Wednesday 6 May 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

06 May  2020


Tomorrow we celebrate Vesak as well as  Mothers’ day in the Jaffna Hindu calendar. Traditionally, in Jaffna, we remember our mothers who have passed away. In India this day is celebrated as the day of Chitragupta – who writes our karmic ledgers.

To Buddhists and Hindus this would become common when Vesak falls within the month of April in the calendar of the Moon.

To me this day is to honour  all mothers who have completed their roles as mothers and therefore carry Mother Energy within themselves – forever/ universally. We see God in various forms as per our own beliefs and experiences. Likewise the significance of common days. To the extent they are true all forms are valid.

Sri Lankan Buddhist political  leaders have the duty to, at this auspicious time, share the truth received as per their conscience -  with the people they have the duty to lead.
Yesterday, Adaderana reported as follows under the heading ‘31 from Welisara Navy Camp among COVID-19 cases confirmed yesterday’. The way we make connections to the path of the coronavirus includes the ‘cluster-based analysis. Here in Sydney for example, the Cruise-ships were initially under scrutiny at the beginning. Later, the Aged-care facilities have confirmed such ‘clustering’. The Welisara Navy Camp seems to be such a centre in Sri Lanka. When we do not know the causes our analyses focus through effects. Hence the need for transparency in Democratic systems. Even if we cannot punish – we can prevent attacks by addressing the problem controllable by us. This ‘problem’ also will have diverse forms as per the pain we experienced.

A good proportion of the Sri Lankan Tamil community that suffered due to war carries war-prevention Energy to the extent we found out why the pain happened to us and / or submitted to our Belief as many leaders submitted to the Lord during the Covid19 crisis.

On 31 March 20202, United Press International reported under the headingBoeing nets $1.6B for P-8A Poseidons for Navy, New Zealand, Korea’:

[The Navy has awarded Boeing a $1.6 billion contract modification to produce 18 P-8A Poseidon aircraft for the United States and allies, according to Boeing and the Pentagon.
[The deal funds production of 18 Lot 11 P-8A maritime aircraft total: eight for the U.S. Navy, four for New Zealand and six for South Korea.]
At the time of the report – a large proportion of Americans were under ‘stay at home’ orders due to the coronavirus. The ‘Wellbeing Budget’ proposed by New Zealand becomes a mockery in light of the above happening at the same time as Covid19 lockdown for the People of New Zealand.
Vijith Samarasinghe of Sri Lankan origin, reported on 04 May 2020, through World Socialist Web Site article headed ‘US trains Sri Lankan naval elite forces during COVID-19 lockdown’ :
[In another indication of Sri Lanka’s integration in Washington’s war preparations against China, US Army Special Forces officers, also known as Green Berets, conducted extended training courses for Sri Lankan navy elite units in Trincomalee port last March.
The combat-oriented training in the strategic east-coast port continued throughout the month unhindered by the Rajapakse government’s coronavirus lockdown and the abrupt closure on March 19 of all Sri Lankan sea and air ports that left thousands of citizens stranded overseas.
The US military personnel were members of Special Forces Operational Detachment Alpha 1333, which is attached to the US Indo-Pacific Command. They trained 35 members of the Sri Lankan navy’s Special Boat Squadron and 4th Fast Attack Flotilla. The training included: Small Unit Tactics, Military Operations in Urban Environment, Tactical Combat Casualty Care, Combat Marksmanship, Close Quarter Battle, Mission Planning, Maritime Operations, Human Rights and Law of Armed Conflict.]
The coronavirus figures published by Sri Lanka showed a much smaller problem in Sri Lanka – relative to Australia. The military involvement and the economic problems as indicated were way above the measures during the ethnic war in which thousands were killed – in the pattern of Coronavirus deaths and casualties  in China and America. Is Sri Lanka going to be the epicentre of the America-China war under cover of Covid19? War and unethical Purchase of ‘rights’ seem to be the language that these two Governments understand and are familiar with.  True Buddhists in Sri Lanka would defeat both these evil forces . The soon to be held elections would confirm this. Otherwise we are entitled to conclude that the Sri Lankan public are already riddled with both – the war disease as well as money-laundering disease. When we become free of the law – we lose the protection of Sovereignty.  

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