Monday 25 May 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

25 May  2020

Was the Sri Lankan War – an Act of God?

I believe that there is a natural component in most manifestations by man. That which confirms least immediate input by man is usually taken as Act of God / Karma / Fate. Last week for example, we arranged for boundary walls to be built around our family temple in Northern Sri Lanka. Until 2006 – there were no fences and we also did not think of having fences. We donated part of the land to the public and custodians of power acted without consultation with us and often without informing us about border matters. Each time I felt hurt – brought about changes on our side – on the basis of truth known to me. We had boundary walls to about 50% of the area and fence to the other half. But they kept cutting and removing the fences and when we strengthened them they made holes to enter and exit as they pleased. Hence the decision to build that wall so they would not dilute the Energies that represent the Opportunities we have generated at the higher level of society. I informed the group that does respect our family - that every bit of the visible infrastructure that we have invested in – confirms their Energy inherited due to their common faith in the temple. If we invested for lesser purposes – for example, to show status – then there is less to inherit as Energy. Their parallels are in the Sri Lankan armed forces as well. Likewise the parallels of Politicians are in the Tamil Diaspora as well. Most of them reveal their truth when they think they are ‘free’ of supervision.

The Sunday Times Political Editor reports  in the article headed ‘Polls in balance: SC ruling vital for major parties’ that the President of Sri Lanka stated as follows:

[Eleven years ago, on a day like this, on May 19, 2009, we completely defeated the separatist terrorism which had been a curse to the country for nearly 30 years. It was President Mahinda Rajapaksa who gave the leadership for this battle in his capacity as the Commander-in-Chief. With the end of terrorism, an environment where people could live without fear or anxiety and enjoy their human rights freely was created.
“After a period of 30 years, we ensured democracy and built an atmosphere where free and fair elections could be held. The atmosphere where people can travel freely without any restrictions to any place of the country was restored.]

The statement ‘The atmosphere where people can travel freely without any restrictions to any place of the country was restored’ is factually false. It is factual to state that People are now equally restricted from moving from place to place due to Coronavirus. The Navy being proportionately more restricted confirms that they became the parallels of Tamils who were directly restricted during the war years. That was an Act of God / return karma – which balanced the equation of Truth and manifested during the war-heroes ceremony as well. The Political Editor highlights as follows:
[An alert Military Policeman’s action saved the day. The Sri Lanka Navy’s two female sailors were assigned the task of handing over wreaths in memory of war heroes to VVIPs and a rehearsal for Victory Day was to get under way last Monday in the sprawling Parliament grounds in Kotte.
A memorial for them lies at one end. Engraved on a granite wall are the names of those who made the supreme sacrifice.
The Military Policeman tested the two female sailors. They were running a high temperature and showed signs of being afflicted by Covid-19. All female personnel deployed for the trial were withdrawn. They were bussed to an Army camp in Kirillapone and put through tests. A different batch of females from the tri services was deployed.
The concerns were high early this week because in the Navy, the number of Covid-19 patients stood at over 585, more than half the number of 1027 inflicted.]

Leaving aside any scientific proof that the LTTE were terrorists and the armed forces were heroes no one can deny that the men and women of LTTE were Sri Lankans by law. Any person or group celebrating ‘victory’ against them – is effectively disowning the LTTE which is in breach of the law. As if family, one is entitled to discipline but not visibly punish an insider. THAT is the job of the Judiciary once the war was officially over.

Through Ms Navaneethan Pillai’s speech in the USA, the Political editor highlights how the power of the Sri Lankan Judiciary was reversed as follows by the current President:

[In March, this year president pardoned and released from prison Army Sergeant Sunil Ratnayake who has been sentenced in 2015 for a murder he perpetrated in 2000 of eight civilians including a child. Conviction and sentence have been confirmed by the Supreme Court in Sri Lanka in May 2019.]

If there is a higher power known as God  - and we submitted our true pain to that God – that God would deliver at the highest level that the person so surrendering has contributed to. Tamils took their pain to the UN and Tamil Diaspora leaders have managed to keep the heirs of the LTTE under control due to this escalation.

The Sri Lankan government is not known to have made any submissions  to God or to Buddha Sasana as per Article 9 of the Sri Lankan Constitution. They acted as per the Military frame of mind and today we have a military structure in civil administration highlighted to the world by Coronavirus. As stated recently to a junior who ‘forgot’  his place relative to mine,  in a security issue - when we take false positions against someone who holds her/his true position – the system of truth changes makes the mental order of the former to that which s/he has truly invested in. Thus the true manifestation happens unless the latter includes the former. THAT is an act of God. When positive – we call them miracles and when negative we call them curses.

Whether it be the Tamils or the Sinhalese – if they depend on someone lower than God – they are limited to that someone’s power. Only those who submit to God identify with acts of god. Many educated Tamils submitted to the Lord while the LTTE made decisions as per their own military frame of mind. To the extent the LTTE heirs respected the word of  more educated leaders their defeat was absorbed by the Leaders’ higher contribution. Mr Sampanthan tops this list within Sri Lanka. To my mind, I top this list outside Sri Lanka. If there are others – who are higher thinkers – I do not know them yet.

The coronavirus showed us that when our minds are low – we are more likely to be infected and worse - seriously suffer due to the infection. When victory is celebrated above ownership and we do so despite knowing that the other side suffered more than we did – we block our access to Truth / God. Hence we get our Acts of god at our level and the other side which submitted to higher powers gets its acts of god at its level. As per my observation – the Sri Lankan Government got ‘fear’ of virus equal to the imaginary picture of Terrorism to impress the world and obtain benefits. It’s like the USA’s ‘Over there’ patriotic song:

[Johnny, get your gun, get your gun, get your gun.
Johnny, show the "Hun" you're a son-of-a-gun.

Hoist the flag and let her fly
Yankee Doodle do or die.]

Since Sri Lanka’s ‘Hun’ are the LTTE and since the Sinhalese elected this military President – Tamils who have included the LTTE as part of themselves are separate nation. In action that is what this head of State declared on the anniversary of war victory. This then separates the nation into two. That declaration was the Act of God that some Tamils prayed for. It confirms natural devolution of power which should not be interfered with by those who declared war-victory. That is the way of the Cross which means we resurrect ourselves.

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