Friday 15 May 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
15 May  2020

Sri Lankan Navy & Chinese Government

As per Economy Next report headed ‘Navy vows not to let COVID 19 “escape” the virus ravaged Welisara camp’ :
[The Sri Lanka Navy is vowing that it will not allow the COVID 19 pandemic that has caused a lockdown of the Navy’s massive Welisara camp to “escape outside our facility.”
The Navy spokesman Lt Commander Isuru Sooriyabandara told EconomyNext this as another 20 Navy personnel were diagnosed with the Coronavirus bringing the number of confirmed COVID 19 cases in Sri Lanka to 915.]
The Australian Government is seeking to find out more from China about the origin of the Coronavirus.  China in turn is protesting through ‘trade sanctions’.  The questioning confirms Australia’s commitment to Western partnerships and understandably so.
The Sri Lankan Navy’s stated commitment to containing the virus confirms the shallow understanding of their mind-picture of the problem. They are not seeking to know how it came into their group – the very question that China has been avoiding.  In the shoes of the Sri Lankan Navy – I would want to know how – especially in light of the reports of China’s military activities in South China Sea.
Whether the Sri Lankan Navy were involved – we do not know. But neither do we know how the Coronavirus spread. As an independent thinker I keep asking myself  whether the virus acquired the Bat’s Echolocation ability through which preys were located. Mind to mind connection indicates this – especially if bats were involved in experiments in Biosafety labs.

On 31 May 2018, The reported under the heading ‘Sonic attacks in China and Cuba: how sound can be a weapon’. On 12 August 2019, reported under the heading - Turkey uses laser weapon technology to shoot down Chinese UAV Wing Loong II in Libya’:


[Really important news often goes unnoticed. They occur, no one notices them, but the events mentioned in this news often have consequences that later, having developed to a large scale, make observers gasp - and it’s good, if only out of surprise.

On August 4, 2019, one of these events occurred, mentioned in such news, but not noticed by anyone. For the first time, a combat vehicle armed with a combat laser destroyed another combat vehicle on the battlefield. In a real war, on a real battlefield. And no one noticed.

Turkey is not sufficiently recognized in the ranks of the countries-innovators in military affairs. But it seems that they will be able to surprise the population of the planet in this century. The Turks took a powerful start as an industrial force, and any participant in military tenders in the Islamic world knows what strength they have already gained. The fact that it is the Turks who build skyscrapers in Russia is also no secret. Recently, there have been rumors about Turkish plans to build a springboard aircraft carrier, similar in “ideology” to Vikramaditye or Kuznetsov. The Turks participated in the F-35 program precisely as a manufacturer of components and plan to create their own combat aircraft.]

Wikipedia presents Wing Loong II aas follows:


[The Chengdu Wing Loong II , military designation GJ-2, is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) capable of remotely controlled or autonomous flight developed by the Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group in the People's Republic of China. Intended for use as a surveillance and aerial reconnaissance and precision strike platform, Chengdu unveiled the concept of Wing Loong II at the Aviation Expo China in Beijing on September 2015. Wing Loong II has long range strike capability with satellite link.]
Should China therefore use such weapons against Australia, Australia would need the help of Allies . Such need has been highlighted by the ABC under the heading ‘Defence has imagined modern warfare and Australia is not prepared’ – the key points of which are highlighted as follows:
·       [A landmark report, released under Freedom of Information laws, is the Department of Defence's first internal reassessment of war preparedness since the Vietnam era
·       The report finds Australia is unprepared for an increasingly likely cyber war
·       The review warned last June that a pandemic would emerge from Asia within a decade]
Given that the report is from Defence – one has to take that as an indicator that the pandemic is connected to war – one way or the other. The Spanish flu also happened after World War I.
As lay persons the best protection we have is at mind level and not at matter level. When our minds are filled with the Truth we know the solutions we NEED come to us. That is the way of Absolute power.
Yesterday for example I invoked the power of Justice Weeramantry and wrote:
[My question is ‘Has the Sri Lankan Judiciary adopted the Universal Judicial ethics?’
If yes, has any  Muslim lawyer sought Judicial ruling in relation to Cremation of bodies affected by covid19 in which scientific ruling becomes the basis? If not, Islamic belief is buried under political convenience and thus the sovereignty of god-power is weakened in Sri Lanka. ]

Today I learnt that the Hindu’s Ms Meera Srinivasan  had the response in the article ‘Petitions challenge Sri Lankan government’s compulsory cremation rule’
This confirms to me - the mind to mind connection and therefore completion of the experience on my part. That value is exponential. Only those who so contribute to society though truth are entitled to Freedom of expression. Justice Weeramantry highlights this as follows:

[I have always thought that legal education is far too narrow; before we get to the nuts and bolts of the law we should teach them history, sociology, philosophy, linguistics, economics, and all the various aspects of human knowledge which have a bearing on legal decisions.]

Not only lawyers but all professionals need experience based wisdom in other disciplines in their current environments. When we believe in each other we mind merge and form common mind to look after each other. Our Australian need in this pandemic is different to that of the Chinese or the Americans.

To the extent of our common faith we have already cured each other. Majority Sri Lankan Tamils have already experienced war over which we had no direct control. The real divisions within the community happened between armed fighters and the civilian leaders. Some supporters of the former are actively finding fault with the latter – especially with Mr Sampanthan and Mr Sumanthiran who have indicated the political pathway as the preferred pathway. But those who find fault with the government are really political opposition. The highest level of Opposition demonstrated by a true soldier using arms is in the battlefield. Battlefield victory when used in politics would lead to another – as has been confirmed by this current President who is likely to get Sri Lanka involved in China’s war. The Coronavirus has already indicated it through the Navy infections. Should that happen – those who now pay their respects to the Armed fighters above those who chose the lawful pathway would develop negative heritage / curse of those civilians who lost their children and homeland to the war. These supporters are not in need of Peace. They fool the public by ‘showing’ wins of the past. Jaffna will respond to the educated and those who give highest priority to education. My contributions are to invoke and build on that rich heritage that supported me.

Yesterday the wife of a close relative said to me that her husband does not educate the children about Spiritual practices – for example about the meaning of Saraswathi Poojah and that it was left to her to do it. I smiled and asked her as to who between them was more educated? She said the husband. I said ‘there you go – he paid his respects to Mother Saraswathi and by developing an educational heritage for his children he continues to pay his respects to Mother Saraswathi.’ My Jaffna Heritage is my belief in Education.  My parents sacrificed much for us to have a good education. That is the basis of my independence.

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