Friday 10 April 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

10 April  2020


The email message was headed ‘Hope it's not fake - In 2005 US President spoke about pandemic flu!’ The clip confirmed that it happened. The question that came to my mind was ‘How did President Bush know about it. Was it intuition. If yes, then it means that America would have one form of disaster or another. In fact, the Coronavirus confirms that it can be negated by unity of purpose.
Gurvinder Singh has written in his Sri Lanka Guardian article ‘Covid-19: Never Underestimate The Arrogance And Stupidity Of Humans’ :

[America, China, Russia, France, UK and Israel have significant biological warfare weapons and they have enough stockpiles of these viruses to wipe out all human life thousand times over.
SARS (2002) and MERS (2012) epidemics were viruses that escaped BSLs (Bio Safety labs ) in China.]

The Coronavirus may or may not have been part of the biological warfare. Since we do not know the causes, we need to think through the effects that affect us in our natural environment. Staying at home has the potential to influence such a ‘free’ environment. Where there is sovereignty, there is ‘freedom’ of thought and expression. I learnt that diseases that are natural to a group would not affect us adversely when we feel part of that group. Like many service providers I lived under primitive conditions in Eastern Sri Lanka and later in Northern Sri Lanka. The former was due to natural disaster of Tsunami. The latter was due to the war. As per my feelings, had I not felt one of the victims, I would have been infected.

Many infectious diseases are linked to poor hygiene. After Tsunami I also bathed in the contaminated well water. When a cut in my hand took a long time to heal, I was concerned whether water pollution was the cause. Later in the toddy-tapper village of Thunaivi – I used the same well as the folks of the village. Some had apparent skin rashes. But due to our common faith in the power of our temple – my mind became as immune as theirs. Later, when my husband and I had a meal at his relative’s place – my husband developed diarrhea. Then there was the experience at Sellasannithi Murugan temple where meals are served as part of the service. A couple related through marriage  took me there. The lady was dishing out the remnants and asked us whether we wanted to eat? I said yes and all three of us ate. The couple developed diarrhea but I was ok. The lady relative said that she had noticed the flies and was surprised when I accepted the offer. To me it was ‘Prasaatham’ – holy food. All this confirms to me that when we have faith – whatever happens is healthy for the mind.
These experiences came to mind when I read the Economy Next article ‘Reconvene parliament, carry out more tests to contain COVID-19 in Sri Lanka, ex-legislators say in live online session’
Jaffna representative Mr Sumanthiran’s contribution is presented as follows :

[Noting that Sri Lanka’s laws that deal with contagious diseases were drafted in British colonial times, Sumanthiran said that given that the novel coronavirus is a new threat, parliament must be reconvened in order to enact new legislation to contain it. He cited as examples the United Kingdom’s Coronavirus 2020 Act and the extensive amendments made to Singapore’s Infectious Diseases Act in response to the global pandemic.]

On 04 February Sri Lankans religiously celebrate Independence from the British. The above suggestion confirms dependence on other nations and therefore lack of Sovereignty to make our own laws. My expressions and conduct confirm my sovereignty. My personal laws is the consolidated form of such expressions and conduct. It is further reported:
[Sumanthiran, who is a lawyer by profession, said that parliament can be reconvened under Article 70(7) of the constitution. He also argued that, as per article 155 section 4, a dissolved parliament is automatically reconvened within 10 days upon a presidential declaration. (Emergency regulations being made under the public security ordinance or the law).
(Article 155/4 (ii) states: “if Parliament is at the date of the making of such Proclamation, separated by any such adjournment or prorogation as will not expire within ten days, a Proclamation shall be issued for the meeting of Parliament within ten days.”)
The 2018 Constitutional crisis confirmed to all of us that Sri Lankan politicians were capable of challenging the government through the  judicial process. The 2019 dual citizenship challenge against the then president and his brother also confirmed that at least some people would have the courage to use the judicial process challenge powerful political leaders. The verdict in the latter was not favourable to the petitioners. But the effects confirm that  the current government is hesitant to indiscriminately break the rules.

In democracy, the role of the opposition is NOT to suggest to the Government but to show an alternate pathway towards a given outcome. That alternate pathway must be as per the truth of the minorities who opposed the Government including from amongst the Sinhala Buddhists. As per the report:

[Sumanthiran, however, responded that all political parties representing the previous parliament, if reconvened, can give a guarantee of cooperation.]

One does not need to reconvene parliament to do this. All one has to do is to resolve not to challenge the actions taken by the government to stop / slow the spread of the virus.

During emergencies one needs to rely on one’s truth which would protect all those who are part of oneself. If the Parliament was sovereign it would not fear punishment more than the people fear the virus. Unlike the war in which capture and possession of land confirmed elimination, this virus is invisible and uses water and air as its pathways. A high mind, driven by  Sovereignty  will help defeat the virus. It may be at individual level, family level, electorate or community level, national  level or global level. The more we share in the pain of victims the more sovereign our relationship becomes.

Relative to the pain of UK – Sri Lanka’s is like a mosquito bite. Only those who are true to themselves have the moral authority to recommend solutions in emergencies. It’s Sri Lankan government’s turn to share in the pain of the Chinese government. The head of W.H.O. lacked the Sovereignty at global level and hence got brainwashed by China. That is a risk that prevails with this Sri Lankan government also. What goes around comes around. But if they are common through belief in Lord Buddha – they would protect each other.

I believe that it was because Jesus died in upholding His Sovereignty due to Belief in the Kingdom of God – that He resurrected Himself. That is how all sovereign groups will resurrect themselves from this virus that kills the body but not the mind.

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