Thursday 16 April 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

16 April  2020


I have learnt through my own experience that rights and wrongs are not always good and bad and that sometimes wrongs as per the Courts bring me good opportunities. When the British PM was sick – initially I felt discomfort. When I heard that he had been taken to hospital I felt upset. Then I directed my Energies towards him. Many world leaders including the President of Sri Lanka, expressed their messages as per their positions. Whatever our thoughts may be – when we do our duty as per the structures – the truth in those structures – empowers us. Mine was not apparent but I did develop such a structure – especially after the inclusion of Tamils by the British leadership. When we do not have the apparent even though we deserve it – our ownership Energy becomes stronger.
This philosophy is upheld in Hinduism through the worship of the female head as Shakthi / Energy. I learnt also through my experiences at the University of NSW that this Energy is real and that once we raise our input to this level, the Energy leads us. The wonderful discovery I made was that the Energy brings us returns at the topmost level that we believed in. Mine came at the Managing Council’s level through the Chancellors whose actions led to the dismissal of the Vice Chancellor. THAT to me is People’s power. Contributors get indicators on the way. So long as we do not profit from sharing the indicators as evidence the Energy would keep spreading. The serious risk in the case of Subjective power is this profit-making tendency.
When I first joined the University of NSW – I already carried wisdom in Democratic Resource Management in Public institutions. The way I see it, given that It was true – It placed itself as per the need of the whole. Had I consciously directed it – it would have been limited to the small units that recognized and expressed appreciation for my work.  Now I realize that the true level of my contribution was confirmed by the level at which I  felt natural ups and downs. During this current pandemic I feel this at government level and not at the level of the beneficiary. This government could be a single individual managing her/his own affairs or the PM representing the official Australian Government. I believe that to the extent I am self-governing I would naturally empower the apparent leader who is genuine. The Australian confirmation keeps happening including through PM’s commitment to education of children at the standards we are used to. This was my message to my children in terms of my grandchildren. Mine is ancestral Energy which will work for them to the extent they believe in me and/or respect my position of their own freewill. I believe that a big part of my ongoing education has been through laws that are special to minorities and are required to be upheld by the Common Government. It began with learning about the Inclosed Lands Protection Act 1901. My knowledge was energized by my commitment to the ethnics in Accounting. This is confirmed as follows in relation to my complaint against the NSW Police – through my communication with their lawyer produced in Naan Australian:

[The ‘offer’ dated 22 August 2007,  stated ‘If you agree to execute the attached deed of release and to a dismissal of your complaint my client in exchange will (1) Pay you $10,000 and (2) Provide you with a letter from the Police stating “The NSW Police regret and are sorry that you consider that you were subjected to racial discrimination and hurt and humiliation when you were arrested and chargted on the following dates – 15/9/2003; 10/11/2003; 22/10/2004; 29/10/2004. Ms Barbaro stated also ‘my client does not concede that the police have discriminated against you’. I wrote back ‘If your client genuinely believes that it has NOT unlawfully discriminated against me, it is unlawful of your client to offer me any compensation – by of money or status. It is unlawful, as per fundamentals of Accounting to pay without ‘consideration’. It is in breach of Section 12 of the Public Finance & Audit Act by which your client as well as you are governed.’ …….. Ms Barbaro, if I were after money, I would have continued in my Senior Accountant’s position with UNSW Medical Faculty and possibly continued to work for Professor Bruce Dowton who did value my work highly. I would then have earned at least a million dollars from then to now. I ‘paid’ / ‘forewent’ all that to prevent Terrorism in Australia. My court records would confirm that I shared this Anti Terrorism wisdom with Mr. Howard and his government in 1999 – two and a half years before 9/11 and its consequences. Likewise, with the UNSW Vice Chancellor. I do believe that even though I was ignored and ‘dismissed’ my committed work has minimized the damage for Australians. If I accept your offer, I would throw away my own work and it could easily be owned by rebels fighting for self-determination – as happened in Sri Lanka. Whether we are good or bad, our genuine work automatically produces costs and benefits; problems and opportunities. I would rather continue to keep my ownership as Australian than let go irresponsibly – knowing the strong possibility of it being hijacked by others less ‘Australian’ than myself. The more pain I endure to keep our weaknesses ‘inside’ but not suppressed but as visible parts of our system – being balanced by the strength of my work – the more AUSTRALIAN I feel. I urge you to educate your client to become self-balancing.  )
The above law was largely by British minds. I believe that by respecting the law – despite repeated ‘failures’ by the Courts – I became an heir of those British minds. I was impressed by my own ‘commonness’ when other members of the Australian Tamil community blamed the ‘Chinese’ when the supermarkets in their local areas did not have the commodities that they usually got from ‘Chinese’ shops. Professor Justin Wolfers from the University of Michigan explains this as follows, through the ‘toilet paper competition’:

