Friday 3 April 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
03 April  2020


The higher mind raises the matter to the higher level and therefore remembers the experience and eventually that matter becomes positive Energy in one who so escalates the experience. The minds of those who absorb the wrongdoing by others, instead of taking an eye for an eye – move more quickly than others, towards this state. To my mind transcendental meditation is based on this. I myself meditate in my own way – by dwelling on the truth – however painful it may be or however attractive lesser alternatives may seem.

The Daily News heading ‘WHO Chief lauds Sri Lanka’s COVID-19 response’ did not make sense to me. The report goes as follows:

[The WHO Director General and Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa discussed the latest developments related to the outbreak of COVID-19 during the phone conversation.
In a Twitter message, the WHO Director General said he thanked President Rajapaksa for mobilizing the whole of Government in the fight against the COVID-19.
“I had a good call with @GotabayaR , President of #SriLanka, on #COVID19 today. We discussed health and economic impacts #COVID19 can have on his country and the whole region.”
“I thanked him for mobilizing the whole-of-government in the fight against the #coronavirus. Together!,” he tweeted.
President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, in response, thanked the Director General for his support to Sri Lanka and the immense work being done by the World Health Organization to contain the global pandemic.
He added that the Sri Lankan Government will continue to collaborate with the WHO to bring the COVID-19 pandemic under control.]

The above did not make sense to me because President Gotabaya Rajapaksa is not a health expert nor an Economic scientist. As per published figures Sri Lanka is doing 8 times better than China in terms of infections and 16 times better in terms of deaths. But then India is doing 31 times and 45 times better respectively than China.
President Gotabaya Rajapaksa tweeted yesterday giving us a clue to his real motive: - ‘Let us show our gratitude to the heroes in the frontline, who are fighting for us.. to keep us safe. Thank you for your selfless service
Adaderana entilightens us as follows:
[Sri Lanka Police says that 10,039 individuals have been arrested from across the island so far for violating the curfew currently in effect. ]

Does this not confirm that we have a law and order problem that is greater than the Health problem? It is actually 68 times bigger than the health problem. The figures speak for themselves.

We had a further report from our temple in Northern Sri Lanka – that 5 youth had acted in breach of the law, jumped over the locked gate to enter and exited through the gap in the fence on the other side. My instructions were only to take photos of trespassers. The caretaker said that she was fearful of taking photographs of them. I said then to stop her work and let whatever has to happen, happen – like in Coronavirus. I said also that she did not have even 10% of my courage in dealing with them. I reminded her of the time I walked up and down with a knife in my hand to prevent the group from taking over our Pongal ceremonies to conduct their own. No one came near me.   Mine was the litmus test for Northern Sri Lanka’s law and order solution.

The above group has no knowledge of the law except that they would be punished by armed officers if they did something that was considered wrong by the Police of that area. I have given them rules after investing in that community. The rules are to protect our private property. I do not intervene otherwise. That is the way of Dharma. The law may say that an act is wrong. But if that law is applied by someone who excludes us – and/or has wrongfully punished us then we have the moral right to reject such a law non-violently. If there is punishment – we need to silently take it and then Natural/Divine  Powers  come to our support. This to my mind is the basis of Confessions in Catholic Church. I said to the caretaker to let ‘Vairavar do the needful’. This is likely to cause mental instability in the wrong doers. ‘Whatever will be will be.’

If Sri Lankan citizens did liberate themselves what the government presented as ‘terrorism’ then the soldiers would be considered ‘heroes’ and the citizens would have self-isolated – as we are doing here in Australia.

In terms of WHO chief Wikipedia reports:

[In early 2020, Tedros oversaw the world's management of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). According to the Georgetown professor Lawrence Gostin, his strategy was to "coax China to transparency" rather than to criticise it. Tedros offered "effusive praise" to China for its containment measures, describing them as a "new standard for outbreak control", which was criticised in light of China's efforts to suppress information. He was also criticised for the delay in declaring it a Public Health Emergency of International Concern]

Coaxing without truth amounts to ‘brainwashing’. USA is management part of WHO while Sri Lanka is seeking to withdraw from the commitments made through the UN Resolution in relation to the Sri Lanka war. If China did become more transparent – it is likely to  have much larger  war than Sri Lanka had. One who expects confidentiality from China is being true to her/himself. USA gets full credit for Transparency. The democratic world is with them.

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