Wednesday 20 May 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
20 May  2020

Lankan PM confirms that Yanky Doodle came to Sri Lanka to kill Hun/LTTE

[At one time we accepted that the  Earth was flat. Now we believe it is global. Both are right as per our own level of thought. But our application of the knowledge ought to not change. Hence the Tamil saying that we must not forget the pathway through which we travelled.] Me

The following statements by Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa are the parallels of ‘Earth is flat’ statements that would win votes from a community that did not like a minority community’s armed forces  defeating its own:

[Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa today insisted that the war, which came to an end in May 2009, was not against the Tamil community….
Rajapaksa insisted that the war was not a war against the Tamil people but against an organization designated by the FBI as the deadliest terrorists in the world.
He said that due to the defeat of the LTTE, Tamil people are now free to live as they wish, Tamil children are no longer forcibly recruited by the LTTE and Tamil politicians no longer live in fear of LTTE assassins.
"Furthermore, due to the absence of the LTTE, elections can be held in the Northern and Eastern provinces and that has safeguarded the sovereign rights of the people of those provinces," he said.]
All of the above are parallels of hearsay ‘evidence’ which is unacceptable in a properly constituted Court of Law. The reason is - to be valid – evidence external to us needs to be independent and therefore objectively verifiable. Evidence internal to us needs to be given under oath. None of the above statements would qualify as ‘objectively/independently/scientifically’ verifiable evidence. To be internal Mr Rajapaksa needed to have demonstrated his belief in Sri Lanka to be stronger than or equal to his belief in Buddhism. One such avenue was to repeal Article9 of the Constitution which states:

[The Republic of Sri Lanka shall give to Buddhism the foremost place and accordingly it shall be the duty of the State to protect and foster the Buddha Sasana, while assuring to all religions the rights granted by Articles 10 and 14(1)(e).]
The right to Administer other Buddhists is embedded in the Constitution. The Right to Separation as independent communities is a Constitutional right of every Non-Buddhist Sri Lankan. A Buddhist who practices official Administration in non-Buddhist areas is in breach of  Article 9 of the Constitution. Likewise, a non-Buddhist practicing Administration in Buddhist area. Both are ‘foreigners’ in the other’s area. Within their own communities they are entitled to use the customary laws. Non-Buddhists are not bound by any law that flows from any article after article 9. They are applicable only to Buddhists.

Buddhists therefore would accept the above as true from a Buddhist leader. Every non-Buddhist who has an official position has the duty to oppose it through her/his belief. That is when non-Buddhists are Sri Lankans by law. Hence the manifestation of confirmation in 1977 and in 2015 when Tamils became the leading Opposition in National Parliament. That is a scientific expression of truth – the parallel of earth being global.

The question of whose responsibility it was to liberate Tamil civilians from the  LTTE has to be in accordance with provisions within articles 1 to 8 of the Sri Lankan Constitution. Article 5 for example states:

The territory of the Republic of Sri Lanka shall consist of the  [twenty- five] administrative districts, the names of which are set out in the First Schedule and its territorial waters: Provided that such administrative districts may be subdivided or amalgamated so as to constitute different administrative districts, as Parliament may by resolution determine

The Buddhist armed forces did not have Administrative jurisdiction over districts covered by Thesawalamai law,  Muslim law or any other official customary law that existed without interruption as per the common memory of that area. Tamils confirmed this through Vaddukoddai Resolution in 1976. Muslims have confirmed this through continuous practice in their own indigenous areas. Buddhist Administrators and the Buddhist army did not have administrative jurisdiction in the areas where majority were non-Buddhists. They had every right to administer and punish in Buddhist areas. An area does not become Buddhist just because a politician says so. An elected member has the right to so declare in her/his own district and needs to do so before applying laws that flow from articles after 9 which includes 10 and 14 (1) (e).

As per the above mentioned report:

[Rajapaksa insisted that the war was not a war against the Tamil people but against an organization designated by the FBI as the deadliest terrorists in the world.]
Who is FBI to Sri Lankans? They may be masters of Mr Rajapaksa but they were never masters of Tamils. FBI listing is for their own institutional purposes and does not cover even Americans outside FBI jurisdiction. To Tamils they are / were certainly a ‘foreign’ institution. It confirms that to them that LTTE was world-class.

To the extent the Tamil community did not declare the LTTE as a Terrorist organization that label was invalid beyond FBI territory. Given that the above amounts to a confession of reliance on a foreign source war victory is business victory – which makes the Sri Lankan war against the Tamil Tigers - a mercenary war.

The parallel of the above in the coronavirus pandemic is the Australian PM being driven by the American president’s label of ‘Chinese flu’ and fighting America’s war on Australian soil. The American patriotic song which gave courage to young Americans to fight Europe’s war includes the following:

[Johnnie get your gun, get your gun, get your gun,
Johnnie show the Hun you're a son of a gun,
Hoist the flag and let her fly,
Yankee Doodle do or die.
The chorus :
[Over there over there
Send the word, send the word over there
That the Yanks are coming, the Yanks are coming,
The drums rum-tumming ev'rywhere
So prepare say a pray'r
Send the word, send the word to beware
We'll be over, we're coming over,
And we won't come back till it's over over there!
So according to the Sri Lankan PM, America’s war was fought by Sri Lankan soldiers to kill the LTTE. Given the reports that the American Navy trained the Sri Lankan Navy and the fact that the current President was American during the period of the war – this confession confirms American war on Sri Lankan soil.

Now our Australian PM is making way for Yankee Doodle to fight China-Hun empowered by dynasty Ming Dynasty’s Silk Road which awakened war-emperor Wu of Han. Truth is stranger than fiction!

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