Saturday 25 April 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

25 April  2020

Government says ‘Thank you through Memorial Services’

I heard the special ANZAC day music and stood up to join in. I called out to my husband and he also joined in. We participated from our home unit and felt moved by others following the Social Distancing rule and standing still and away from each other. My feelings were deeper this year than usual as I invoked as virtual reality the loneliness that the soldiers in combat must have felt – especially when the 1918 Spanish flu happened during World War I. I quietly felt the loneliness that I would have felt in that situation. I thanked the soldiers from the bottom of my heart to fight to protect our Global Sovereignty. I felt that it was the duty of the government to thank them because the soldiers represented the government and therefore the nation. Every person who fights for sovereignty as an individual and or on behalf of a group is respectable.  As their heirs – we the People receive the Government’s thanksgiving expressions.

I believe that by going through this virtual reality – we inherit also the mind that has developed the natural vaccine against similar  war and diseases. Our minds therefore are unaffected by what happens to the body. As we learnt from Jesus also – death of the body releases the true spirit of the person.

Later, I said to one of my Vaddukoddai students who was unhappy when I reminded her about the ‘lesson’ that evolved from her mistake – that unless she carried foremost in her mind – the  mind that had ‘corrected’ her and prevented her loss – she would tend to ‘forget’ the lesson. Then the problem goes to sleep and mutates. The Power / Energy of the solution needs to be stronger than the Power / Energy of the problem for us to have Peace of Mind.

I keep hearing many messages about Covid-19 symptoms. Initially I received them as I heard them. But gradually I learnt to dismiss them with my own mental immunity developed through virtual experiences – especially of ancestors. The beautiful songs by Saint Arunagirinaathar who is reported to have had leprosy due to his unregulated sexual enjoyment – confirm that divinity cures body ailments when we are humble enough to seek the forgiveness of the Lord. When I read the divine work of  such saints I feel really good. That confirms their Divinity.

When we are more conscious of the solutions of our past problems than forgetting them because they are unpleasant – we already have the vaccine against a similar problem. That is what memorial services do – develop our natural mind vaccines against war and diseases that happen with wars. Coronavirus is more apparent – because we are more conscious of solutions to past wars – through natural lessons learnt. That is a big victory to all of us who eliminated the war virus in our own areas of influence – including through intellectual approach – using global laws. When we use the intellectual pathway we are less emotional and therefore carry both sides of the experience through our intellect. Hence the Thirukural –

Epporul Yaaryaarvaaik Ketpinum Apporul
Mei porul Kaanpathu arivu.
– stanza 423

Knowledge is the pathway that takes us from expressions by anyone to truth in those expressions.  

This is also the motto of the University of Jaffna. Those who hold memorials within this University premises for armed fighters are  disrespectful of our intellectually driven ancestors. Memorials within University need to be for those who fought for Sovereignty through the intellectual pathway.

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