Wednesday 22 April 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

22 April  2020

Who Did It?

The most independent information that we have about the Coronavirus is that it originated in Wuhan Province in China and that it spreads exponentially. Most Western nations have been transparent with the publishing of the numbers infected and death rates. These nations have obviously devolved power to institutions that specialise in these fields. Not so – other nations like China, Sri Lanka and India. As per Economic Times article ‘Coronavirus: Army readying teams for Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan’ :

[The Indian Army is readying separate teams to be deployed in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Afghanistan to help those countries boost capabilities to deal with rising cases of coronavirus, official sources said on Tuesday. A 14-member Indian Army team was sent to Maldives last month to help the island nation set up coronavirus testing laboratories and train local medical professionals to fight the pandemic]

As per published figures, Sri Lanka is doing as well as India in terms of infections and 6 times better than India in terms of deaths. India is doing worse than China in both rates. The rate needs to be proportionate to the population of a sovereign group. Is this an attempt by the Indian Government to capture the space due to the demotion of Chinese in the region?
Given that this is a global pandemic, one expects each nation’s government to take a global approach or facilitate natural spread of its achievements at home. It would be wrong to profit from such a disaster.
The truth based Dharma that we uphold leads us beyond a certain point. On 08 July 1998, I shared by truth I had discovered reporting in relation about NH&MRC (National Health and Medical Research Council funding by the Research support staff at the University of NSW. (Appendix 3 of Naan Australian). I was shocked and deeply hurt by the ‘attitude’ of the manager concerned. Given that it was genuine, I carried that pain but continued to contribute positively through my portfolio. I served the Liverpool clinical school which was in dire need of reliable reporting systems. It was a bit like China in the Virus issue.

After I resigned from my position the problem erupted. Sydney Morning Herald reported as follows:
[The fight erupted at the University of NSW in 2001 when Professor Hall was accused of scientific misconduct, including misrepresentation of scientific data, fabrication of experimental results and misuse of research grants.]

There was a big battle between the UNSW and the ABC. Back then I felt vindicated but did not think that my pain had contributed to the ‘big-fight’. But gradually I realized that what seemed like coincidence was actually going as per the Way of Truth.  I upheld the ethnics of my profession. Since I was not rewarded for this but was punished – it empowered the migrant staff who went to the ABC.
I find such confirmations in my current work also. On 19 April, I wrote under the heading  Aerosols & Covid-19’. But there was already an article on this by ABC – under the heading - Can coronavirus be spread via the air, and how do I protect myself? I had not seen this article when I wrote mine. Today when I learnt about it – it made me happy – as if I was also a great mind. When we have such confirmations, we know that the Lord is with us. We may never know who was responsible for the epidemic. The way the UNSW migrant staff and I thought alike, there would have been others who thought like Professor Hall also. Truth being Universal,  never dies.

Last year when writing about Easter Bombings, I came across the information about the fire at Shangrila, Hambantota. On the basis of my faith I highlighted China’s interference in Sri Lanka – through the Government. Each time Belief is expressed despite the anxiety of the consequences we root the belief even more deeply. Such deep rooted belief serves other true seekers – just as I was served by many great minds.

France, Italy and USA also contributed to the spread – mind to mind through business partnerships in an issue that ought to have been driven by ownership. Until that is addressed -  such infections would continue at global level.

The mind of Chinese Government and that of the governments of the above nations – would naturally collude – to the extent they are autocratic. They colluded naturally.

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