Monday 18 May 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

18 May  2020

Australia! Thou Shall Not Profit from China’s Pain

[Australia has received international backing for an independent coronavirus inquiry as trade tensions with China come under heavy strain.
More than 60 countries including Russia, Indonesia, India, Japan, Britain, Canada, New Zealand and all 27 European Union member states have co-sponsored the motion…..
A group of 54 African nations has joined Australia's push for an inquiry into coronavirus, taking the total number of countries on board to 116.] – SBS News Reports
This morning I wrote to our Managing Committee of the Owners’ Corporation:
[In democracy the true experience of the lay person who brings it to the common forum
has to be equal to or greater in value than the benefit of  the law to law-makers and maintainers. ]

Australia’s experience due to the virus, to my mind was far less painful than that of  China’s. Given that we managed the pandemic as an independent sovereign nation and not as a coalition of nations, this pathway seems to be to ‘tell’ China.  As per my knowledge this push by the Australian government seems to be happening through the European Union, instead of through the UN. Do we Australians have the right to ‘influence’ a ‘foreign’ Union?

If Australia has evidence of negligence on the part of China, it has the authority to seek compensation for the pain suffered due to such negligence. If Australia pushes for action beyond that – it has the effect of Profiting from the experience. When we profit – we move out of the protection of natural immunity of our Sovereignty. Then the virus would return with a vengeance in one form or the other. This could include serious economic damage and weaken the mind of the working Australian who drives the economy.

Our authority to find fault with each other comes from our sovereignty as a whole. In current civilization, we need law common to both sides through which to lay our claim. A law by its very nature is ‘common’. It has to be - to qualify as law.  Likewise the structure through which we question each other needs to be ‘Common’ and Equally accessible by both sides.

There is a wise saying in Hindu philosophy – according to which one who discovers her/his truth would identify with another’s truth. The Australian government has the duty to first find out why we Australians got infected. The most obvious reason is travel – especially by ship in the case of Australia. This morning I presented this philosophy as follows:

[The Committee has shown serious lack of respect for me as an Australian. As a woman of Sri Lankan origin, the way I interpret the law in the first instance, could be different to the way migrants from other parts of the world or Indigenous Australians would interpret the law. In fact it could even be different to the way my daughter who is a lawyer would interpret the law in the first instance. In this instance, in the first instance I accepted the interpretation of the Management until I was asked to pay for the making of  by-law. This did not seem right – as per my wisdom in senior management and in policy. Hence I went more deeply into it. ….. I appreciate that members of the Managing Committee may lack expertise in professional management of meetings and decision-making through meetings. A special resolution is needed when fundamental rights are affected. It is when the committee lacks such expertise to interpret the law that one needs advice of legal experts from outside – including to make a by-law.  A law by its very nature is ‘common’. It has to be - to qualify as law.  Getting each lot owner to pass a by-law is in breach of this fundamental requirement of any law. The soul/spirit of the law is absent in such an application. ]

As per my knowledge, majority Australians do not know about a law through which action could be taken against China. If China is not the intended ‘other side’ our Australian government is seriously damaging our Sovereignty by acting beyond the law.

Where we do not have laws to punish or reward,  we have to leave it to the scientists to find a cure and/or a vaccine as part of the whole system of health-care  and not make the pandemic a profit-making project.

The reasons why Australian government would do this could include race. In China’s shoes I would complain to the UN on that basis against Australia and the EU nations. My frame of mind was presented as follows this morning in our local environment:
[The reasons why I would exercise my rights would include unlawful discrimination outside merit basis, - on the basis of  Race (the most apparent difference) , Gender and age in that order. Right now I include all of you as part of the Coogee View family and hence I choose not to invoke that reason against Xxxxx and Xxxx who seem more my children’s age than mine. But the more I am treated as an ‘outsider’ the more conscious I would become of the above reasons. It is my DUTY as a law-abiding Australian to be conscious of such reasons when I am hurt outside merit basis – as my independent interpretation of the merit.]

The only system that never fails is driven by our Soul-power.

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