Thursday 21 May 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

21 May  2020

Corona & Lankan War Karma

As per my experience based discovery, when we are free – and express that freedom, such expressions and actions are manifestations of our ‘karma’. Karma is work. When we forego / share our benefits with others,  benefit becomes structure. When we become independent of that structure also – the value of our investment in that structure,  becomes Energy / Shakthi. Then the Energy leads us. As per the principle of Equal & Opposite – those who deny us our earned benefits in their custody, those within a structure-who deny us respect as per our sacrifices and block the exercise of our ‘rights’ – develop negative Energy which leads them when they are free of current merit based thoughts. Few Academics at the University of NSW said I had good insight.  This means that they recognized that I could look within them and identify with their truth. In total terms therefore – I am their ‘senior’. A true and natural senior  has insight into the mind of the junior. When such is the case, that person needs to be recognized at least as having Equal status as the official senior. Otherwise, one with negative karma from the past would   invoke the positive Energy of the official junior against her / himself .

The Hindu reported on 19 May:

[Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa on Tuesday said the country will not hesitate to exit international bodies that continuously “targeted” its soldiers.
“If any international body or organisation continuously target our country and our war heroes, using baseless allegations, I will also not hesitate to withdraw Sri Lanka from such bodies or organisations,” he said, speaking at the 11th anniversary of the end of the civil war, marked as “Ranaviru [War Heroes] Day” in the island’s south.]
Membership with International bodies need to be earned by paying due respect to their seniority. Every member is Equal to another but the Body as a whole is senior to every  Member state. The above statement by the Sri Lankan president is the parallel of LTTE’s Separatism platform which is different to that of the Tamil Political group – currently led by the Illankai Tamil Arasu Kachchi (ITAK). In the post-war new normal in Sri Lanka, TNA includes heirs of LTTE and other Armed Militant groups. But it is led by ITAK. If the Sri Lankan Government did withdraw on the basis of  criticism of Armed Forces that would invoke the unlawfulness of their parallels in the Tamil community. We have witnessed this through attacks on Politicians without arms. At citizens’ level, we are experiencing takeover by lawless youth who take no advice from seniors without arms. The happenings in Vaddukoddai where the belief based political declaration was made, confirm this.
The Hindu report strongly indicates this as follows:

[While police in the north asked citizens to avoid gatherings on Monday, and in some cases, questioned those who held prayer meetings — despite physical distancing and masks — the government went ahead with an event at the war memorial near the Parliament in Colombo, with senior military officials and ministers in attendance.]

The basis on which the TULF which was led by ITAK -  fought politically was belief in the Tamil community’s right to self-governance – rather than be ‘told’ as if Tamils were ‘juniors’. The LTTE interpreted it as physical Separation. But the Buddhists already claimed separation on the basis of religion – through Buddhism Foremost article in the constitution. Unless they are punished – no Sri Lankan armed Buddhist has the authority to punish the LTTE or other armed non-Buddhist. When so punished, the return karma will happen through the positive karma of  a Tamil / non-Buddhist who is respected by that community’s armed group and / or its heirs. Such returns happen through the system of Natural Justice / Karma.

Likewise, where Tamil armed groups punished civilian Buddhists – all it would have taken would have been for a Buddhist  leader with positive karma through  politics or Buddhism to be respected by the armed Buddhist group to defeat any armed Tamil militancy. By invoking Armed power – the current President is confirming that the Buddhist community in Sri Lanka lacks someone with positive karma leading Buddhist community or if there is such a leader, s/he is NOT respected by the armed group and their heirs.
The Doctrine of Karma is common to Hindus and Buddhists. By living off the past, towards current benefits, the current President of Sri Lanka is devaluing those who died in combat for the stated ‘cause’. That is how terrorism is invoked to keep the armed forces in full employment while many others are jobless.

 A Catholic Sinhalese has had the courage to bring action against the Government for enforcing Cremation. The Catholic community in Sri Lanka carries positive karma through their suffering of Easter Sunday 2019 attack. The fact that the 19 is carried in the current form of the coronavirus strongly indicates the time based connection. The Sri Lankan war issue was already global as was the 2019 Easter Sunday tragedy. Hence Sri Lanka’s global karma would be invoked by a globally positive person/group respected by the victims of the war and the bomb attacks which the government failed to prevent.

Global bodies – like any institution, starting with the family, facilitate the regular exchange of Positive Energies through their structures, positions and laws. Once we are part of that structure, the individual character of the occupiers of the positions do not matter so long as we do our duty by our position. Hence the following advice by Lord Krishna to Prince Arjuna in the battlefield:
[You have a right to perform your prescribed duty, but you are not entitled to the fruits of action. Never consider yourself to be the cause of the results of your activities, and never be attached to not doing your duty.]
Given that the Tamil Tigers were Sri Lankans, every soldier within the Government’s Armed Forces had the DUTY to do her/his duty  as per the lawful position. If the current President believed that this was the case – then he ought to promote it through world bodies just as Coronavirus cure / vaccine would be shared. By stating that he would withdraw, the president is confirming that it was a lawless war.

As per Anadolu Agency’s report ‘COVID-19: Forced cremations in Sri Lanka take flak’:
["There has been no interim guidance or even evidence of any persons having been infected from exposure to the cadaver of person after its burial so as to justify cremation over burial," said a petition to the country's Supreme Court filed by Hitihamilage Don Oshala Lakmal Anil Herath, who is a Roman Catholic Christian.

"Given the gravity and unalienable nature of the belief Catholics must be given the opportunity to bury their dead and their right to refuse to be cremated must be upheld," Hitihamilage said.]
This belief based petition confirms that there are at least a few who are challenging the deviation from the law by the current government. Had this government not ‘promised’ separation from Global Institutions that endeavoured to discipline them – it would not have weakened itself and feared the global pandemic but faced it like many others did – with much less restrictions. The high rate of infection within the Navy is a strong indicator of the return of war karma. If the LTTE heirs come back with a vengeance – the Sri Lankan government will not have the support of the bodies that it seeks to separate from. Karma will return if not for Tamils who carry the Peace genes.  

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