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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

18 April  2020

One Belt One Road – the Big Wet-Market?
How do we know that Jesus is the Son of God? How do we know that Krishna is incarnation of God on earth? How do we know that Buddha attained Nirvana? How do we know that Confucius was morally just? We consider them to be true through our own experiences which usually begin with effects that we consider to be negative. The deeper we go – the stronger the experience. The moment we lose sight of the negativity – we break even. From that point onwards we experience the positive.
Many blame Chinese government and today I was directed to the following at
[Conspiracies have run wild about the origin of Coronavirus, but experts believe it is most likely that the virus originated from bats. SARS and COVID-19 are diseases that have crossed from other species into humans. This is not uncommon. However, with these particular diseases, the wet markets in China seem to have been the catalyst to this process. We decode how wet markets foster the conditions that promote the crossing of disease between species. Why has the Chinese government allowed these markets to flourish despite concerns about their safety? And how should the international community respond to this ongoing potential threat?  ]
Rapid globalization happens when the mind is low due to excitement or fear. While many point to the Wet-markets in Wuhan province, my mind goes to the One Belt One Road initiative that China has been working on. My attention was drawn to the Fire during the opening of Shangrila – Hambantota, Sri Lanka. I believe in Lord Muruga of Kathirgamam and I believe that the belief connected me to that deeper causal force. As a Tamil I am also conscious of China’s financial assistance to the then Sri Lankan government which abandoned the laws of democracy and ended up killing civilian Tamils. Cash without belief is for trading purposes or towards dictatorship, unless specified otherwise. The owner identifies with the purpose intuitively.
Award winning journalist – Swadesh Roy highlighted, on 25 January 2020, his identity with my contribution as follows:
[Gajalakshmi Paramasivam headlined one of her articles on Sri Lanka as ‘Tamils out and China in’]
Swadesh Roy goes on to highlight as follows :
[After Chinese President Xi Jinping's January 5 visit to Myanmar, MoUs have been signed between China and Myanmar for construction of the Kyaukpyu Deep Sea Port in the Bay of Bengal, on the outskirts of Arakan state and for the construction of a Kyaukpyu Economic Zone. China has long been talking about the New Silk Route or the Twenty-first Century Silk Route. They are also talking about the China-Myanmar Economic Corridor as part of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

There are various opinions about the implementation of this route in China as well. What is the necessity of this Silk Route? The Sri Lankan and Myanmar governments, which have killed people and made people refugees in both countries for the Hambantota and Kyaukpyu Deep Sea Ports and Kyaukpyu Economic Zone, have not only committed gross human rights violations but also compromised their economies

We now know that the virus attack was already a problem in China at the time of the above visit.  

When the belief based independent owners feel upset – the result is exponential. Gandhi confirmed this to our generation. I learnt about this through my own experience here in Australia.

I believe that it was this deep belief – that took me to the One Belt One Road connection. It explains the damage in Italy which nation has a partnership with China through China-Italy Chamber of Commerce and is also the destination port of the Maritime belt.
Often those driven by desires lack the insight to know the reason why it happened to them. But even one individual who is true to her/himself and who is not desire or fear driven in observations – would identify with the true reason.

The virus originating is not a global problem. How it spread to other parts of the globe is the global problem. Desire based Cash handouts have resulted in  immoral  occupation of others’ homelands through immoral governments. By blocking the One Belt One Road program – the global spread of the virus born in wet-market would be blocked. Otherwise if only a vaccine was produced – the virus would mutate and make the whole world depressed.

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