Saturday 9 May 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

09 May  2020

Prime Minister of Minorities

Yesterday, when returning home after going out for essentials, I received a message from  Nilanthi Wejesoriya, Assistant Manager at Jetwing Jaffna, assuring me that Jaffna is now normal. I responded that I was looking forward to my next trip. Later I said to my husband that we need to persuade more of our friends and relatives in the Tamil community to make Jaffna their priority. Nilanthi is highly respected by the lady staff in Jaffna Jetwing. She is a role model to them. I believe that when we value each other beyond racial lines we become closer and closer to being part of each other. That is how the ordinary citizens would bring about racial harmony in Sri Lanka.

Another such Sri Lankan at the professional level is Mr Harsha Gunasena who demonstrates depth of thought through his writings. Hindu philosophy presents Chitragupta as the deity who writes our karmic ledgers.  Chitragupta’s weapon is the Pen. As per the legend Chitragupta married Nanthini (personifies joy)  - the daughter of Manu – who wrote the first book of Justice. All this came to my mind when reading Harsha’s article ‘National Leadership Of R. Sampanthan’ published by Colombo Telegraph.
Harsha highlights the following ‘Amirthalingam was the leader of opposition in 1977 and R. Sampanthan was the leader of opposition in 2015.’

To me this happened because they represented the consolidated value of Tamils who forewent higher positions and / or more money to be juniors to those who were in power by promoting separation and isolation. Many migrants from Sri Lanka often ‘accept’ lower positions here in Australia for whatever reason. Only the independent minded would have the courage to ‘oppose’. These two leaders had the opportunity to take up the leading position of ‘opposition’ – not because they were smarter but because they connected to those who were so independent within the Tamil community.

I myself accepted the lower position but performed at the professional level – here in Australia. At the age of 48, when my youngest child was in University – I felt deeply hurt by Ms Pauline Hanson’s statement on National TV. It was Nallur festival time. I resigned from my position at the University of NSW which was the parallel of the walkout by Tamil Politicians. But today I feel so very grateful to the Lord for ‘liberating’ me from my self-imposed junior position. The beauty is that our hardship matures as ownership Energy which then influences beyond our immediate circles – physical and mental.

Harsha presents the facts as follows:
[Therefore, at the initial stages Tamil political parties contributed to the national level activities and subsequently they were mainly engaged in provincial politics. Their voice was not prominent in the parliament in national issues other than the ethnic problem.]
No – their voice was not prominent in parliament nor with the Colombo media. But by raising their performance to the higher level through the community they felt they belonged to they accessed the minds of other Sri Lankans – Sinhalese and Muslims included who also experienced unjust discrimination in their own circles. When they submit their pain to their form of belief – it merges with the Energy of all others who have also so submitted.  To my mind this is the value of ‘Confession’ in Catholic church.

I now firmly believe that when we do our best and then submit the rest to our Soul – the soul connects to other souls. That is the way of Nature.

This was why Mr Sampanthan was led to meet up with Mr Rajapaksa – to confirm this soul-power that he and other Independent Tamils carry. Unlike the younger players – Mr Sampanthan would not fear losing status. In Sri Lanka – being the leader of the Opposition  is like being the Prime Minister of minorities. What a reward for all Tamils who fought against suppression.

The parallel in family life is Mother – Shakthi / Energy. Tomorrow we celebrate mother’s day here in Australia. This means that we celebrate all minority leaderships. This was how Hindus maintained the true balance of powers. Once it is Energy – no power is junior to another.

Thank you Mr Sampanthan and thank you Mr Harsha Gunasena.

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