Monday 6 April 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

06 April  2020


Most consider the Coronavirus Epidemic as a global problem. But not majority Sri Lankans known to me. To them, the war is their global problem. Like wars,  Diseases come and go. When they become physically global, all of us intuitively close our borders to outsiders, to protect ourselves.  The Coronavirus has highlighted this tendency, including through ‘staying at home’ prevention measures.  Any immunity related problem relies strongly on the ‘mind’. I am more bothered about physical ailments during the times my mind is low than when my mind is strong and positive. Most religious leaders are known to have curing powers due to their strong minds. To my mind, curing  happens when  their minds confidentially strengthen the minds of the diseased and escalate the structure to common level. Then the diseased cures her/himself through her/his intrinsic divinity. Commonness confirms Truth which purifies the mind.
Any sovereign group has this power to inwardly cure. When we physically stay together, the weaker mind finds it easier to identify with this power without distractions that often invoke our copying tendencies. The health system that brings the patients and service providers together becomes such a sovereign family. The real vaccines are these sovereign units that have experienced the pain and cured and/or immunized themselves. Even with infectious diseases like chickenpox that is the general rule that confirms natural immunity.
At the moment – this epidemic is confirming the need to protect our sovereign borders. In Australia for example those who respect as their elders – those who arrived on the first fleet – (for example PM Scott Morrison’s family Elder William Roberts - )who worked hard to make a life for themselves – and to provide refuge to others  - have the protection from infections carried through Cruise ships such as the Ruby Princess. This is the value of Transparency. If that ancestry had been suppressed – it would not have been possible for me to share my own sovereignty through that pathway. Our NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian – the granddaughter of Armenian war-genocide orphans will have the stronger mind power to deal with  - war related genocide victims to the extent the lady values her ancestry.

I believe that I carry the anti-discrimination vaccine in my mind due to the pain I experienced, followed by self-isolation which culminated in finding a cure from my own sovereignty. The pain was due to my expectations based on my performance as an Australian.
The Coronavirus prevention orders that we hear from the government are from fellow Australians. To the extent I identify with them through my own – above mentioned experience, I am in the government group. When I have an alternate view through my belief – I am independent self-governing citizen. One is a collective pathway and the other is a true pathway. To my mind therefore, if I follow the higher of the above – whatever may happen to my physical body would be of positive value to my mind and therefore to my heirs - family, professional and community.

In his article ‘Empower The President To Manage Covid-19’, Rajeewa Jayaweera highlights as follows:

[Despite these early signs, Sri Lanka geared itself for parliamentary elections and made merry without introducing necessary preventive measures. Mandatory screening of incoming Chinese, South Korean, and Italian passengers did not commence till March. Chairman Civil Aviation Authority announced strict screening for all incoming passengers without exemption only on March 12.  
That was one day after the first Sri Lankan, a tourist guide, was diagnosed with the virus on March 11. He had contracted the disease from a group of Italian tourists he had accompanied earlier on. 
A ban on Italian tourists from entering the country was not implemented until March 13 despite Lombardy being in Stage 3A (Cluster stage) by February 21.
Meanwhile, we were busy playing ‘big matches.’ One is unable to fathom why the President did not issue a directive to cancel all cricketing encounters scheduled in March. ]

If the government believed Sri Lanka to be sovereign, it would have closed its borders on 27 January: Wikipedia reports as follows:
[On 27 January, the first confirmed case of the virus was reported in Sri Lanka, a 44-year-old Chinese woman from Hubei Province in China; she was admitted to the National Institute of Infection Diseases. She had arrived as a tourist with another group of travellers, and had been screened at the Bandaranaike International Airport after having a high fever. She had fully recovered and was released from hospital on 19 February]
The desire for tourism and demonstrated desire for quick economic growth blocked the wisdom that comes with true ownership. We arrived in Sri Lanka on 02 February and we were NOT tested. I was personally impressed by the orderly manner in which we were quickly cleared by immigration – especially relative to my August 2019 visit. The indicator  is in the following Daily News report headed ‘BIA Quarantine Unit to screen passengers with symptoms’ dated 20 January:
[The Health Ministry has already taken steps to inform the Quarantine Unit of the Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) to screen passengers arrive with symptoms of possible Coronavirus infection, Health Ministry spokesman said.
According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), there is no need to restrict travelling due to this virus infection and therefore there is no need for Sri Lanka to implement any travel restrictions,” he said.]

Two months later, the same Government – with or without WHO advice imposed curfew. Also – the following in the article confirms  that WHO was just name only:

[Coronaviruses are common in many different species of animals, including camels and bats. Rarely, these coronaviruses can evolve and infect humans and then spread between humans. Like other coronaviruses, likely spreads from an infected person’s respiratory secretions, such as through coughing etc. Infected people have spread MERS-CoV to others in crowded public places, healthcare institutions etc.
Meanwhile, when contacted by the Daily News, the Airport Health Officer Dr. D.R. Perera confirmed that the screening of the passengers from Wuhan Province in China has already been commenced at the BIA premises for the past two weeks.
According to him, the other passengers from China are not being screened so far unless they have signs or symptoms of the said disease.]

