Friday 1 May 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

01 May  2020


At the beginning of this year, we learnt through the official government channels that the Department of Defence had taken-over Immigration matters. It did not make sense. Hence as is my way I mentally structured my work to pass through a Democratic Global Structure. That is the closest to the structure based on Truth. As a Sri Lankan believing in the system of karma I had the duty to use my truth developed through past structures to give my work current form. To the extent my truth cannot be accommodated by current structure – it would remain as invisible Energy – be it positive or negative.
 As per News 1st article SL Airlines issues travel notice for students in Australia and UK’:
[National carrier SriLankan Airlines requested students in United Kingdom and Australia who wish to be repatriated to register.
“Students holding Sri Lankan passports in the United Kingdom or Australia who wish to be repatriated to Sri Lanka, are kindly advised to register themselves with the Sri Lankan High Commission in their respective countries at the earliest,” Sri Lankan posted a travel notice on its official Facebook page on Thursday (30th April).]

When I invested in Air Lanka – it had a Global structure – developed under the supervision of Singapore International Airlines. Now, Air Lanka has become an ancestor of Sri Lankan Airlines. As per the philosophy of rebirth, where there are fundamental structural changes, only the truth will naturally get carried forward. That truth will form itself in a new environment where the investor – the person - and the place that was home to the old structure meet. I realized this not only in the case of Sri Lankan Airlines in Colombo but also about my true investment in Jaffna’s Catholic education which was my first step to Global education.

The above structure which strongly indicates direct government engine – becomes my ‘opposition’ – of equal status. As  a true Opposition, I contribute at a higher level than as a junior. Essential to this is the requirement that in a particular past structure of the same institution, my true position ought to have been higher than that of the other side. That is when we are supported by Dharma.
Article 3 of the Sri Lankan Constitution states:

[In the Republic of Sri Lanka sovereignty is in the People and is inalienable. Sovereignty includes the powers of government, fundamental rights and the franchise.]

Hence every Sovereign person who believes s/he is Sri Lankan – naturally empowers governance powers in Sri Lanka. This is not limited to the Parliament or the Judiciary. Every self-governing Sri Lankan – be they from a remote village in the land called Sri Lanka or currently living beyond the shores of Sri Lanka contributes naturally to this Governance power. Any officer disrespecting such a person dilute her/his own governance Energy.

Civil structures are new to Sri Lankan armed forces. In the case of Health Services in the current Coronavirus environment it is dangerous for members of the Armed Forces to be in the frontline against the victims and those who are likely to become victims of the virus.

Economy Next reports as follows in its article ‘Police – drug users spreading COVID 19’:

[The Director-General of Health Services Dr Anil Jasinghe was quoted in a government press release this evening that the four cases were all diagnosed while being quarantined at the Oluvil Quarantine centre.
They are all from the persons quarantined from the Suduwella area in Ja-Ela, the statement said.
The group in Suduwella are said to be drug addicts, and some of the Navy sailors who rounded them up to take them to quarantine became infected causing the Welisara navy camp to be closed as 264 Navy personnel and their close associates caught the disease.
The Police meanwhile made a strong statement about drug peddlers who, they said, were responsible for the spread of the virus.
“There is a strong connection to the drug dealers and drug users to the spread of the disease,” Police spokesman Deputy Inspector General of Police Ajith Rohana said.
He said that the drug users found in Suduwella had spread it to Nagalgam Street in Colombo and from there to the Keselwatte and Gunasinghapura areas of Central Colombo.
“This created a new cluster of patients,” Rohana said.
He said residents of the so-called underserved areas in urban regions must be keenly aware of drug dealers in their neighbourhoods

Self Isolation and Social Distancing worked in Australia due to those of us who are self-governing sharing our powers with the Government. The power of Sovereignty is recognized when we go inside ourselves and look for reasons ‘why it happened to us?’ Families that stay within their own structures would contribute towards this. Likewise, communities, institutions  and nations. The Armed Forces have different institutional structures to Unarmed civilian structures such as the Health Service. The question therefore arises as to whether the Armed Forces pursued their own pathways to show results that would bring them credit more easily than otherwise, during the curfew period.
This kind of top-down cover was well-known in Sri Lanka during the ethnic war. That weakens the Sovereign power of the People and therefore the Government – whose sovereign powers are determined naturally by the People. These People include drug-addicts as well. When the officer in charge of Covid-19 operations ‘sees’ the addiction before s/he ‘sees’ the Covid-19 symptoms s/he loses the blessings of the Covid-19 god. Every natural disease comes with its cure – and we will find it . When we are sovereign we would prevent the disease as per our need.
This lesson could be known through wild animals and insects. Farmers are often not afraid of snakes – the way we town folks are. Likewise those living in the bush. In the village of Thunaivi – the folks believe in the divinity of the snake and they are not afraid of the snake. A couple of times they feared the ‘message’ from the snake when they acted in breach of my directions. To our temple priest Radha Aiyar, the snake is his friend. Despite all this I ask the ‘snake’ not to disturb me when I am there. Thus far – I have not been disturbed by a snake in those premises.

I believe that nature responds to nature and that Sovereignty is natural.

Whether it be Sri Lanka or Australia – we need those who are self-sufficient through their own powers to prevent Coronavirus attacks. When we develop a vaccine, the virus recognizes the stronger opposition Defence and gets becomes weaker. The less visible our opposition  – the more we need mind power to confidentially diffuse it.

As per latest SBS news headed ‘Coronavirus has halted immigration to Australia and that could have dire consequences for its economic recovery’

[Australia's migration intake this year is expected to plummet due to coronavirus-induced travel restrictions and shutdowns, creating a raft of economic and social headaches set to prolong its recovery from the pandemic. ]

This could result in more refugees from war-torn countries being accepted – especially if they have demonstrated self-sufficiency while  in detention. The role of the Australian Defence attach√© in relation to Australia’s aid to fight against coronavirus has the effect of more boats coming to Australia from Sri Lanka.

Each discipline has its own Sovereign borders. The Doctrine of Separation of Powers teaches us that we need to respect those borders to maintain the Sovereignty of the whole. When the borders are indiscriminately dismantled – our Sovereign powers become weaker than that of the Covid19 which has confirmed its Sovereign powers through exponential growth. Today is Sri Lanka’s May Day. Let’s pray that soon all those who seek to work are released from this virus by this virus.

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