Sunday 3 May 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

03 May  2020


I have been highlighting for more than a year the influence of China and India in my motherland Sri Lanka. Others have included this in their own analyses and to that extent our minds merge. That is the way of true sharing. Once merged we start operating mentally at the higher level in the same environment or spread laterally to widen our borders. Ultimately it is about that sense of belonging – so that we recognize that that we are never alone when we contribute to commonness. The deeper our investment – the more common we become.

On 18 April 2020, I wrote under the heading ‘One Belt One Road – the Big Wet-Market?’ Today, I learnt about Professor Hussain Rammal of the University of Technology, Sydney stating in November 2018, in relation to the State of Victoria signing entering into an agreement with China, in the ‘One Belt One Road’ initiative:

In the past, such deals have been at a “country-to-country level’

"We haven't seen a state in a country saying we will go ahead with China, so this is certainly a unique situation - the first of its kind as far as this one belt - one road initiative is concerned, Professor Rammal told SBS News. - China's 'One Belt, One Road': What has Victoria signed up to?

Today, ABC news ‘Coronavirus crisis has driven a wedge between Australia and China. Difficult times lie ahead for Morrison’ highlights the conflict between Economic relatives and cultural relatives:
[Andrew Forrest and Kerry Stokes have both made extraordinary contributions to Australia, while at the same time making extraordinary sums of money doing business in China.
When Chinese Ambassador Jingye Cheng issued his alarming public threat about a consumer boycott of Australia for simply suggesting an inquiry into the origins of this global pandemic, some played it down.
When Chinese Ambassador Jingye Cheng issued his alarming public threat about a consumer boycott of Australia for simply suggesting an inquiry into the origins of this global pandemic, some played it down.
Attorney-General Christian Porter described the diplomat's most undiplomatic spray as an "emotional", "short-lived" response. The sort of threat one might yell in anger, without really meaning it.
The two West Australian billionaires, however, took it seriously. Very seriously. Perhaps they understand better than most how China operates; that it is absolutely prepared to use its economic muscle to punish those with the temerity to question how this virus took off.]

When the State of Victoria entered into an agreement with China in relation to this global initiative, which China declared was based on its past glory, the alarm bells ought to have rung in Canberra. That is like a son or daughter entering into an agreement as if they are the whole family. Even if the agreement was made by one state, in Spirit it binds the whole of Australia  because the project is global and at global level – part of a country cannot represent the whole as if it were a Separate State. In terms of Sri Lanka – that is like Northern Province entering into a contract with India or Hambantota District entering into a contract with China. When we use common resources for particular purposes – the difference in value becomes a sin and therefore a negative heritage that we pass on to our heirs.

As highlighted yesterday, India disrespected China by indiscriminately mixing Human Values with Economic Values in the issue of Testing kits.

[To his credit, Forrest used his connections in China to secure a much-needed shipment of 10 million coronavirus test kits for Australia, for which he will be fully reimbursed by the taxpayer. China is going to great lengths to donate and sell test kits and other medical equipment to Africa, the Pacific and Europe.
With each shipment, it's trying to extract some sort of diplomatic benefit. It would much rather be regarded as the world's saviour, than the cause of this global crisis.
In the case of this shipment of test kits, the pay-off was a platform alongside Australia's Health Minister Greg Hunt to spruik China's line. "The Chinese government has released information related to COVID-19 in an open, transparent and responsible manner", Consul-General to Victoria Long Zhou declared, after Forrest ambushed Hunt and invited the Chinese diplomat to speak.]

Unless the test kits that were sent to Australia were of different standard to those sent to India, one is entitled to conclude that Australia as a whole is more sensitive to China than India whose largest export market is EU, whilst Australia’s is China.

As per the above article by ABC ‘The Prime Minister says he wants business rather than government to be at the centre of Australia's economic recovery, but if Kerry Stokes and Andrew Forrest are any guide, China will continue to be central to their plans. Business leaders are yet to show much interest in diversifying or much less cutting ties with China in a post-pandemic world.

This then would mean that government to government – Australian Government and Chinese Government would have less Human values connections and therefore Australia would not be privy to the truth about the virus that is in the mind of the Chinese government. Mind to mind connections save us money and lead to early prevention through indicators.

If Australia expresses less but includes China in making discoveries about the causes of the problem even if we do not have a solution – we would be closer to each other as per our Common Experience. Towards this separation of powers is needed between the Government and the Business community.  

As we have been sharing within  our family and community, the Covid19  virus has strengthened our family and community awareness due to the lockdowns. It might be a good idea to have such lockdowns every year for a week not only to strengthen family ties but also to clear the environment of pollution. It would also make us more Global and after all,  ALL of us were in this war together in which the Government’s victory depended directly on the citizen’s belief in her/his ability to cure her/himself . 

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