Aljazeera reported as follows:

[On January 20, China reported a third death and more than 200 infections, with cases also reported outside Hubei province including in the capital Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen.]
An extreme example of ‘desire’ to show economic benefits over human wellbeing? Tourism over health? The mind driven by Sovereignty would have felt the early warning indicators. True owners use Performance indicators and do not need proof after the event. All those who did not have such indicators are foreigners.
Rajeewa highlights the lack of confidence in the president as follows:
[Another blunder of Himalayan proportion was the handling of the gathering of people in places of religious worship. The Chief Incumbent of Sri Pada Bengamuwe Dhammadinna Thera openly defied a Presidential request to halt the pilgrim season. His lack of understanding of C-19 is evident due to his comparison of C-19 with pilgrims braving wild animals and local diseases in the past. Once again, it was a ‘request’ rather than a directive. We have since heard of religious congregations in mosques and at least one church in Jaffna. A Swiss Pastor of Sri Lankan origin attending a mass in Jaffna on March 15 has proven positive since his return to Switzerland. He has mingled with several hundred persons during his visit to Jaffna. Having received a ‘fit to fly’ certificate at the BIA on March 16, he tested positive for C-19 three days later in Switzerland. 
President Rajapaksa could have issued a directive to the Chief Incumbent of Sri Pada. Refusal to comply would have been enough grounds for his immediate arrest. It would have also given the government the necessary legitimacy to jail any other Priest, Pastor, or Maulvi violating regulations on public gatherings without being accused of bias to Buddhism.]
A presidential order would have invoke the Buddhism foremost mentality in such a case. Each one would interpret as per their convenience. President Gotabaya Rajapaksa effectively promised Buddhist rule when he took oath as President. How can he rule against Buddhist clergy?
Rajeewa states:
[Some politicians are demanding the reconvening of parliament after the annulment of the dissolution. It will only result in parliamentarians, their aids, drivers, and security officers assembling with total disregard for social distancing. All they would do is to get in the way of the Presidential Task Force, Armed Forces and Police besides wasting precious time.
Now is not the time to do things the democratic way after debate and consensus. Tasking the military rather than a civilian outfit to manage logistics and the Police to enforce the quarantine from day one is a reflection of this reality. ]

Lack of Democracy is the pre-existing problem with the Rajapaksa government. Only truth has the authority to overrule the lawful pathway. As highlighted on 24 March through my article headed ‘Article 151 for the Curfew Expenditure?, there are provisions in the Constitution to manage finances during crisis periods. But the President needs courage of his truth to use such a provision.

Rajeewa who confirmed lawlessness of our people projects as follows:

[It is pointless to summon parliament to resolve the government’s funding problems, which will kick in on April 30 due to the absence of an approved budget. 
In case the President does not have the necessary constitutional powers to enforce all the required measures, he must have them for the duration of the crisis. That includes the declaration of Emergency and even Martial Law if required. 
It must be understood; such measures will be applied strictly for the management of the C-19 crisis and not for other politically motivated purposes. The Tajudeen, Lasantha Wickrematunge, Udyanga Weeratunga court cases, and similar investigations must not be tampered with and should continue once the crisis has passed.]

That would be to confirm Sri Lankan Mafia in both ethnicities – Tamil as well as Sinhalese. Rajeewa gives Italy’s pattern as a warning:

[Those who pine for democracy in current times should take note of the visual of the tragedy in Italy published herein and ponder – is this what they want? We could either keep debating and gradually move to Stage 4 and beyond or do what it takes to overcome C-19 and debate on democratic governance another day. ]

The Italian Mafia kills as per its own rules and accepts getting killed as per its culture. Death is just part of life itself. Likewise the Sri Lankan mafia. I admire the courage of the Health workers to whom the Coronavirus patients are ‘family’. All of them will be cured not only of health problems but also of truth based law and order problems. They are now writing their bible. As referred to in my article CORONA :  QUO VADIS?; SINHALESE SOLDIER:  MALLE OLUWA of 01 April – Jesus is going back to Rome so Peter would not avoid Persecution and therefore miss out on the beauty of Resurrection. Every person who experienced the pain of others – is Jesus.

I was shocked to read the following by Rajeewa:
[President Rajapaksa must be his own man and not anybody else’s shadow. 
A grateful nation would give him his cherished two-thirds majority, should he bring Sri Lanka out of C-19 with a minimal number of deaths. On the other hand, what would be good for the nation in such an event is to give him a decent working majority in parliament but not two thirds. ]
The above confirms Rajeewa’s  thought that Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa liberated his People from and that he has come again to liberate his people from Coronavirus. But to those with true Sri Lankan ownership – the blanket curfew is a warning of secretive ways – the way 2009 battle happened behind closed doors. One of the first confirmations by Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa of this natural intentions was the release of former Staff Sergeant Sunil Ratnayake who was judged by the Judiciary. The release happened right in the middle of Coronavirus Epidemic due to which curfew was imposed 6 days prior to the release.
This confirms that the family of Sri Lankan armed forces has its own laws. A two thirds majority would confirm their rule of law and NOT DEMOCRACY – unless Rajeewa is confirming that his people desire Permanent Military rule. My group has earned Governance of the People by the People – even during Coronavirus crisis. We are the government and we are the Citizens. Whether it be asset or liability, the buck stops with us . That is the way of Sovereignty.

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