Tuesday 7 April 2020

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07 April  2020

Commander of Army - Lt Gen Shavendra Silva Used Bow & Arrow?

The Vaddukoddai Police are reported to taken to action against a group of youth playing football during Curfew. I complained against some of them last week. Hence when the report came, I took it as my pain also being addressed. But the problem with it is that the ‘boys’ who do not know even  the basic rules of law and who have little fear of Coronavirus – would retaliate  when power changes hands. That is the way their minds work. At the moment they fear the superior power of the Police. I believe that it is because I served them without any external protection that there has been a limit to their unruly conduct with me.
Through the curfew the Government has made it easier to discipline/punish these guys – which is positive in some way and negative in other ways. To my mind, the following report from AFP Sri Lanka, confirms this to be negative: - https://factcheck.afp.com/health-experts-refute-claim-ancient-medicinal-herbs-are-effective-coronavirus-remedy
[A photo of a prescription for an ancient herbal drink has been shared thousands of times on Facebook and WhatsApp alongside a claim that it is an effective remedy for the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. The prescription was purportedly written and shared by an Ayurveda doctor in Sri Lanka. The claim is misleading; medical experts advise against using herbal remedies to treat the coronavirus, and urge those experiencing symptoms to seek professional medical assistance.
The photo was posted on Facebook here on March 13, 2020. The post has since been shared more than 45,000 times. ]
I do use community medicine for aches and pains. In February, when my husband complained of pain in his knee that was damaged in an accident many years ago – we sought the services of Mr Weerasingham of Moolai who had good reputation amongst locals. It worked. Later I applied for the pain I experienced when I had a fall in Jaffna and that too got cured. I believe that traditional medicine works for those who have common belief through the ancestral minds.
The above report confirms the importance of mind connection as follows:
[“Ayurveda began in 800-1000 BC and the coronavirus was not discovered at the time,” Dr. L. P. A. Karunathilake, a senior lecturer at the Colombo University Institute of Indegenous Medicine, told AFP by phone on March 16, 2020.  “Moreover, the novel coronavirus was found in 2019, so it is impossible to treat COVID-19 using an ancient Ayurveda medicine recipe.”]
To my mind, the mind of the disease and the mind of the medicine need to be connected – with the mind of the medicine being stronger than that of the disease. The outer forms are expressions of the net value of the mind as in vaccination. Hence if there was an identical disease during the time the recommended Ayurvedic medicine was discovered – it would work. But then the patient would need to go into that era through mind control. Usually, that is invoked through  strict diet during the period of treatment.
The current President who is the mentor of  Lt Gen Shavendra Silva took oaths at the Buddhist shrine of Ruwanwelisaya built by war-king Dutugemunu who defeated Tamil emperor Ellalan. Wikipedia presents as follows:
[Perhaps his most famous creation was the Ruwanweliseya, also known as the Great Stupa or and Swarnamalee Chetiya, to house the begging bowl of the Buddha]
The begging bowl of Buddha personifies renunciation and limiting oneself to the goodwill that People feel for the leader. That is how the mind of Buddha could be accessed by any Buddhist. The current President, driven by the external glory got the begging bowl that he does not want.
King Dutugemunu got his sword not from Lord Buddha but from Hindu Lord Kataragama:
[During the period of preparations for war with King Elara, the Kataragama deity appeared in front of King Dutugemunu and gave him a sword for him to use in the war] – Wikipedia
The sword is the parallel of medicine that kills virus. By building a shrine for a begging bowl – instead of the Vel (spear) – the signature weapon of Murugan - King Dutugemunu demoted his own mind:
[King Dutugemunu did not live to see his beloved Ruwanweliseya completed, dying before the plaster work was finished. The Mahavamsa dedicates an entire chapter to his death, which contains a poignant scene where the dying king is taken by palanquin to the vicinity of the incomplete stupa. There he also encounters his old colleague Theraputtbhya, now a monk. After some discussion of the mortality of men, the aged monarch passes away and is immediately reborn in the heavenly realm of Tusita.
A common folk tale surrounding the death of King Dutugemunu is that as he was dying he was told that Ruwanweliseya was completed in order to keep him happy. The well-intentioned plan went awry, however, when Dutugemunu asked to be shown the finished building. His brother Tissa had the entire building draped in white cloth to present the illusion of whitewash, and due to his failing eyesight Dutugemunu did not spot the difference, dying convinced that the building was finished.
Following his death Dutugemunu was succeeded by his brother Saddhatissa, rather than his disinherited son Saliya.] - Wikipedia
The parallel of the Indigenous medicine is the sword that King Dutugemunu received. Lt Gen Shavendra Silva’s begging bowl proved to be the training in India and USA academies where his would have been a junior mind:
[Silva is a graduate of the National Defence College, attended a course on National and International Security at the Harvard University and had undergone psychological operations training in the US. He had served as a visiting lecturer at the Marine Corps War College in Quantico]
The same USA decline him entry in February this year  as punishment for his role in the war. Had Lt Gen Shavendra Silva stuck to local training, he would have been independent of American mind and would have been happy staying at home and sharing in the post-war development work of Sri Lankans.
The deeper common measure is the mind. As per that measure - Lt Gen Shavendra Silva is covering up the real problem to ‘show’ wins – a disease he has inherited from the war.

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