Tuesday 28 April 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

28 April  2020

Power of the Divine

There has been an issue regarding the level of approval needed to renovate our bathrooms. We live in a Strata Scheme unit covered by Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 No 50 (NSW). There were new issues covered by the new legislation but until now we did not need specific knowledge of them. We were however informed that we needed ‘special resolution’ or by-law to undertake the renovation. After communications to and fro – the chairman who referred to me as ‘Bush Lawyer’ demonstrated a deeper appreciation of my responses. The  ‘Bush Lawyer’ label was not attributed in my presence. The chairman communicated it to one of his clients and that client mentioned it to my friend Gwen Harrigan. But the goodwill generated gave me hope. That was not in vain. But despite that I felt disheartened last night, I felt sorry for myself. I said to my husband that it felt as if I were in rented property. To me it was another battle between the vertical power of the intellect and the lateral power of democracy and majority ruling that goes with it. I went through some emotional pain and decided to live with the current form which was not that bad. The extra would have been a boost during hard times when we are confined more and more to our ‘home’ – due to old age as well as virus based isolation. I had a ‘talk’ with my god and gradually fell asleep.

Then this morning I felt better. I believe that when I do my best and then  leave the rest to god – I am helped. As I started responding to the chairman – I was guided to the section of the law that defined ‘common property’ within the individual lot/unit.  Accordingly the bathroom floors were not ‘common property’.  

I thanked my god for the Natural support when I felt tired. This has happened to me many times – and more and more with age. I felt good. This meant also that we can help each other through our truth even though we may not even know each other. That kind of power leads us when we are in real need. I read the ABC news headed ‘Coronavirus patient receives guard of honour at Dubbo Base Hospital after recovery’ :

[A 79-year-old who dubbed himself the "miracle man" has had an emotional discharge from a NSW hospital after making a full recovery from coronavirus.
Jayson O'Brien fought back tears as doctors and nurses formed a guard of honour for him through the corridors of Dubbo Base Hospital in the state's west.

He blew his "blue angels" kisses as he was wheeled out to applause.
"[They] gave me my life back," he said.]

The Dubbo man was able to return home last Friday after he was cleared of the deadly coronavirus.]
These are miracles because the problem is beyond our physical and intellectual capacities. They happen all the time but we tend to recognize them only when we leave the decision to divinity – including those who provide ‘selfless service’.

The report headed ‘An All Night Pirith Chanting held in Kataragama to invoke blessings on citizens and country’, came with the picture at the top.

Even yesterday I was wondering whether I would get to go to  Nallur temple festival this year. To my mind, the strength of our prayer is as per its depth. Some ‘show’ custodians of benefits they desire; others demonstrate that they have earned on merit basis; those who feel part of the work and/or those who benefit from the work – are the ones that invoke ‘miracles’. They ‘show’ to educate others who may choose to follow.

The parallel of the above is for the citizen to go to the temple in a group. Is Sri Lanka not affected by the Pandemic? Or are they protected by the masks and need nothing else???
We may not understand Laws and rules. But when practiced - they help us think and act together. That way one’s goodness will work for the other in the group. Laws, Rules and Due Processes are the vessels and pathways through which the Energy of the origins flow through to us. We do not need to ‘see’ nor understand except for our own mental balance. The believing practitioner becomes the origin to the extent s/he is in need.

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