[Since you don't want to be left without any toilet paper, you buy more than you need to avoid being shut out by others.
"You run and get toilet paper not because you need dozens of rolls, but because you fear that others are going to stockpile leaving none for you," Wolfers says in a series of tweets.
"And they're buying because they fear (correctly) that you're running to the store to stock up, leaving none for them."]

I applied this intuitively yesterday with the Vaddukoddai Police in Northern Sri Lanka who did not directly confront the offenders who kept cutting our temple-fence to enter without our approval. This effectively is Trespass. I used my knowledge that one of the persons concerned had displaced herself to Mulankavil where covid-19 infection was confirmed this week. The family of this person was known to sit and chat under the big Banyan tree – common to our neighbour and us. It was unlawful even during normal times but unethical at this time when other villagers are not allowed to go out for even work purposes. The Police of that area generally turn a blind eye to such trespass because it tends to be natural in their culture. Mr C V Wigneswaran opened a building build on such a land. Some youth were apprehended by the Police for playing cards there during curfew time. I believe that if I had been asked – I also may have opened the building. But by criticizing those responsible for unlawful occupation – I prevented myself from committing that unrighteous deed.

Many have expressed panic in relation to the economy. Some say that we are leaving a heavy debt-burden on our children. As per my feelings – the best heritage that we share with our children is the wisdom to manage with what we have. So long as everyone else in our circle also has to downsize and manage with less – we would not be worse off.

One who is financially independent and has been, would not fear such ups and downs. Grattan Institute which claims to Public Policy in Australia recommends the ‘Goldilocks Policy’ recommends also as follows:

[New Zealand is beating coronavirus. They are the envy of the world – with a realistic chance of eliminating COVID-19 from the country within the next couple of months. A week ago it seemed impossible that Australia could join the Kiwis, but a growing body of evidence shows that if we can hold the course for a little while longer we could beat the virus too.]
Our Government declared that its solution was based on the Sovereignty of Australia – with specific emphasis on Economic Sovereignty. The way a sovereign Australian mind works – it would recognize its other side within Australia. The competition for ‘toilet paper’ was between  Australian and Australian – both relating to the virus as being hygiene related as well as having more of the prevention material meant less possibility of infection.
In the ABC article ‘Australia is flattening the coronavirus curve. But should we try to squash it like New Zealand?’ Olivia Willis questions this:
[New Zealand is now "the envy of the world", according to the Grattan Institute, which said the country had a "realistic chance" of eliminating COVID-19 within the next couple of months.
But in Australia, with a population five times the size, is elimination a feasible goal? And if so, at what social and economic cost?]

Every morning I do my own calculations in relation to nations that I care about. Accordingly, we Australians are doing better than New Zealanders in terms of death rates. Unless we take a regional approach and feel responsible for New Zealand – such comparisons would be misleading. They would also distract us from finding our Australian Solution for the Australian version of the disease which is strongly based on how sovereign our mind works. I  was for example first tempted to ask the bank to release our deposit in relation to the above matter. Then I changed my mind and thought that other customers needed the money more than I did.  This confirmed to me that I was an owner of the bank also.

Australia does not need to ‘show’ anyone that we have beaten the virus. In the case of some diseases – we learn to live with them.

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