virtue, yea virtue, gentlemen, that maketh gentlemen; that maketh the poor rich, the base-born noble, the subject a sovereign, the deformed beautiful, the sick whole, the weak strong, the most miserable most happy. There are two principal and peculiar gifts in the nature of man, knowledge and reason; the one commandeth, and the other obeyeth: these things neither the whirling wheel of fortune can change, neither the deceitful cavillings of worldlings separate, neither sickness abate, neither age abolish". (Euphues, the Anatomy of Wit)


As per my discovery virtue is positive truth and sin is negative truth. As truth is without body, one may identify with it as intelligence. Hence as per my discovery – Intelligence is the cause and reason is the effect of any theory that is used as the basis of law. In love and war – we are alone and hence our intelligence is our law. Such intelligence when it is pure and natural, is universal in its application.


In war, we do not have common laws. We wage war due to not having common laws and therefore common intelligence. Former Australian soldier Benjamin Roberts-Smith is suing the media for defamation.


The basis is presented by Wikipedia as follows:


[Following an investigation by journalist Chris Masters for his book No Front Line, Roberts-Smith's activities in Afghanistan came under scrutiny.]


Now Chris Masters’ love of writing brought him many medals, including the following:


[Masters was awarded the Public Service Medal on 14 June 1999 and the Centenary Medal on 1 January 2001 for "service to Australian society in journalism".]


Now the two award winners  are at war against each other. If  Masters had been Sri Lankan during war time he probably would have been killed by a nationalist – Tamil or Sinhalese – as per their own personal intelligence based laws. The reason is the gap between common law and personal law which is often covered by majority power in parliament. But it is intelligence that has the capability of making reliable, logical laws.


If the soldier loses – the risk is more Australian deaths in global wars – including against China. As per ABC report, on the G7 summit:


[Prime Minister Scott Morrison will use a major foreign policy speech to press liberal democracies to reform and "renovate" global bodies like the World Trade Organization so they can preserve international rules and protect countries from economic coercion.]


What happens if the demoralized member  of Australian Navy, who is part of the QUAD – which is ‘an informal strategic dialogue between the United States, Japan, Australia and Indiafaces a Chinese Navy person through Quad’s Malabar force which is becoming more and more active:


[With Australia's participation in the drills in 2020, it was the first time in 13 years that all members of the regional grouping known as the Quad will be engaging militarily.] Wikipedia



Malabar intelligence is known through the following presentation by Wikipedia:


[The annual Malabar exercises includes diverse activities, ranging from fighter combat operations from aircraft carriers through maritime interdiction operationsanti-submarine warfare, diving salvage operations, amphibious operations, counter-piracy operations, cross–deck helicopter landings and anti–air warfare operations]


I am connected to Malabar through Thesawalamai law which is introduced as follows:




As per Wikipedia: ‘The Malabar Coast is a region of the southwestern shoreline of the mainland Indian subcontinent.


LTTE Naval Force  - the Sea Tigers are presented as follows:


[The Sea Tigers was the naval wing of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam during the Sri Lankan Civil War. It was founded in 1984. The Sea Tigers had a number of small but effective suicide bomber vessels. During its existence it had gained a reputation as a capable adversary for the Sri Lankan Navy. Over the years the Sea Tigers had sunk at least 29 Sri Lankan small inshore patrol boats and one freighter.]


The intelligence lives on beyond the body. It finds an alternate ‘body’ when someone has a need. One wonders whether the China made, Singapore registered ship X-Press Pearl became the medium of the spirits of those who practiced Thesawalamai law which united Jaffna Tamils with Malabar inhabitants. The Muslim connection was also highlighted through Easter Bombing inquiries.


If Sea Tigers were true to their conscience and given that the LTTE had openly separated themselves from Sri Lankan governance, their ‘intelligence’ would live beyond their bodies. When the past is activated – they would find the appropriate ‘body’ to become a positive or negative manifestation in the current environment.


According to Nation today report ‘[Namal will never become President of SL – Astrologer’:


[The eldest son of Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa Incumbent Minister of Sports Namal Rajapaksa will never become President of Sri Lanka according to ex-serviceman & astrologer Dr. Vijitha Rohana Wijemuni.

Wijemuni in a video said that he had foretold the fate of Namal Rajapaksa five years ago.

According to Dr. Wijemuni, Namal Rajapaksa however has a chance of becoming Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister before 08 September 2022.


However, the Astrologer said that Namal Rajapaksa who has weak planetary formations in his horoscope with respect to politics, would never be President.]


The purity of the above would be affected by intelligence based on the information of the astrologer’s attachment to his own investments:


[Vijitha Rohana Wijemuni, a former Sri Lankan naval rating who shot into infamy for hitting Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi with his rifle butt during a Guard of Honor on July 30, 1987.


Born in Boossa, Ratgama in the southern province of Sri Lanka; he studied at Gintota Maha Vidyalaya and passed the O Level examination. Thereafter he joined the Sri Lanka Navy received his weapons training at the Naval and Maritime Academy and specialized as a radiomen. He was stationed at SLNS Elara in KarainagarJaffna taking part in the Vadamarachchi Operation. In July 1987 he was a Leading Rate and transferred the Colombo and assigned to the Guard of honour for the visiting Indian Prime Minister, who was in Colombo to sign the Indo-Sri Lanka Accord that would result in the deployment of the Indian Peace Keeping Force.]


One who believes in Astrology would ask the question as to whether this Astrologer was foretelling Rajiv Gandhi’s death four years later by the LTTE? These are incomplete records that would find their own media to manifest themselves.  Hence it is important to bring about closure so we do not become victims of someone else’s war again and again. Canadian, British and Australian parliamentarians who play politics with Sri Lankan war pain, would effectively become the media of restless souls who lost their bodies in the war.


























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