Monday 7 June 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

07 June 2021





 I accepted the invitation by Tamil Rights Group to join their  Webinar on ‘Legal Opinion to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and the Office of the Prosecutor, International Criminal Court’


The question I have forwarded is:

[Who is the Sri Lankan citizen (including dual)  who is part of this structure?]

The reason for the above question is to know the beneficiaries of my participation – however small it may seem. Today when someone whom I had in mind when sending out my article written yesterday, thanked me for my email – it was a positive review. Every completion completes our experience at that level. Given that this other side was taken by one whom I consider to be Sri Lankan elder that completion strengthened the Sri Lankan produced by Sri Lanka. This one is neither Sinhala only nor Tamil only.


Sunday Times political editorial headed ‘Proactive professionalism the need of the hour as public unease on the rise’ refers to the American Resolution on Tamil Homeland as follows:

[A move to introduce a resolution before the United States Congress on the same lines as the one adopted in March by the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva has only drawn a coarse response from the Government.

After the full text of this resolution and the implications it portends appeared in the Sunday Times (Political Commentary) last Sunday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reacted with a four-paragraph statement last Wednesday. The main thrust was to charge that “it appears to be one influenced by a coterie of sympathisers of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in the US.” It added that it was to carry forward the separatist agenda of the LTTE, which is proscribed as a terrorist organisation in 32 countries including the USA.”]


As per my knowledge, the said Resolution was presented to the House of Representatives on 18 May 2021by:


‘Ms. ROSS (for herself, Mr. JOHNSON of Ohio, Mr. DANNY K. DAVIS of Illinois, Mr. SHERMAN, and Ms. MANNING)’

If the above representatives believed that they were global – then the is global value to it. If they believed also that the LTTE is no longer a threat to Democracy – they have the responsibility to require the Sri Lankan government to produce returns for the global partners who contributed to this outcome, including through proscriptions.


In addition, given that the two of the Rajapaksa brothers took up American citizenship – it is legitimate to expect them to carry the moral responsibility to protect Common American values. One who is driven by her/his conscience would carry that as ‘gratitude energy’ in her/his leadership.

One who ‘uses’ a structure to derive benefits and then walks away from it, is a far away from self-governance in any structure. Our Karma happens not through the written law but as per our own conscience and its judgments.


All of us who share such conclusions as per our conscience, contribute to self-governance in our own home groups. When we listen to the victims of war on the basis of our own truth – we complete that experience which naturally empowers the area common to both of us – as in the case of the above Sri Lankan who expressed appreciation for my sharing. When we begin with our own truth and travel through the common pathway, we end up with truth of the whole.


The UN and/or Americans may not be aware of many individuals who so contribute to self-governance in their villages in remote parts of Sri Lanka. But every completion gets carried by the path of true belief and empowers the global citizen’s current home-environment which could be America. At the same time, one who is dependent – including on ‘winning’ fails to realise self-governance and thus dilutes the self-governance Energy of their current environment including in America.

It is therefore wise to take every opportunity to become the ‘other side’ and complete the picture of truth which is the root of Equal Opportunity. Sri Lankans everywhere have this first right above Sinhala only and Tamil only communities. Every person who recognizes this would contribute to harmony in themselves and in Sri Lanka.


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