Thursday 16 April 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

16 April  2020


The subject matter was introduced as follows:

In an exclusive conversation with WION's Palki Sharma - Former Prime Minister of Sri Lanka Ranil Wickremesinghe said that Sri Lanka should consider asking lenders like China to waive off loans.’ -

I could not identify with the recommendations by Mr Wickremesinghe. Mr Wickremesinghe agreed that this epidemic  was the worst crisis known to him. Then the penny dropped when he said words to the effect that the world leaders have failed and that someone had to come forward! This meant that he himself was not a leader. As leader of the UNP – he continues to have responsibility for its members and the group of Sri Lankans who choose to follow the UNP. But this was missing. Relatively speaking the group I lead may be tiny – but I do continuously facilitate their financial independence through various avenues. When they do not repay their loans I take status above them – so they do not convert the loans into sins.

Then in conclusion Mr Wickremesinghe stated that he was watching Bollywood films during this period!!! This confirms that Mr Wickremesinghe does not identify with the difficulties of the Common Sri Lankan during this period of shutdown. The published figures – if they are genuine,  confirm that Sri Lanka does not currently have a Coronavirus problem but that the leadership fears that it may have one. Debt taken to meet needs is healthy. It motivates the borrower to work. Hence if the loans are waived – then the motivation to work is likely to get weakened. At the global level – Sri Lanka’s share of the problem is a very small fraction. But if Sri Lankan government feels with the worst affected – be it the USA or China – then it co-owns the problem and therefore would contribute to the solution.

First it was Mr Wigneswaran who revealed the problems due to breach of  the Doctrine of Separation of Powers between Judiciary and the Executive. Now it is Mr Wickremesinghe who is confirming that he has become junior government instead of leading opposition with an alternate structure. Mr Wickremesinghe ought to have spoken for those who sought to work and therefore needed exemption from curfew. Work is an essential part of the Common Sri Lankan.

True leaders would think day and night as if the problem is theirs. They thus naturally contribute the solution through their positive purpose. For my part I  went down on my hands and knees to mop the kitchen floor. I believe that if I watched Bollywood films when my community was in pain – I would have lost my community by now.

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