Tuesday 26 May 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

26 May  2020


Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka, during a pre-recorded programme, telecast on Sirasa, on Saturday, said that had Prabhakaran survived, he would have been in an influential position today’ – The Island.
Influence over whom? As a person who became a politician through military achievements – the moral authority to project publicly is limited to that pathway. On that basis – the above ‘influence’ would have been over military minds and over those who were dependent on military power. To my mind, the ‘influence’ that the current President is exerting over civilian leadership would help project what ‘influence’ over Tamils Prabhakaran would have had. The chain of experience goes this way:
1.     In 1976 Tamil Politicians declared independence and therefore direct application of Sri Lankan laws by Tamils for Tamils. An expression of belief has support of the Divine. This was confirmed by the 1977 outcomes in which Tamils had Equal and Opposite position as the government in National Parliament.
2.     About 300 Tamils were killed in the 1977 anti-Tamil pogrom due the above outcome. As per my  analysis, Tamils defeated the majority power by continuing to participate actively in the political process. Since the Sinhalese in government translated it as ‘separatism’ it opposed the Will of God which led to the Equal position of Tamils and therefore resulted in ‘Act of God’ through natural forces. My experience of fear and anxiety during the 1977 pogrom was far worse than my anxieties during covid19 attack. I was pregnant in 1977 and the anxieties I felt were shared with the child I was carrying at a higher level than with my other children. To me both were acts of God because I had no control over their manifestations except through my prayers to God.

3.     The actions of unregulated Sinhalese groups attracted their natural equals in Tamils and LTTE became active opposition of the unregulated part of the Sri Lankan armed forces. Once a group fails to bind itself by the stated laws, its natural form takes-over and manifests itself. Thereafter all was fair in war between the two groups and their respective supporters.

4.     Prabhakaran ‘took-over’ leadership of the Tamil side and eventually ‘took-over’ the politicians who made the declaration of Independence in 1976. That was when God’s system sopped its support. Plagiarism is a serious offence in higher education because it comes without structure of the guru. The original discoverers’ are the gurus. There is a Tamil saying – Guru Illah Viththai Paal – meaning skill without guru is waste. Getting the blessings of guru is essential in Tamil learning. The Common Tamil bible of Thirukkural starts with ‘Agara Mudhala eluththellaam aadhi  Pakavan Muthatre ulaku / The way ‘A’ is the first letter of all letters – so is the Original Lord the first in the whole world’. When this is invoked – we follow the pathway of truth. Every skill that is passed through a guru will render reliable outcome to the extent of the guru’s independence. This timeline arrangement of facts/chronology  confirms the picture that the LTTE disconnected itself from the Democratic Political inheritance of Tamils. Those heirs went into hibernation and awoke not during the 2010 election time but 2015. LTTE was clever but could not and would not work within a political framework – any more than the current President can.

5.     After 2015 – political heirs of Sinhalese went into hibernation and allowed military victory to declare itself the leader.

6.     They manifested this leadership  in 2019.
As per the above report :

[Fonseka said that the government had never asked him to capture Prabhakaran alive, though some foreign envoys explored the possibility of a ceasefire, to enable the LTTE leadership to surrender.]

Those genes resulted in Cremating Muslim victims of Covid19 attack. The problem mutated due to revelations by UK’s Channel 4 ‘Killing Fields’ documentary which was a reality due to some good persons in the Sri Lankan Army who were driven by their conscience.
Our wrongs when uncorrected within the time and place environments in which they were manifested, become sins. We have no control over those sins and the only way to weaken their effect is ‘penance’ on the basis of  repentance.

With Prabhakaran without repentance would have been the parallel of Mr Gothabaya Rajapaksa and to the extent heirs of Tamil Politicians stay in hibernation – Tamils also would have had military leadership because they failed to pay their respects to their political and intellectual ancestors. That I feel is the picture in the mind of General Fonseka who has very little mind connection with the likes of Mr Sambanthan.

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