Sunday 26 April 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

26 April  2020

Out Goes China & In Comes India?

[Sri Lanka is set to enter into an agreement with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) for a currency swap worth USD 400 million to boost the foreign reserves and ensure the financial stability of the country which is badly hit by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, a top minister has said.] The Hindu article ‘Sri Lanka to seek $400mn debt swap facility from RBI to meet short-term financial needs
In terms of Sri Lanka’s ethnic conflict – driven largely by numbers - this is a huge boost to the Tamil side. Tamil Nadu, with a population of 72 million must seem huge to a Sri Lankan who is conscious of majority force and is driven by numbers within Sri Lanka. The ongoing conflicts between majority Sinhala Buddhists and minority Tamils and/or Muslims confirm this weakness in Sri Lanka. One who is Sovereign would have lost consciousness of the numbers which show volume. To my mind, the circumference of a circle is the parallel of the apparent size of a group and the volume of a sphere is the parallel of mind of the group. Both cannot be measured using the same measure. Volume is exponential due to invisible substance and this is confirmed by raising the of radius – to the power of 3 – i.e. r x r x r, to determine volume of sphere. Invisible powers are those that do not show their full form. In the Coronavirus epidemic, governments feared this exponential increase and felt more in control when the ‘curve flattened’. The exponential increase confirms the invisible power of the virus which adversely affects the mind that is unaware of its own natural powers. When the virus is excited – the weaker mind gets its other side - ‘fear’. Hence the exponential growth of fear that results in exponential growth in the desire to reproduce itself.

The vaccine for the infection induces production of  antibodies that would wait in readiness to reduce reproduction. Most of us know that there is a connection between our physical body and the mind and the production of hormones. The self-control measures through social isolation and abstinence of some form or the other elevate  the mind to above the level of the physical body and therefore produce antibodies against physical enjoyment of pleasures. Such persons develop exponential healing powers. Jesus awoke Lazarus through such powers. Now we know that those who go into coma could be awakened by loved ones who have the exponential healing powers. I believe that the UK Prime Minister got cured due to such power from those who believed in him and/or his position.
It is stated that one who has been cured could get infected again. Not so if that person believes in that exponential power of the mind that is based on truth. Each time we say ‘thank you’ to the dead without expecting any returns for doing so - we develop exponential power. A virus that lives in an animal without killing that  animal is harmless in any human with stronger mind than that animal. Likewise, infections that live in certain human bodies living in say – the slums would not exponentially produce themselves in another from outside the slum with stronger mind than the common person in that slum. But if an outsider with weaker mind than that of that common person were to go into that slum, they would be exponentially attacked by the disease.

The economic health of Sri Lanka has been strongly infested by greed and negligence of its political leaders who are the custodians of the Common financial power. As per the above Hindu report – the fear in the minds of the current Sri Lankan government is exponential. To my mind, this is also the reason why they do not want to adjourn the elections. Once the voters are able to ‘see’ the mind of the leader either by the voter elevating her/his mind or the leader lowering her/his mind, the fear infects the voter and the voter would point the finger at the leader. This happens because the ‘Divine’ power of the leader is not recognizable by the voter who votes out of faith and/or desire. Faith confirms exponential Divine power. Desire confirms lateral animal power.

A Sri Lankan observer said recently that he was disappointed when someone who is reported to have had responsibility for the deaths of many civilians became President of Sri Lanka. He said but now – observing how they are panicking with such small numbers of infections – he felt that the Coronavirus was ‘waiting’ and hence Ranil Wickremesinghe was ‘saved’. In turn I said as per my faith in democracy – China was papering for its own interests – such as the One Belt One Road program which resulted in parts of Sri Lanka being taken-over by China. I have kept highlighting these losses of Sovereignty – more or less as a lone voice. But the Universe has a way of balancing the Earth’s Sovereignty and therefore Universal Sovereignty. Earth’s Sovereignty is often upset by unjust people and from time to time unjust laws. If a law has the effect of damaging even one person’s realised sovereignty the Earth naturally awakens its own Sovereign powers to support the victims and punish the makers and users of such laws – i.e. Politicians and the Judiciary. When our minds are strong due to sharing in the pain of apparent victims we will defeat the virus and also repair the economy.

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